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42 Kirkland Street
Cambridge 38, Massachusetts
January 31, 1963

Dear Mayor Allen,

We want to congratulate you on your most unique idea for
furthering the progress of integration.

The method you chose for enhancing this all important cause
is, in fact, so simple we can see why no one had thought of it

By setting up the "wall" in Cascade Heights you gave your
better citizens (both Negro and White) a common enemy, therefore
causing them to put aside trivial differences, join forces, and
fight for something much more important--the need for basic

When such ‘hecessities" as medical aid, food deliverys, fire
fighting equipment, and school buses are prevented from going
their prescribed rounds, it is obvious that mere color differences
will be lost in the shuffle to restore conditions to what the
modern society is accustomed to.

We expect to see your wall in Cascade Heights go down in
history with the importance of Khrushchev's wall in Berlin and
Kennedy's blockade of Cuba.

That is, just as Khrushchev forwarded freedom by allying
the freedom-loving peoples against his wall, and just as Kennedy
forwarded peace by allying the peace-loving peoples against his
blockade, you, Mayor Allen, have forwarded integration by allying
the Negro and White peoples of Atlanta against your wall.

Again, congratulations!

With our admiration,
Ladue J.Apsk

Bruce C. Barthel
William J. Apsit

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