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3 John McHale, to paraphrase a certain presidential saying, talks
‘softly and swings a big stick -- he's the guiding voice behind the power-=
“eul bats of the Milwaukee Braves. A native of Detrolt, he joined the.
Braves organization as Vice President and General Manager on January *
25, 1959. In September of 1961; he became ‘President of the Milwaukee
club, . |
Since his high ‘school sepus John has rarely been far from a field
of sports sotion of some sort. After an outstanding athletic career
at Catholic Central High ‘School in Detroit, he continued his schooling
at Notre pare In tke, he was a monogram wine at South Bend,
playing center for the "Irish" on the football team. World War II
neccessitated moving his fleld to other areas, and he chose the Navy.
MeHale could undoubtedly write a book about baseball --If he could.
take that much "time out! from baseball. His complete dedication to
. the game dates back some 23 years, beginning when he Joined the Detroit
Tigers as a player In their system in 1941. He played with the Club
In the World Series in 1945, and continued as a member of the team
through 1948. |
Tigertown, in Lakeland, Florida, owes its origin to MeHale's

efforts when he became Farm Director In 1953. The Florida camp is


a od

oh ee ap Tarde Atel é dha s.

Detroit roster are products’ of this system.

hae i linc: pices 2

Pnesiient, Sona metiale, Ad. 4 WaMmed Fesvurds, AGBORIEYES,

‘the training ground for prospects, and most of the players now on ‘the

: to Milwaukee to. head Up the: Braves; Joba was. offlelating as Player

a Personnel and ‘General Manager for the. Tigers. s

Bike and the Wisconsin Club.

3 now, reside in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.

| Hobbies? "Well, he likes to play handball at least once a week",

Mrs.. McHale, the former Patricta Ganeres or Detrott, and Soha

Thelr six sons snd daughters,

“ neatly assorted into three of each, range. from 17 years old to 7. If

the proverbial three wishes wore granted him, he'd probably divide them
between anothor pennant for the Braves, capacity crowds for Milwaukee
County Stadium, and more time to spend with ais inceresting family.

MoHale is a joiner, 4 member of Kiwants Club, the Eagles, the

he manages to fil most of the demands for personal appearances. a

his oneee secretary, "but he hasn't been getting around to it much



(Born Detroit, Michigan, September 15, 1921)

. ‘Immeidately prior. to moving

An articulate a energetic guest~speaker,

says .


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