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Ca 4-3/2]


Thursday, July 25

Leave Atlanta 6:05 p.m. Delta Flight 724, arrive National Airport

Washington at 9:05 p.m. (DST). . . HOTEL reservations are at

The Madison. Charlee Wel Late LeBaAPS are fo Catt.

a fone ht tp Cprtvion, 5 2I2Z2.

Friday, July 26

8:45 a.m.

9:15 a.m,


12:00 noon


Go to Room 126, Old Senate Office Building
to meet Mr. Grinstein, CA 4-3121, ext 6627

Room 318 Old Senate Office Building to testify
before Commerce Committee,

Members of Senate Commerce Committee:
Warren G, Magnuson, Chairman

~C John O, Pastore (Rhode Island) ~

Strom Ge

Frank J, Lausche (Ohio)

Ralph W. Yarborough (Texas)
Clair Engle (Calif. )

E, L. Bartlett (Alaska)

Vance Hartke (Indiana)

Gale W. McGee (Wyoming)
Philip A, Hart (Michigan)
Howard Cannon (Nevada)
(following are Republicans. ..
Norris Cotton (New Hampshire)
Thurston B. Morton (Kentucky)
Hugh Scott (Penn. )

Winston Prouty (Vermont)

J. Glenn Beall (Maryland)

Margaret Shannon has been informed of the time you
appear, Here are the telephone numbers where you
may reach her: Journal office: NA 8-5962, Press
Gallery CA 4-3121, ext. 3945 or 4551

Leave Washington United Flight 200 (National Airport)
Arrive Atlanta 2:37 p.m. EST.

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