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Mississippi Governor here next Tuesday

All Northsiders invited
to hear Ross Barneti’s
battle plan for South

Mississippi's Governor Ross R, Barnett, crisis-tested guardian

of Southern conservatism whose

strength of mind forced the im-

pulsive U.S, Attorney General Kennedy to retreat in shame and
seek other opponents, will address Atlantans next Tuesday night
(July 16) on how the South can restore Constitutional Government.

He will speak in the ballroom
of the Dinkler Plaza Hotel, start-
ing at 7:30 o’clock, before a
first anniversary meeting of the

fast-growing Atlanta Citizens |

Council to which admittance is
free for all white patroitic At-

J.K, Callaway of Old Ivy Road,
president of the Atlanta Citizens
Council, says arrangements have
been made to accomodate all who

* *

JAMES H, GRAY, editor and
publisher of The Albany Herald
and until his resignation was ac-
cepted by newly -electedGov-
ernor Sanders was chairman of
the Georgia State Democratic
Party, will introduce Governor
Barnett at the meeting nextTues-
day night. Mr. Gray is an able
speaker, fully informed on the
problems the South faces and he

has never waveredin his resis-

tance to the indignities offered
Southerners since the Kennedys
moved into their Washington
powerhouse. He is the man who
bought the integration-threatened
public park in the heart of Albany
and made it a private, segre-
gated park. His forewords in his
introduction of Governor Barnett
undoubtedly will be as enlighten-
ing to Northsiders as will be the
main address by the notable

Governor Barnett’s ties for
Southern unity in the 1960 Presi-
dential race resulted in 15
‘electoral votes being cast for
Senator Harry F, Byrd, the Vir-
ginia Democrat, for President.
Georgia Democrats missed the
boat in 1960, preferring to barter

as it will as a tax burden over
ine next 30 years for property
owners of this state,
* kk

TODAY, Governor Barnett's
plan for Southwide political
solidarity in the 1964 Presi-
dential election has Southwide
interest. Recently, some 1,000
persons from virtually every
Southern state attended a $25-a
plate dinner meeting in Jackson
Miss., to cheer Governor Barnett
and Alabama's Governor George
Wallace as they urged the Deep.
South to unite behind the plan to
block any liberal candidate for
President, . and just which non-
liberal candidate the South will
endorse will be the result of un-
emotional, politically-expert de-
cision to get this whole nation
off the hook of communism.

Georgia ’s Jim Gray offered
delegates to that Jackson dinner
meeting aresolutioncalling on
citizens in every Southern state
to take all necessary actions for
‘adoption of the Barnett plan and
that resolution was unanimously

_* *

In urging all Northsidersto at-
tend the Tuesday night meeting,
Northsider Callaway said; ‘'Gov-
ernor Barnett, by his courageous
actions, has become the symbol
of Southern determination. He has,
been on the firing line, andhehas
not yielded. He has earned the
admiration and respect of the
veople of Georgia, and of loyal
Americans everywhere. Let’s
show Governor Barnett that wein.
seorgia share his determination:
to win this fight!*’

with Kennedy through a $100 -
million bond issue which will

never be forgotten, continuing]

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