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Dr. C. Miles Smith
Dr. M. L. King Sr.
Reverend J. A. Middleton
&1l Citizens Committee for Better City Planning

Iappreciate the information furnished me concerning
the formation of the All Citizens Committee for Better City Planning.
Iam informing the citizens committee which I had already set up of your
desire to be represented in these discussions. I certainly see no
objectiong to such representation.

The closing of Peyton and Harlan Roads was done by
an ordinance of the Board of Aldermen of Atlanta after consideration through
normal committee channels and upon recommendation of the Public Works
Committee No, 1.

I urge the All Citizens Committee on Better City Planning
to cooperate with the citizens group that has already been set up to consider
this matter.

Iam certain that the Board of Aldermen and my office would

be mest considerate of recommendations made by the citizens group,as—was.


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