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Hecamber 23, p42

Mr. Ralvh Moore

Chaitman of the

Cornmittee on Apoeal for Humin Lights
Atlanta University

Atlania, Georgia

Dear Mz. Moore:

‘flay dacknowiedye Toscipi of your wire of December Z2ud, which
reads as fcilows:

£ =

“The Students of Atlanta University feel as if you have made a
great mistake in supporting the esiahblishment of an Atlanta Wail
across Payton and : Hacien Reads. In reply tu @ request of the Alt
Citizens Cominitiee on Detter Citlsens Planaing we oupoly 175
picketers per day for the Westend Duginess aren. We will also
Siage several maga demonstrations at the (ilanta City Vali with
ne less than 155) students. This action will focus the eyes of the
world on the Atlanta City Wali, Wwe do not waat Adania to have this

tyne af publicity, Therelore we entourage you to remove the Wail
and sale the yood image of Atlanta white there is eiili time."

First, Shis ia to advise you that at the request of Mir. Virgil Copeland,
President ef the Southwest Civie Association, I have asked rapre-
sentatizeve of the fellowing four groups fo form a Giisens committee

ta discuss the oroblems confronting the Peyton-Narlan Road area
siwation. itr. GQ. V. Willlamsen has advised me that the Citizens
Commitiesfor Reiter Planning will represent him in his capacity ac
wo~Chaivaiia of the Atlanta Negro Voters League. i would think that
any action pxict to the deliberations of this commiites and its
Tecurnmendaticong would be precipitous and haranful to our best efforts,

Secons, | would Uke for the students of Alania University to have full
knowledze c and acquaint themselves with the overall problem and with

Mr. Ralph Moore December 23, 19762

the complete record to date which is as follows: The Paytonei: avian
Road problem is the filty-secoud area or eizvect te undergooneighsor=
hood expagsion, peneeates or encroachment since ihe tirst of this
year. The record is lawless insofar ax the protection of the rigals
of the Negro citizea is concerned. Tam —— a list of the re iy
one streets on which this problem has deen satis ee ecinaaem| te on te
date. lheve that the siudents, with their abllisy to 2 factual
conditions, will study carefully this sccord, andl qoute none that
they would express thir coorplete aatisinction and acears with ihe
record of thie administration.

Lani certain that the metter having been handiax
kights of aii ees be the ity~one instances woutd
question of why i in mot being handled the same way is the Peyton-
Harian Read instance, Vhe newer, agala, cia be factual and
delinite. The Peyton Kea a cideni, consisting mainly of agitation
‘on Fielding Lane, ig an artificial, unnatural cendition created by
unscrupulous pariica, baths white and Neara, who have attempted
through unethical, disie yak ‘nat ise misreprcsentations to panic the
residents of that community.

To prevent this condition, I have previously worked with the Empire
Real Estate Board and a ciilsena commitice, composed ef the West end
Busiaessmon's Agsoclationmad tha Empire Heal Estate Board. ina spite
ef & previous record of excellent coogeration from: these two bedies, it
was impossible to stop this artifical bargaining of land.

Say Linvite your attention to the jact that the clesing of Peyton and
ass Roads is an inconvenience mostly te white citizens and io very
fow Nagvo citizens, It doae not prevent access or egress into any
area of town, nor does it Mrait eny rights of the individual citizen
from purchase or gale, or othar ieniaments liberties. It merely
serves &e 3 warning to unscrupulous real ce:ate dealers that Auanta
will not tolerate under the guise of "race dus se rimination® the dese
traction of Jundamenial values among any of iis citizens.

i would hope that you would study this grablerm carefully and I would
alec assure you that ii there io additional information which you
éecire, Iwill be glad to aunply it.


Miz. Ralph Moora Becermber 23, 1352

fhe recordas outlined above shows that the rights of alt citizens
have been protected without question in iity-one out of fiity-twe
instances, and, now, you place @ question mari by the ilty-sccond.
Atlanta's reputation has been built by those whe haye carricd out
the aforegone record. Iiis my sincere hope that the students of
Atlan University wili not injure this record.


Should you ignorg the above recucst and feel that you mus? picket
for the sake of picketing, then be assured that the sigh tg af the
individual in picketing will be zealously guarded by the law enfores-
ment body of this ciiz.

You atated that you plan to siage aeveral mass demonstrations with
1,599 students at the Atlanta City Hall. If, for porpoaca of national
publicity you feel ihic is abcoluisiy necessary, and if you will advise
rae of the thne of your arrival, I should be glad to receive yor on the
City Hall eteps.

Lhoge you will inform the students of Atlanta University that Atlania's
record is quistanding, and that i hope they will not injure it with any
unnecessary oF overt action.


x | ivan Allen, Jr.


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