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Box 17, Folder 11, Document 50

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Feburary 26, 1963
RE: KKK Picketing
427 Peyton Bdo
Capt. R.E Little:
The KKK returned to the above address at 8 PM and picketed until 9 PMo TherG were about
ten of them, four participating in the picketing at a time. We arrived there about ten
minutes before they dispersed., and talked to Lto I.A Thomas~ who stated to us that Mro
Virgil Copeland was there earlier, and had gone to talk to one of the klan spokesmen. And
to notify them of the status of Brights house. He told Lt. Thomas that he was afraid the
klan pick:etinig, may hurt his cause.
We observed the following cars:
J3lue Falcon, l-D-6765 (6-2-) (~3)
Green Chev. wagon, l..J"6579 (63)
White ~
Ford pickup>
13-n.905 (6J)
Green 58 Chev. 7-8085 (62)
Green Olds (old) Dealer 774 (62)
Green & white 58 Ford l.c$4928l (62)
W.E Peacock & R.B Moore

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