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2/20/63 Ve


Sid Avery called and said that he had hada "brainstorm". . .and wanted your
thinking before pursuing it further. . .

He said that since you have been unable to get anyone together
to talk about the barriers, that he would like to get the Southwest Citizens
Association and the civic asociation from Florida Heights to come togehter
and talk to you about the problem of the barriers. . . he said that these are
the two groups with the most at stake and the ones most concerned, ,

He further added that he had not discussed it with either group.
but thought that this would be an out for you.

As you may know, the Florida Hieghts things is a promption
plan to develop that neighborhood. . ,

He will call in the morning to hear your opinion, . .

Shall I tell him that you are always ready to discuss any problem
with any group that wishes to come to talk with you. . that you had talked with
the S/W citizens association many times, and representatives of the Negro
community. . . and since the All Citizens Committee has been stated to be

the official representatives of the Negro community, that it would be better
at this time, not to bring any other group into this particular problem? ?????

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