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June 15, 1962

Last Sunday evening my husband received a telephone call from ir. F.
EL, Bennett stating that (Mr.}) Calloway of Calloway Realty’Co. had con-
tacted him and said he could show proof that he (lMr.}j Calloway had the
listing on two houses for sale in our area, Mr. Bennett told my husband
that he had an appointment with Galloway Monday evening at 7:0'clock at
his (Mr. Bennett's) home and asked my husband to be there. Our house is
for sale and iir, Bemett kmew this information would be of interest to us.

fhe following Monday afternoon I received a telephone call from (ifr. )
Jewell & salesman of Calloway Realty Co., inquiring about our house. I :
immediately told him that it was not for sale to colored. He asked if we
would contact him if we should change our minds.

Monday evening lir. Bennett called our home and asked for my husband or
me to come to his home immediately and since my husband was out,I went. When
I arrived I found that in addition to (lMr.) Calloway being there, his sales-
men Jawall and Ed Billingsley wera there also. The first thing that Ir.
Bemett said when I got there was taat he wanted it clearly understood by ms

that he had not contacted them (Mr.} Calloway stated in my presence that he
had contacted lir. Bennett. I asked (lir.} Calloway who had listed their
property with him and he said that he could not tell me that, but he could
give me the location = which he did. He said one house was located on
Harlan 2d. near Peyton Ra. and the other ons was on Shelley Dr,

I won't go into details about the discussion, but the subject of ethics
came up and I asked (lire) Jewell if it wasn't unethical for colored real
estate opsrators to contact white people about buying their property and he
s&@id absolutely not = that they were in the real estate business and they
could solicit from (for their clients) and sell to, anyone. I asked him if
he had a client who was interested in our house and he said he did have.


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