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1. Col. Walden said that the article in this morning's Consti which said
that the All Citizens Committee would represent the league was erroneous.

that the League voted (with the support of Walden, Williamson, Wilkes, Borders
and King) to support the main objectives of the All Citizens Committee, but

they would represent themselves. . .this means we will have nine representatives
from the Negro Community.

Col said he would call me either this after noon or tomorrow and give me

the names of the three from the league, and we will probably hear at the

same time of the three from Empire. . . it will be Saturday before we hear
from the All Ctizens Comm as they meet Friday night. . . The league will

be in attendance, and Col. Walden said that they will have enough right thinking
people to make them go along with negotiations in spite of the presence of the
wall. He said Q. V. goes along with this also.

He further said that last night he and QV were given the authority to select
the three members themselves.

Mr. Scott called and is real conserned, apparently he got the same impression
as the Constitution did about having the All Citizens Committee represent the
league, and wanted to talk to you about meeting with the Executive Committee
of the league to get them to represent themselves. . .he said that QV was
the;deterent as he hada ''vested" interest.

Jack Savage called and said that he told the attorney for the white people (Edwards)
that as ''far as we are concerned, once the ordinance was passed, the property
reverts to the center of the road and belongs to the property owners on either

side, and they could plow it up and plant it in cotton.'' He told Ray Nixon to be
sure the barricade is one inch inside the city's property.

Talked to Virgil Copeland. . .and he is naming himself, Eharlie Edwards (atty)
and Clif Bullard (VP of SW Citizens Committee) he understands that he is to

call the meeting and invite all your appointees. This he will do Monday for
Wednesday. . . They are having a meeting of their Executive Committee Saturday
afternoon and this is what he plans to Propose then to present to the bi-racial
group. He is completely sold on this idea and realizes what a great victory it
will be for those people:

1. Recommend barrier be removed as it has served its
purpose and is really as artifical and the situation which brought it about.

2, State the willingness of those residents to rezone the
300 acres for N housing and apartments.

3. Request the Empire Real Estate board ¥/ to work with
the Wouthwest Citizens Committee dx in any problems to arise in the future,
and not to accept any listings whthout advising them.

4. Suggest the rerouting of streets in order to forma horse
shoe from Gordon to Willis Mill using Peyton, Tee and Harlan Roads.
He is going to show mea draft before he presents it to his gr9up.

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