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gjals are demanding that the
#|Braves fulfill a 1965 contract

2|nessmen have offered to negoti-

‘|ball club, but only 18 attended



in weight.

Eost of Biwoy - N.Y.C.

45 championship holes

:}instructed to remain there until

for “considerations” known to
include a 25-year lease on At-
lanta’'s new stadium and ex-
pected Jush television-radio rev-
enue for sprawling Southeast-
ern coverage of a major league

icial protest m ™
kee civic leaders, who have
threatened legal action if the
Braves move to Atlanta.

Milwaukee County offici-

to play in Milwaukee. _
A group of Milwaukee busi-

ate for purchase of the Braves,
but the team owners have told
them the club is not for sale.
Comic confusion preceded the
release of the statement. After
many reporters were directed
by Bartholomay to a hotel suite
arlier in the day, they were

summoned by phone to the
Braves office downtown.

Five taxicabs were waiting
to take reporters from the hotel
to the Braves headquarters.

6 Oppose Braves’ Move
CHICAGO, Oct. 21 (UPI)—
Six directors of the Milwaukee
Braves said today after the
board had voted to transfer the

in the season opener for both

teams. :

Ray Ilg and John Paske
have been the strongest men
in the Colgate defensive unit.

The two

linebackers have

barred the road, with Ilg act-




Mills has brought the I for-
mation to Kings Point. This
alignment depends on power

up the middle.
which beat Colgate, 9—0,
week, used the I about 30
cent of the time against
Red Raiders. It was to
avail. The Tigers scored
a 22-yard field goal and



recovery of a fumbled hand-
off in the Colgate backfield.

The Red Raiders’ scoring
punch is not too effective.

But Kings Point may
lucky to score.

decision to Bucknell.


Last week
the Mariners dropped a 37-0 full

“It's good our team was up

for that
been killed,’ Mills said.

game or we'd have

His squad will have to be
Way up at 1:30 P.M. Saturday

at Shea Stadium.

Jerry Edwards, coach


undefeated Montclair State,
is glad for the experience of


yards against Penn State last
Saturday; Chuck Mercein of
Yale and Bob Brendel of Rut-

Brendel and Jensen will be
seen in action when Colum-
bia meets Rutgers Saturday

ing as the roamer-and Paske» at Baker. Field-—_________..
as the stationary center man, = ye g
| daring opponents to try


‘Syracuse, a major inde-
pendent, took the lead in the
unofficial running for the
Lambert Trophy. The award
goes to the outstanding col-
lege team in the East. How-
ever, Villanova, with a 34-0
victory over Delaware, re-
mained the only undefeated
team among the 12 major in-
dependents in the area. The
Wildcats, who do not play
this week, moved to second







: iS

Colgate ...

Syracuse... 21.
Boston Collese
AMY i ak tei ee
Penn State
Rutgers ...,

Boston. University
Holy Cross



poco — jp — =


aa Saturday's Schedule

Within sroup—Holy Cross at Buffalo, Navy
at Pittsburgh, en,

Outside: group—Duke at Army, Air Force at
Boston College, Rutgers at Columbia, Coloate
at Kings Point, Boston University at Nfassa.
chuseltts, Syracuse at Oregon State, Penn Slate
at Wesf Virginia, .

Open date—Villanova.

franchise to Atlanta that they
were “unalterably opposed” to
the move.

A spokesman for the six said
all voted against the move. It
was learned the final vote was
12—6 in favor of the transfer.

There are 23 directors of the!)

the meeting.

The statement opposing the
move was signed by Edmund
\'B. Fitzgerald, Duane Bowman,
|Daniel Parker, John Puelicher,
Joseph Simpson and Carlton
| Wileon.
| “We are unalterably opposed
[to the transfer ... for reasons
\which we feel would be detri-
mental to this corporation, to
\baseball in general, and which
lwould violate the public trust

... these reasons are of an
j economic, legal and moral na-
| The Braves were the first ma-
jor league club to transfer a
franchise in this century when
they moved from Boston to
‘Milwaukee in 1953, drawing
|1,826,397 and setting a National
League attendance mark.

