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l. The abandonment of a portion of Peyton and Harlan Roads is the

focal point of increasing city problems created by transitions in residential
real estate.

2. This problem has occured under normal transitional conditions in
many areas of Atlanta during the past years.

3. It is now completely apparent that voluntary action on the part of all
citizens must be agreed upon in order to prevent unnecessary destruction
of property values, inconvenience and general loss of morale.

4, Recognizing the many problems involved, the following suggestions
are recommended in order to establish a reasonable working policy for
the future:

A. That the rights and privileges of every citizen to purchase

or sell is legal waxkunxestrictesbbyctaw in Atlanta, and protected by

the Georgia Real Estate Commission
B. This is a voluntary gentlemen's agreement entered into

to preserve the best interests of all parties.

C. That the Atlanta Real Estate Board and the Empire Real Estate

Board be asked to appoint a six-man committee to develop and

carry out the following real estate program in this city:
(1) To ask the Metropolitan Planning Commission and the
Planning and Zoning Division of the City of Atlanta to make
a complete study of the controversial areas of the southwest
and west side of the city and to recommend steps to be taken
for replanning and rezoning so as to provide additional

ademas land for home and apartment dwellings,
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(2) To study and recommend necessary street changes
that will assist in opening up additional land.
(3) That this plan be resubmitted to this real estate
group within a six-month period,
(4) That these two real estate groups will immediately
begin to develop a general, voluntary policy to be adopted
by their members and carried out to the best of their
ability in transitional areas; that such proposals will
be completed and adopted by these groups within a six
month period.
D,. That, from the present and until such programs can be carefully
worked out and agreed upon, that every effort will be made to avoid
controversial transitions, and that these two bodies will urge their
members not to participate in sales or listings for transitional purposes
except where it would be within the normal expansion limits of areas
adjacent to and contiguous to/transitions now going on.
E, That in the Peyton Harlan Road area that the following steps will
be taken to improve the artificial situation created:
(1) That Dr. Clinton Warner who holds a sales contract on
the BEnnett property relinquish his contract and permit the
purchase of the property by the citizens who now reside in
the area, and who are ready to purchase the same property.

That Dr, Warner take this action in the light of recognizing

Confidential - 3
that this is a voluntary sacrifice on his part to improve
this difficult situation.
(2) That the two real estate bodies will make every
effort to prevent any transition in the Peyton Forest area
south of the junction of Peyton and Harlan Roads for a period
of eighteen months and until the above plans can be worked
out with the two real estate boards and put into effect.
(3) That the residents in the Peyton Forrest area agree to
cooperate by not listing or selling their homes durin g this
period except in the case of transfer or other normal moving

(4) That if these conditions can be satisfactorily agreed upon,

tages it is the reoommendation of this group that the Board of

Aldermen, having taken reasonable action to stahlize this
difficult and unwarrented condition, would now recind their

action and reopen Peyton and Harlan Roads.

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