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C. Wallace ah
the Senate Commerce Commit-
tee on the bill to prohibit racial
aiecemnahon in public facili-
iané :

The leaders of the Federal
| Government have so misused
the Negroes for selfish po-
litical reasons that our entire
concept of liberty and free-
dom is now in peril.

cials relative
hts inves-

military bases to accon
political purposes. Any

cer or official who issues such bd

orders should have his back-
ground investigated.

Refers to Purple Hearts

The Air Force is encourag-
| aging its personnel to engage
in street demonstrations with
rioting mobs and is even of-
fering training credits as an
inducement. Perhaps we will
now see Purple Hearts award-
ed for street brawling—here-
tofore they were awarded on
the field of combat.
'I note that by way of fur-
ther intimidation, one of the
President's committees has
recommended that any busi-
ness be placed off limits to
military personnel unless they
surrender to current Federal
real purpose of this
ent to dis-

'a meeting
ely reported
last two

’ f i ; -“vever-_
end,” was elected president of
the “Southern Conference Ed-
ucational Fund" which is head-
‘quartered in New Orleans and
active in seventeen Southern
‘states. ‘
Asks Bill’s Defeat

This organization has been
described by both the Senate
Internal Security Subcommit-
tee and the House Un-Amer-
ican Activities Committee as
an ‘organization “set wu
(to promote Communism”
| throughout the South.
| I come here today as an
| American, as a Governor of
@ sovereign state and as an
individual with full respect
for constitutional govern-
ment. I appear to respectfully
call upon the Congress of the
United States to defeat in its
entirety the Civil Rights Act
of 1963.

The President of the United
States stated in his message
accompanying Senate bill
1732 that enactment of the
Civil Rights Act of 1963 at
this session of Congress —
however long it may take
and however troublesome
it may be — is imperative.”

The President might well
have further stated! “And
however many people it hurts
or businesses it destroys and
regardless of the rights of the
vast majority of our people.”

In my judgment, the Pres-
ident of the United States
and the Attorney General of
the United States, by design
and political motivation, are
sponsoring and fostering a
complete and all-inclusive |
change in our whole concept.

Associated Press

| Senator Warren G. Magnu-

son, Washington Democrat,
‘who is conducting hearings
ony civil rights legislation.

yolution of government

1 against the people.

mate Bill 1732—the so-
d Public Accommodations
: — would, together with
the? President's full civil

package, bring about
government of the gov-
ernment, by the government
and for the government.

The free and uncontrolled
use of private property is the
basic and historic concept of
Anglo - Saxon jurisprudence.
One of the primary reasons
our forefathers came from
Europe to carve this nation
out of a raw and savage wil-
derness was the purpose of
using, controlling and enjoy-
ing their private property and
to pursue their chosen pro-
fessions without fear of inter-
ference from kings, tyrants,
despots, and I might add,

Gentlemen, I'll tel] you what
this Senate Bill 1732 does—it
places upon all businessmen
and professional people the
yoke of involuntary servitude,
—it should be designated as
the “involuntary servitude act
of 1963".

The President, the Attorney
General, and every member
of this Congress who has
sponsored this legislation stand
indfeted before the American

Scores Negroes, Tactics

He [the Negro] no longer
wants piere eau) treatment,
© expects and apparently
tends to bludgeon the ma

ity of this country’s |
into giving him prefere
treatment. — ;

He shows his sense of re-
“sponsibility by flouting la
“and order a geaushout this

country, even threatening to
intimidate the Congress of
_the United States. And all of
this is done with the tacit.
approval of the sponsors of
Senate Bill 1732. |

A President who sponsors
legislation such as the Civil
Rights Act of 1963 should
be retired from public life.
And this goes for any Gov-
ernor or other public official
who has joined in this mad
bloc vote,

Does not the present situa-
tion in Washington, D.C., give
you some idea of the result
you would obtain with this
legislation? The nation's cap-
ital is supposed to be the
supreme example of what
civil rights legislation can ac-
complish. It’s an example all
right, an example of a city
practically deserted by white
people. If you in the Congress
are really sincere about this
civil rights business, why don’t
you give home rule to the
people of Washington? Let's
see how the local residents

can run this city.

I believe in local self govy-
ernment, I challenge you to
vote for home rule in Wash-
ington, D.C. I suspect that if
you attempted to do this, the
Secretary of State would have
to testify behind closed doors
that this would result in dam-
age to our image before the
rest of the world,

I think you gentlemen are
avell aware of the reason you
are having to consider Senate
bill 1762. The President of

ne United States and the

.ttorney General of the Uni-

of government and society—

ent Adn

led States and f

| of erjcan people.
The Congress os the

ted States have used the

Notes President’s Talk
The President so much as

‘admitted this in his nation-

wide telecast which prefaced
the introduction of this civil
rights legislation, He wooed
and won the minority bloc
vote, Since then he has com- .
mitted a series of blunders
in trying to appease the mob
leaders. —

These leaders have now

_ pressured the President into

the ridiculous position of plac- ,
ing his stamp of approval on
mob violence and rioting in
the streets of this country.
The entire handling of this

racial situation by the pres-

ninistration has shown
an ineptness and total lack
in handling

political ef-
hese votes,
trife and

of civil

k jeopardy,
| attempt

bill will

yy of the

ry. When

lat you will

estoy private

property rights—you invite

If you intend to pass this
bill, you should make prepara-
tions to withdraw all our
troops from Berlin, Viet Nam
and the rest of the world be-
eause they will be needed to
police America. You are go-
ing to make the American peo-
ple law violators because they
are not going to comply with
this type legislation.

No part of the Civil Rights
Act of 1963 is acceptable and
we people in the state of Ala-
bama and the South will take |
the lead for all freedom-lov-
ing people of this country—
black or white—in an all-out |
effort to defeat any man who |
supports any feature of the |
civil rights package.

The Executive branch of
this Government has ignored
the Constitution of the Unit-
tered the

, : United |
‘States is the last remaining
bulwark against the destruc-
tion of our system of govern-

ment. ’

Asks Referendum
I challenge the President
and the Congress to submit
this proposed legislation to the |

people as a national referen-

I promise you that you will
get the shock of your life be-

‘cause the people will over-—

whelmingly reject this en-
croachment upon their right |
to own and enjoy private
property. ;

I say that it is high time
freedom-loving people of this
nation stand up and be count-
ed and if the tree of liberty

needs refreshing by the politi-

cal blood of those who ig-
nore the heritage established
for us by the founding fathers,

then so be it.

ntlemen, I appreciate this
opportunity to appear before |
you today and before leaving
I have a request I would like
to make. I have charged here |
today that there are Commu- |
nist influences in the integra-
tion movement. From the
mountain of dence avail-
able everyone should realize
that they are true. You have
heard these charges before
you—You have seen the evi-
dence— Why don't you do

‘something about it? Don't

sweep this matter under the
rug—let’s expose these ene- |
mies.,.they are enemies of
both black and white in this
‘country—bring them out in

the open.

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