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An Official Editorial of WSB-TV, Atlanta, Georgia


The future of the Milwaukee Braves seems to be settled. They'll
play one more year in Milwaukee, then they'll move to Atlanta for
the '66 season.

Some local fans are understandably disappointed that there will be
no big league baseball here next year, and in case they're inclined
to go scapegoating we suggest they shy away from Mayor Allen.

The Mayor made some bright promises based on his confidence in Atlanta.
Allen said he could deliver big league baseball to our town, and he
was right. He was simply a year early due to unforeseen legal
complications. And if we hadn't built the stadium we wouldn't even
have a team for 1966.

The attitude of Milwaukee officials seems curious. Of course, they're
unhappy about losing the Braves. But it's sort of like a man telling
his wife...."In one year I'm going to divorce you and I've already

got your replacement picked out. In the meantime, I expect you to be
the same sort of wife you've always been". It just won't work.
Milwaukee officials have delayed the inevitable one year, and it
profits them very little. Next year they'll have a hyphenated team --
perhaps the sports writers will call them the Milwaukee dash Atlanta

So now the political barrage against Mayor Allen may begin. We hope
not. Atlanta has waited 70 years for a major league team, and one
more year isn't unreasonable. Allen did everything in his power to
get the Braves for 1965. A written contract to that effect would
have made no difference. The Braves were obligated to play in
Milwaukee next year. It was hoped that the team could simply pay off
the rent on Milwaukee County Stadium and move, but legal action
blocked that.

So for one year Atlanta may have a vacant stadium. For at least 25
years thereafter, Atlanta will have big league baseball....... that
leaves little room for complaint.
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