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PHONE 5 2 2-4463 - EX.437
Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
Robert M . Wood, Chairman
John W . Cox, Executive Director
Franklin M . Thomas, V. Chairman
Micha e l H. Trotter, Secy-Treasurer
Mrs . Rhodes Perdue, Member at Large
Members - Fronk R. Carmines
Fletcher Coombs
DeJongh Franklin
G . Arthur Howell
Mrs . Vivian W . Henderson
Ocie J . Irons
Jerry Luxemburger
Frank A. Player
Mrs. Mory B. Sanford
Mrs. C. R. Yates
November 13 , 1968
Dear Friend:
Again, the May or, t he Boa r d of the Atlanta Children and Youth Services
Council, and s e veral other co-sponsor ing organizations are invi ting you
and your f r i ends to par t icipate in t he 2nd Mayor' s Conference on Chilqr en
and Yout h.
Th.i s year's confer ence will be held all day, November 21 , 1968 f r om 8: 30
to 6; 00 at the Dinkler Plaza Hote l.
The t heme f or thi s year ' s conference will be "Equa l Education and Employment: Affirmative Action Agains t Disorde~' .
The committee has planne d a mos t i nteresting and action ori ented confer~
ence f or you, providing full part i cipation throughout the day. Impl ici t
in our t heme for this year is solut i ons t o problems, not further discussion
of problems.
The keynoter for this year will be Dr . Fre d Cr awf or d, Dire ctor, Center for
Research and Socia l Change of Emory Univer s ity. Our lunche on speaker will
be Dr,. Vivian Henderson, President of Clark Co.l lege, Atlanta, Georgia and
national e xpert on manpowe r and economic s.
We hope tha t you will be able to j 0in u s . The fee f or t he conference t his
year will be $7 .00 f or adults and $3 . 50 for yout h under 20 . This fee wi ll
cover meal , coffee and a get acquainted hour after the conference .
We hope tha t you will please make your reservations t o attend i mmediatel y.
Yours truly,
>,.,(:A-"'. . ) (. . . .,--
J. Luxemburger
Ch ief of Po lice, Her be rt T. Je nkins - Su pt. o f Sc hoo ls
John W . Letson - Gen. Mgr. Porks, J ack C. De li us

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