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givén his b OSs


This was the highlight of a Ken-
nedy news conference Wednesday
in which he applauded peaceful
racial protests while decrying
these which can lead to violence
and bloodshed.

THE SESSION with newsmen—
Kennedy's first in Washington in
8 weeks—covered a wide range of
topics including:

—Business and taxes: The Pres-
ident said business is better than
expected, tax receipts consequent-
ly have exceeded predictions and,
as a result, last year’s budget defi-
cit totaled $6.2 billion compared
with a January forecast of $8.8 bil-
lion. He said this bolsters his
argument that a $10 billion tax
cut would boost the economy still
further and eventually balance the

—Cold war talks: Kennedy said
he is “‘still hopeful” that the Unit-
ed States, Britain and the Soviet
Union ean achieve some kind of
nuclear test ban treaty in the cur-
rent Moscow talks, But he thinks
talk of a possible summit meeting
is premature, saying such a ses-
sion is not “indicated or needed.”

—Moon race: The chief execu-
tive wants a continued effort to
‘put an American on the moon in
this decade in order to show ‘‘the
capacity to dominate space.” He
treated as inconclusive British

scientist Bernard Lovell’s report
that the Russians may be losing
interest in the moon race.

trike: Kennedy again

ailroads and operating
e their work rules
a threatened na-
» July 29. He said

d be ‘tmuch better
Hings out themselves
pon the govern-
a strike comes,
ill ask Congress

_ ABOUT civil
scoffed at a claim
. George C. Wal-

0 evidence,”’ he
of the leaders of
s movements in the
; are Communists.
evidence that the

lies are Commu-

y said those who com-
out organized protests
i *‘do something about the
grievances” that prompt them,
He suggested it is illogical to say,

on planned for the nati
forward to being here,”

is are Communist-in-
think it is a conven-| gq.
at to suggest that all

‘Don’t protest."sand at the same
time assert, “We are not going to
let you come into a store or a
restaurant.” *

He said he sees the situation as.
“a two-way street.’

AS FOR THE Washington dem-
onstration, scheduled for Aug, 28,
Kennedy said it shapes up as “a
peaceful assembly calling for a

redress of grievances’ and under-.
taken through cooperation with

the police. ae

Kennedy said “this is not a
march on the Capitol’’—something.
he suggested earlier would harm
the cause of civil rights advo-

In promising fo be in the capi-
tal at the time, Kenn
what amounted to a
Congress by adding,

members of Cong be
There has been son Tk that

the legislators might
Labor Day holiday -
late August.

bridge, Md., where tf


“They have
of what the d on is

In such cases, he said, “I think
the cause of advancing equal op-
portunities only loses.”


—There is no need for more
forma! diplomatic contacts with
the Vatican because there is no
lack of two-way communication at

—He hopes South Viet Nam will
resolve its religious disputes be-
cause the military situation there
looks more hopeful and a stable
£overnment is needed.

—A trip to the Far East is
something the President would
like to undertake but he expects
to be busy enough at home for
some months.

—Red China seems bent on pro-
moting nuclear war but Kennedy
doubts the Soviet Union is anxious
to face destruction by supplying


ly coexisting with a S6Viet satel-

lite, like Cuba, in the Caribbean.

‘The! Atlanta Chamber

of Commerce has voted to

Oppose President Kennedy's proposed civil rights pro-


In a resolution passed Wednes-
day, the board of directors said
the legislation would discourage
voluntary desegregation of busi:

The directors found “particular-
ly objectionable” the public ac-
commodations section of the Pres-
ident's bill, which would require
businesses to serve all customers
without regard to race.

“The bill is calculated to nar-
row the role of voluntary action
and to substitute the force of the
federal government,”’ the resolu-
tion said. ;

This poses “a grave threat to
local responsibility and personal
freedom which far outweighs any
possible improvement in the op-
portunities of minority groups,”

THE DIRECTORS of the 3,000-
member chamber called for yol-
untary desegregatio a
businesses in a
statement. But #
they were not “‘t
proprietor how he sho
his business,””

The May appeal to end diserimi-
nation “as expeditiously as good
judgment will dictate’ came af-
ter a month of Negro demonstra-
tions and arrests at Atlanta res-

A number of restaurants have
desegregated in the past month.
fourteen hotels have agreed to.
accept a limited number of Ne-

The board of director

and voluntary eli
The resolution w
a meeting attended E
27 directors. The vote was no

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