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Atlanta proudly acknowledges its title of
unofficial Capital Of The Southeast. Our's
is an enthused and energetic city. We are
enjoying remarkable progress because we
have plotted our course carefully.
Our preparations to accommodate a professional football team have been thor9ugh. We
have not only a young, sports-minded population, but new and impressive facilities.
While Atlanta is unique among the South I s
major cities, it typifies all of them in one
respect: We want professional sports. Like
our neighboi-ing cities, we produce a
significant number of athletes each yea:r
who, following graduation from colleges or
universities, pack-up to thrill sport fans
in far away ·places.
These athletes participate in professional
football, basketball and baseball. Despite
our capacity for producing them, we have
so far been able to enjoy their performances
only through news dispatche and broadcast
from cities in the North and in the West.
Atlantians want a profe ional team of their
own, nd teps have been taken to enhance
their prospects. A twenty-five year contr ct
ha been · igned with the Milwaukee Brave a of
th National Le gue to pl y ba eball in Atl nta
beginning in 1966.
We fe 1 fortunate indeed that Cox Broadca ting
nd WSB Radio nd WSB Television in particul r,
a1:e playing leading role in our clty 1 Ii queat for
profe ional port • We are further pleas d
that they have directed their intere t toward
curing an Americ n League te m.
Iv n Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atlanta

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