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Box 17, Folder 13, Document 46

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Depa rtment of Political Scien ce
Tula ne Univer s ity
ox 1855
New Orle ans 18 , Louisiana
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Ma yor Allen:
I am a membe r of the Gr~dua te Division, Politica l Sci en ce,
Tulane University. My t ask is~ difficult, and it is felt ,
worthy one. It i nvolve s c orre s pond i ng wit h a number of cities
ha vi ng a hete roge neous populat i on for t he purpose of obta i ni ng
i nforma tion re ga r di ng the na ture a nd t yp3 f organi za ti on t he se
cities ha ve crea ted to s eek solutions to their r a ce pr oblem .
It is hoped t ha t thi s i nforma ti on wi l l be an i nvalua ble
source for mak i ng recommenda ti ons re ques t ed by t he cit y of
New Orleans fo r t he purpose of det ermi ni ng the mos t fe as ible
type of organiza ti on to co pe with it s race problem. Your
cit y was sele cte d be caus e we hope to benefit from your experi ence i n this delica te matter .
An y consi derat i on given t his re ques t woul d be enor mous ly
appr e c iated and hel pful. I am l ook i ng wit h pl easure t o hear ing
from you .
Si ncreely yours ,
li l liam J. J ohr; son

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