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Liberal Moves May Pace
Centennial Celebration
The cente~nia.l celebration of th e
And Atlan ta,, this year,_ h~s her
Emancipaition ProclflllTlation w i 11 wps and downs. A N_egro sits 111 ~he
stiay in f ull swLng for the rest of S enate, where h;, 1s ~r.eated with
the year, and there ar e signs the courtesy, but the wall hard caused
nation will become fa r more liberal much embarrassmen t, until 1t was
,bef.ore the :J.2-month observance is ordered torn down out on Peyton
over .
and Harlan Roads.
!Already !Rresiden t Kennedy _has •• The overall ,picture does indicate
been busy in helping to prepare th e progress, however, and the NAACP
centennial celebration . . . _The a pparen tly is conducting Us biggest
Laibor Department has officially membership drlve ·this year. !Nerecognized -the celebration with a groes are beginning to appear on
booklet paying tribute to those television shows, both as guests and
who helped ,b ring about :freedom actors. 'I n ,a few isola,ted mstMces
for all citizens.
they appear in a dvertisements.
rm this year the ,presiden t h as Nw:ro men play opposite women of
sent ,a s trong ,civil rights bill to other n ces when there is need,
cong,ress. His !brother, t he att orney nstead of changing the script and
general, has climaxed ,a long series m aking the darker person Chinese
of antl-segregaLlon moves by calling or Inma n.
on labor Lo remove the remaining
Negro leaders a re busy as ever,
vestiges or discrimina tion from its figh ting for equal Just!ce, a nd
ranks, both in the Nmt h and even though many souLherners still
scream "in tegration, rather t han
But celebra t,ions are one thil1g, desegregation, the· ldenl of the
,and changing scen ery may be em.ancipation does seem much
another. The recent action in Al- nearer than ever before. It may
bany, G eorgia, where egregation be a gOOd yc:-i.r
ordinances were wiped out, seemed
at fi rst ,a liberal m ove. and may :-;;--;=-~ =;;--=====;;-.;.--:::-yet benefit the cause of rac,al
equality in the U. S.
But even city officials admitted
this was far from the pur pose cf
the move, .w hich they felt would
keep out federal judges, who could
•order th em to admit Negroes to

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