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Feburary 24, 1963

Gants Ry we Eipehle:

Reference: Barricade on Yarlan Yd,

s éathe I “ent to the barricade on Harlan

At ayarox. 12:9) a.n. this deta i

Qa. SW and uyon arrival tiere [ observed that someone had complete-
ly torn the barricade down. From t:2 information I received fron
the neoole in tas noishborhood I found out that sometime Friday
nicht someone tore the barricade down end threw the pieces into

the creek and set fire to thom. Tne neishbors did not know if this

was done by whites or Nesroes,


A croupe of white men cazie and cut down

Then, on Saturday nicht, ¢
some trees and nade a barricade across Harlan 2d. <At this time,
Harlan Ad. is hlocked by these treas and large rocks and parts of

bk hat

the old barricade.

I went to the barricade tnat was placed on Peyton Rd. by the
Construction Devartment and at this time no one has bothered it.


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