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FROM: Paul Eo X. Brown —
DATE: October 20, 1964 on

In addition to the 100% Wrong Club's message to the Braves’
organization messages were prepared and forwarded by these groups:

Radio Station WERD

Radio Station WAOK

The Atlanta Inquirer

The Atlanta Chapter, National Resegtncien of Market Developers
Alphi Phi Chi Sorority

Sportsmen "25"

The Extra Point Club

In addition to organizational messages many persons, within
and without these group, pledged individual messages. There was contact
with the Rev. William Holmes Borders, officials at the Atlanta Urban League

‘ and several of our school principals.o

When the newspapers over the week-end began to carry stories
on the alledged statements of Braves' Lee Maye and Hank Arron I suggested |
to several leaders in Sports Circles and Civic groups it would be a good |
thing for one or two of these groups to personally assure these baseball
players of our city's wonderful worthy. To perhaps sort of adopt these
individieals in a winning sort of wayooecoexpending efforts now and through
the first season in helping through the adjustment. Among the organizations
I sort to en;ist in this type of project was the 100% Wrong Club, The
Atlanta Chapter, Frontiers Internationale The same type of proposition was
placed with various individuals, including several persons in the
Atlanta Chapter, National Association of Market Developerso

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