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Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404

August 26, 1968

R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS, ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental Liaison


To: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
From: Dan Sweat je

Subject: City of Atlanta participation in federal programs
to combat crime and delinquency

The Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act and the Juvenile
Delinquency Prevention and Control Act of 1968 are two recently
enacted federal grant-in-aid statutes which offer real promise of
assistance to the City of Atlanta.

With the emphasis on law and order in the platforms of the national
political parties, it is evident that full funding of these acts as well
as additional federal tools in this area will be forthcoming.

In order to fully participate, it will be necessary for the City of
Atlanta to develop comprehensive and realistic plans for training,
research and operational planning for riot prevention and control,
There is also demonstration money which might be used very
effectively if we have the means to use it.

The attached proposal which would reorganize the Atlanta Children
and Youth Services Council illustrates the need for some careful
consideration of Atlanta's immediate and future needs in the
planning and development of programs to prevent and combat crime
and delinquency.

In view of this, the following points are suggested:

1. No action be taken at this time on the proposed amendments to
the resolution creating the Atlanta Children and Youth Services

Mayor Allen
Page Two
August 26 ,1968

Serious consideration be given to merging the Atlanta

Children and Youth Services Council with the Metropolitan
Atlanta Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The ACYSC
might be the youth or delihquency arm of the Crime Commission.

The Crime Commission be-designated as our planning agency
for the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act and the
Juvénile Delinquency Act.

Whatever the organizational structure, the Youth and Juvenile
Delinquency programs should provide for the involvement of
young people in the planning and execution of the program.
The policy board should be composed entirely of people under
30 years of age.

The Crime Commission should be recognized and supported
by the City and the counties of Metropolitan Atlanta.

It is recommended that the Mayor ask the Chairmen of the
Crime Commission and the Youth Council to discuss a possible
merger of the two organizations at an early date in order that
we get full advantage of the federal legislation.

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