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WiLxtiam B. Srusss

Trust Company or Groner Bur.pine

August 14, 1963

Dear Ivan:

Rachael and I thought you might like to have
a copy of Wireless Bulletin for Wednesday, August 7,
1963, which was published by USIS Press Section,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia. USIS publishes twice a week,
in three languages, a news bulletin distributed to
papers and persons in Cambodia. Much of the material
in the bulletin comes from USIA teletype. The bulletin
has a circulation of about 5,000 in Cambodia. A copy
of the August 7 issue is enclosed, in each of the
three languages.

Our son Bill is with USIS in Cambodia. He is
extremely proud of Atlanta and has received many
favorable comments from others. He does not have
any responsibility for publishing the bulletin, but
does handle its distribution.

Cordial regards.
W. B. Stubbs

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall

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