Speculation had been rampant
for two years that the Braves,
purchased by their present own-



ers at that time, would shift!Unitas, Baltimore. ......116
\Tarkenion,. Minnesota.
|Slarr, Green

‘the franchise, Atlanta became


W. Brown, Minnesota. .....

Taylor, 83
Moore, oes
Childress, St. Lovis,.,.

Wilson, Los Angeles
ew) St. Louis.

| Mason,
Hornung, Green Bay

Mocre, Baltimore. .
Bakken. St, Louis

Brown, Philadeiphia...
Gossett, Los Angeles.
Groza, Cleveland... ..
Walker, Detroit... .....
Baker, Philadelphia


Conrad, St. i tors
Retzlaff, Philadelphia
Brown, Minnesota. .

N.F.L. Statistics

Brown, Cleveland...... 126
Datlas........--., 100

Green @ay,.......


Washington... ..
Datrott) AL ee
Brown; Philadelphia
Minnesota... ,
Jornung, Green Bay


orcooconmea yoo


Chicago. .
larke, Dallas. ...
Washington. .

aylor, Washington.

McDonald, Dallas...
Casey, San Francisco
Berr, Baltimore... .

Alt. Comp. Yd:
i6 61 Wil

Bay... 139

\the probable new location more Wade, Chicaso..........188

than a year ago. }

| Construction began

urgenson, Washington

ehnson, St, Louis 16

Tast) Brodie, “San Francisco. 4

spring on an $18 million sta-|Morrall, Detroit ...... :

dium in Atlanta. Informed
sources said the Braves had
been committed to move there.

William ©. Bartholomay,

Munson, Los Angeles...
Plum, i

Snead, Pirjladelphia, ..... {
Ryan, 14

Cleveland. .......
. Brown, Pittsburgh, ...
Dallas. .....,.

DETOM ce lula 73

chairman of the board of the} Tittle, New York...

Boe OE) 9 mR BO Ri 8
Matinee o> pe meow

NWONaAW—s nod

5. Tds,

NIUINBS ek so oon

Braves, and other members, how-

ever, denied periodically that if the Braves 20 I have to too.
That’s my obligation.”

not only was no moye commit-
ted, but also that none was

National League meeting in
New York. ei

“I didn’t vote to stop them
when they came to Milwaukee,”
he said, “although some people
told me they were moving into
my area and we would lose
fans. So I don’t see how I can
yoie to stop them from moving

“I don't know anything about
the business of the other Nine
National League teams,
I don’t pretend to be able

them how to

run their
business.” ;

ler late today issued a tem
rary injunction restrai
Milwaukee Braves fr
Milwaukee County
obtained the temporary

-\tion shortly after

board of directors
to transfer the fran

Yanks Place 3 PI

sociated Press’ am
league baseball all
yesterday. But two L
pitchers, Sandy K
Dodgers and D
the Angels, coll
votes. ;
Koufax, the
games before
for the seas
in. mid-Augu

-|prominent for some time with

_|Atlanta officials’ obtaining the

‘fore hacing
9 Pon any major league team.

sional football.

an, ne

executive vice president of the
Atlanta Chamber of Commerce,
for New York. They will meet
National League officials to-

Warren Giles, president of the
league, and officals of the
‘Braves are expected to return

o Atlanta”
lanta offic z
Friday. — 5

Racial Problem Discounted

Mayor Allen was asked about
reports that some Negro mem-
bers of the Braves team, and
in particular Hank Aaron and
Lee Maye, did not want to move
to Atlanta because they feared
racial discriminations.

He replied:

“Both Hank Aaron and Lee

Maye are great ballplayers.”
They've made tremendous con-
tributions to the league they
play in. I am certain they
would fing Atlanta a most re-
ceptive tow nand that once they
try it they will be exceedingly
“Tm sure that the members
of no major league or minor
league ball club with established
homes ever left without there
being some problem of family
movement. People generally like
to stay where they are.”

