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Had a nice conversation with a very enthusiastic Mr. Grinstein (about


He laughed when I told him Mr, Rich regretted, and said that that was
what he expected.

He said that Sanders testimony did not change the position you had
established one bit. . . .and shatxsaik

he said that Sanders said that "he represented the majority of the
people of Atlanta and he was in total opposition of the bill'’. Grinstein
said that Pastore said that he had even more faith in what the Mayor
of Atlanta has aaid because of the Sanders sex statement, He also
said that Sanders was walking on very thin legal ice.

Grinstein said that their correspondence was ranning about 15 to l

in opposition of the bill, and he was completely amazed when I told him

our ratio, The correspondence which the Committee receives has absolutely
no influence on the Committee,

Grinstein said that Thurman tried to carry Sanders as far in the direction of
opposition asand he was W trying to work against you. . .and Thurman made Sanders
look pretty rediculous, . .
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