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JOINT REAL ESTATE MEETING -- 2:00 p.m. Thursday, March 7

Atlanta Real Estate Board Empire Real Estate Board
Ward Wight W. L. Calloway

Arthur Burdette, Jr. Calvin Thornton

Henry Robinson T. M. Alexander, Sr.
(Cone Maddox is out of Town Q. V. Williamson

Mr. Calloway advised me that the Empire Board elected these people
to come to this meeting and "listen to what you have to say".

Friday, March 8

~ eather —

Siz gil Copeland, Southwest Citizens Association
Jack Bohler, Director, West End Businessmen's Association

/A. T. Walden, Atlanta Negro Voters League
Dr. C. Miles Smith, All Citizens Committee for Better City Planning
Milton D. Farris, Alderman, 7th ward
Jack Summers, Alderman, 7th Ward.

Note:.. When I officially invited Mr. Calloway, he said that he could not
come without approval of his board. . and that he would talk with you
about this Thursday morning. . . LO

Sid Avery Called, and said he heard of the meeting, that you have chosen
the wrong person from the Southwest Citizens Association, and Virgil
Copeland 7d did not represent the feelings of the group, and that you would
have to invite the three men designated by the Association to deal with

the problem. . .I told him that you invited the President, since he was
elected as President by the members,

Ivan, this sounds like these two meetings will be a one-shot deal ;unless
national publicity is used against the Negro community to show their
unwillingness. . . The only agreeable response I have had in my telephoning
has been from Dr, Smith, who seems delighted and anxious to come, and
feels that you have handled this properly. . he also said that he expected
the All Citizens Committee for Better City Planning to make "an official
expression this afternoon (3/6) as to their endorsement of your action",
Naturally, Col. Walden is ready to meet with you on whatever you want to
talk about and when you want to talk about it.

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