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AAS in AM LNA eda anh a ea a Sa piesaindiind GA 4 0 Pad ues Molo

Mr. William C. Bartholomay
Chairman of the Board
Milwaukee Braves, Inc.

2 North Riverside Plaza
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Mr. Bartholomay:

For the good of Atlanta, as well as for the
good of the Braves, I most sincerely and heartily
raise my voice in the crescending chorus which will
reach you inviting them to make their home here.

When that happy day arrives, all we citizens

of Atlanta can wear Dartmouth college ties! The s 1
for the school, as you may know, is an Indian Head:

Very cordia yours,


Cc. ¥. Palmer


bec: Mr. Opie L. Shelton yf:
bee: Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor

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