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Ostober 19, 1961.

“* Dear Sir:

After reading your editorial "Calm Cooperation Pays off,
in The Atlenta Journal, Yednesaay, Qctober 10, 1961, ree

garding Gaseade Heights, we agres that a comaunity organiza-
tion is the best instrument for a warkable solution to our

racially troubled housing problezs. Our communities, Grove
Park end Center Hill, have had an organization of this type

chartered by the State of Georgia since 1941, kmow as the

West Side Development Company.

The people of our communities have stood by us with their
money and supporte In the past nine years, we have purchased

thirty nine houses in order to preserve our White Communiticse ~

We have made agroemnts with the Mayor's former Bi-Racial
Committee and the Empire Realty Board end while we have faith=

fully honored our agreement, we regret that the agreement has
been end is still being violated by soma members of the
Empire Realty Board. As a result, we havea been a target of
block+-msting tactics far the past three years at a great

expense to our communities.


Our people are also ent itled to be put at ease and we
welcome the calm cooperation of the responsible parties

especially sinca mr agreements were negotiated previous .
we ty
to the promises now being offered commnities. Should |

anyone conscientiously think that if these agreements are ‘ie
not honored with the peopiss of Northwest Atlenta, the
citizens of Gascade Heights and Southwest Atlanta can be put

at CASE e

Yours truly,

3d. Homer Clark, President

ec: Letters to the Editor, The Atlanta Journal
Mayor Willian B. Hartsfield.

Board cf Aldermen, City of Atlante
Alderman James W. Vickers, Srd Ward
Aléexran Williem T, Endght, Grd Ward

Empire Realty Board eas
Mr, Harold Reusey, Acting Chairman SW Citizens Com, /
ir, Ge R. Bllderback, Pres. Grove Park Civic League.

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