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Room 645, Peochtree-Seventh Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30323

November 29, 1965

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta
City Hall

tlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Allen:

The results of the first nine months activity under the City's current
Housing Code Compliance Program, forwarded by letter of November 1,
1965, has been received'by this Agency.

From the periodic evaluation submitted, it would appear that the City
has made inspections in all areas designated in the Program submitted
by the City, with the exception of areas designated as Cl and CB. The
two areas reported as inspected during this report period known as
”Blue Heaven” and "Vine City” would appear to equal the inspectional
workload estimated for said areas Cl and C3.

The interim report indicates more units were ins ected than were p10-
jected but compliances reported fbr the period as compared to the
City's schedule for the same time) indicates that the City has not met
the goals established by the Program. The results obtained indicate
that the City has fallen behind its scheduled compliances for the period
by a total of 478 structures containing some 2,347 dwelling units.

In the initial Housing Code Compliance Program, which accompanied the
1965 request for recertification, the City reported a shortage of two
(2) sector inspectors. With the utilization of inapectional-perSOInel
in areas not scheduled for inspection in the Program, it seems obvious
that other areas scheduled are without adequate inspectors. From the
initial inception of the Housing Code Program, this Agency has felL
that the goals established were beyond the means of the projected
staff, and again, the nine month report holds this to be true.

The present 12 field inapectors appear inadequate to meet the expressed
goals of the Program. The new specially selected areas being added to
the workload and the fact that the City is falling behind in its pro-
posed compliance schedule would appear to require that the City should-
consider immediate steps to fill the present inspector vacancies, to

provide additional staff to fully implement the Systematic Housing Code
Program, and to previde staff over and above this for inspection and
c0mpliance in the areas established by the "Crash Program.”

With the addition of staff and budget to carry out the Program, the City _
should be able to achieve a meaningful degree of progress and a creditable
record by the time of your next recertification request.

Sincerely yours,

* ”WWW—J

Regibnal Administrator

cc: Mr. M. B. Satterfield-

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