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C ITYO · .A'I,T "ANr-t:~~
ATLANTA. GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
August 26, 1968
, ;.
R. EARL LANDERS, Admin ist ra t ive Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secret ary
DAN E. SWEAT, JR., Director of Governmental liaison
To: Mayor Ivan Alle n, Jr.
From: Dan S w e a\lt ~
City of Atlanta participation in federal programs
to comba t crime and d elinquency
The Omnibus Crime C ontrol and Safe Stre e ts Act and the Juvenile
Delinquency Pre vention and Control Act of 1968 are t w o recently
enacted fede r a l g ran t-in -aid sta tutes whi ch offe r r eal p r omi se of
as s istance to the C ity of Atlanta .
With th e e m pha s is on law and order in the platforrns of the national
political pa r t ie s, it is evi dent that full fundin g o.:'. these a cts a s well
as add iti onal fede r a l to ol s i n this ar e a w ill b e fo rth coming.
I n o rd e r to fully p articipa t e , it will b e neces sary for t he C i t y of
Atlanta t o d eve l o p c om pr e h ens i ve a nd r eali s ti c _pla n s for tr a ining ,
re s ear ch a nd o p e rational plapni ng for riot p revention a n d c ontrol.
There is a l so de mons t rati on mone y w..hich migh t b e u sed v ery
effe c t i vel y if we h a ve t he m e ans to u se it.
The a tta ched propo sal w hich would r e organiz e the Atlant a Chil dr e n
and Youth S ervi ces C o unc il i llus tr a t es th e n ee d for s ome c a r eful
c onsiderat ion of A tl ant a ' s i mmedi a t e and future needs in the
. pl a nning and d evelopme nt of programs to pr e vent and combat crime
_and d e linque n c y .
In view o f t his, t he foll owing point s are sugges t e d:
No a ction be t aken at t h is time on the proposed amendments to
the resolution creating the Atl ant a Children and Yo uth Servi ces
Mayor Allen
Page Two
August 26 , 1968
Serious consideration be given to merging the Atlanta
Children and Youth Services Council with the Metropolitan
Atlanta Commission on Crime and Delinquency. The ACYSC
might be the youth or delinquency arm' of the Crime Commission.
The Crime Commission be,-designated as our planning agency
for the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act and the
Juvenile Delinquency Act.
Whatever the organizational structure, the Youth and Juvenile
Delinquency programs should provide for the involvement of
young people in the planning and execution of the program.
The policy board should be composed entirely of people under
30 years of age.
The Crime Commission should be recognized and supported
by the City and the counties c:if Metropolitan Atlanta.
It is recommended that the Mayor ask the Chairmen of the
Crime Commis s ion and the Youth Council to discuss a possible
merger of the two organizations at an early rlate in order that
we get full advantage of the federal legislation.


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