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November llth, 196,

Meyor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Ivan?

I want to congratulate you on the closing
of the contract to bring Major League Baseball to Atlanta
to be played in the new stadium you have championed all
these months, Yours has been a worthy task and I am
certain that history will prove this to be one of the
finest steps forward that Atlanta has ever undertaken,

It has been my pleasure to view ALL of the
largest stadiums in America and quite a few overseas.
One day I read a list of all the largest stadiums in
America with the capacity of each listed. I had been
in all of them from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to the
Yale Bowl in New Haven and including the Sesqui-Centennial
Stadium in Philadelphia, Soldiers Field at Chicago,
Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Los Angeles Coliseum, Univ.of
California at Berkeley, California, I have witnessed
Major League Baseball games in 95% of all the National
League and American League baseball parks including the
Milwaukee park and my experience leads to the conclusion
that the good that will come to Atlanta in the building
of the new and modern stadium is incalculable,

I peddled Coca-Colas in Ponce de Leon park in
1919 and made the handsome sum of $3.65 on the last day
of the season when the Crackers defeated New Orleans in
a battle for the pennant before some 13,000 fans. Most
of this profit came from selling Coca-Cola bottle crates
for the rightfield standees after we sold out of cold
drinks, I mention these things to indicate that I am
really not a novice when a discussion arises concerning
the subject matter, I was present the day Arthur Montgomery
presented the Stadium plan to the Board of Aldermen when
the general public was invited, Mr.Montgomery made as
fine a presentation on a subject as I have ever heard,
The two of you have done something for Atlanta of which

you can well be proud! Cordially yours,

Copies to: Mr.Arthur Montgomery
Judge James C.Davis, Atlanta Times aol

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