Negro players have been


the Atlanta Crackers, an In-
ternational League team.
As for the propriety of the

Braves’ commitment, the mayor

*T don’t think anything has
been handled more properly and
more above-board. Major league
franchises have been moved be-
fore. It is recognized that when
a city loses attraction for a
club it moves out.” :

‘Mayor Allen had taken a big
political risk in rushing the city’
stadium inward completion be-
a commitment

e city also has hopes of
using the stadium for profes-

‘Television rights almost cer-
tainly were a big part of the
lure for the Braves, but infor-
mation about any television

angements has been well-

putty ithe three At~-/s

at de ensive right half, and Ger
ry Byerling, middle guard
the five-man line.

Bruised by Penn State

Despite the improving out
look and with the team ranked
second nationally in cen
predicting the outcome of
games with Oregon State, Pitts
burgh and Army the next three

The Penn State game last
week, for which the Orange is
keyed up annually more tha
almost any other, was
battering one and also drained
the team emotionally. It was
not won by Syracuse until the
last minute.

“T have never had so man
kids bruised up as we did in the
Penn State game,” Schwartz,
walder said. “They hit us rea
hard and I don’t mean any re
flection on them by that.

“The question is this week ca
we recover from the physica
beating we took and play oul
best football against anothe'
hard nose team like Orego
State. They are a real hard
hitting team and we have to g¢
all the way out there to pla

It's running attack and de.
fense have brought Syracuse
through against Kansas, Hol
Cross, the University of Califor
nia, Los Angeles, and Pen
State. But Schwartzwalde
doubts that will be sufficien
to keep the Orange on top fo
the rest of the schedule.

“We have got to get our pass
ing going,” he said. “Penn Stat¢
grabbed three of our passes. An¢
also we have got to find a wa
to utilize the running ability o
Little more in spite of our op:
ponents’ setting their defense;
against him.” ’

Sophomores are playing
prominent part in Syracuse's
success. In addition to Little
who scored five touchdown:
against Kansas, and has ru
back punts 71 and 90 yards for
touchdowns, they include Hert
Stecker, a crack defensive end
Jim Cheyunski and Muray John
son, linebackers; Gary Bugen
hagen, offensive tackle; Harri:
Wienke, center; Jahn Krok
tackle, and Terrell Roe and Da

rded. The mayor declined
comment on this.

ht-Hander Sent

to Indians as Part
of Ramos Deal

The New York Yankees sold
Iph Terry to the Cleveland
ans yesterday as part of
; ome-stretch deal for

s hange ended a Yankee
eareer for Terry that began in

Healey, backs.

Yankees Sell Terry tc


58, when he was a 17-year-old
teher claimed by both the
fankees and the St. Louis Car-
The commissioner of
Ford GC. Frick, decided
‘belonged to the Yan-

as the outstandin
Chance, a 20-game
the Angels, drew 71

85 baseball w

Maye and Henry Aaron, the
Braves’ great right fielder who

Racial Situation Feared HH op .
MILWAUKDR, Oct. 24 (UPI |e 5° ff vee age Sayre
Lee Maye Negro outfielder | °O"C°™ Seve aap es cilia
for the Milwaukee Braves, said) !anta ever since it had become
today he feared racia) discrim-japparent that the team wanted
ination in Atlanta. “I just hope! to go.
jand pray we don't go,” he

Maye, a native of Tuscaloosa,

on-premises at the


; Hollywood-by-the-Saa,

Send for colar
brochure, See
your travel
agent or phone
NY; OX 71-0778

| contemplated,

played three seasons in
leagues, went up to

; in 1956, was traded
in 1957 and

y the Yankees

the New York Times

Ralph Terry

CHICAGO, Oct. 21 (UPI)—
The owner of the Chicago Cubs,
Ala,, who finished the 1963 sea-| Philip K. Wrigley, said today
my] 50 as one of the top hitters|/he would approve the transfer
~ in. the National League, said; of the Milwaukee Braves fran-

I don’t want to go there, but chise to Atlanta at tomorrow's

seasons starting with 1961, in
cluding 23 victories in _ 196)
and two in the World Serig|

games over three

public items show