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Report of Events Occuring in Peyton and Utoy Forest on

Monday Evening, June 11, 1962

At approximately 7:30 p.m. Monday evening, June 11, I received a call from
a neighbor who reported having seen several cars driven by Negroes entering
the drive to the home owned by F. E. Bennett. Since rumors had been circu-
lating recently about the intentions of certain people in the area to sell their
houses to Negroes, I decided to investigate the matter.

Icalled F, E. Bennett and he suggested that I come over to his house right
away. Several neighbors were informed and we proceeded to Mr. Bennett's.
As we were arriving Mr. Callaway, a Negro was leaving; however, two
Negroes had remained.

Mr. Bennett immediately gave the following account as the reason for the
Negroes presence:

Mr. Bennett stated that he had purchased property recently from
Calhoun Realty Company and had gone out of town before completing
the transaction. He stated that upon returning he found a business
card stuck in his door which he glanced at and mistook for Calhoun
Realty Company. Since he had further business to transact with
Calhoun he called the number on the card on Monday to make arrange-
ments for completing his business transaction. The number he had
called was Callaway Realty Company, a Negro firm. Mr. Bennett

‘ explained that Mr. Callaway, a Negro, wanted to come out and talk
to him regarding his property in Peyton and Utoy Forest. Mr, Bennett
told him he was not interested. Mr. Callaway then informed Mr.
Bennett that his company already had two listings in the area, Mr.
Bennett stated he asked to be shown the listings and that Mr. Callaway
said he would bring them to Mr. Bennett's house at 7:00 p.m. on
Tuesday evening. Mr. Bennett then stated he called several neighbors,
including Mr. Baker and Mr. Ramsey, to have them present when
Mr. Callaway arrived. On Tuesday evening Mr. Callaway arrived
alone and stated he had brought only one Listing and one of his Salesmen
was bringing the other. Shortly thereafter two Negroes arrived in ,
separate cars. Mr. Bennett stated that the Negroes failed to produce
the listings. They said it would be bad business practice but said ‘°

they had the listings. The Negroes further stated that one house was
on Harlan Road and one in Peyton Forest, This was the account given
as the reason for the Negroes presence,

As stated previously, when several neighbors and IJ arrived at the Bennett home
two Negroes were still present. Mrs. Baker, Messrs. Bennett, Daniels,
Porter, Kovas, Monnerat, Scroggs, and I discussed the situation with the Negro
salesman representing Callaway Realty Company.

The Negroes insisted that they did not wish to go against what the majority of
the people in the area wanted but that they were in business to sell real estate
anywhere to anyone. They stated that if we decided to sell contact Callaway
Realty Company. They also said that it was possible to work out a group

selling contract similar to the one used in the Wisteria Lane area, The Negroes
kept insisting that they wanted our Listings if we decided to sell.

We told them that ours was a white neighborhood and we had every intention to
keep it white. One Negro began stating statistics of the ratio of Negro and

white population to Negro and white property area. He also said that Mr. Callaway
was asked by the owners to take the listings of the two houses. The Negroes

were evasive about the two listings but said the prices of the houses were $21,000

and $21,700 respectively.

We accused them of soliciting business in the area but they denied it. When
confronted with the fact of Negroes continously riding around in the area, they
denied knowledge of it but said there was no law against it.

The conversation lasted about 45 minutes. The Negroes passed out their
business cards, asked that we call themon what we decided, and left.

Cc. J. Owens
681 Fielding Lane

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