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Top level, strategically planned racial demonstrations

f are springing up ‘spontaneously’ all over America, These
groaps warn of national revolution unless racial demands
are met. What was once ‘a problem for the South’ has become

| # problem for every state, city and community. It threatens
the Negro, just as well as the white man,

‘These same organized r.:ial agitators, who proclaim and

{ cite their constitutional right of ‘peaceful integration’ are

aiming at destruction of orderly freedom, History of the last

hl 30 years reveals « long List of nations taken over by Commu-
m nists, through use of racial agitation.

‘These agitators are not merely asking for ‘equal rights’
for the Negro; they are demanding ‘special rights’ in violation
of the rights of all people. They are demanding the right to

violate city ordinances and state laws.

‘They ave demanding—and getting—immunities and spe-
celal privileges for Negro citizens which white citizens do not

Demonstrators claim they are fighting for their ‘dignity’,
, but is there any ‘dignity’ shown bere in these hysterical dem-

— -

onstrations? Do they not suggest that they are « phony front
for something alarmingly different? In other countries racial
upbesvals have been created to bring about artificial condi-

tions designed to climax a need for military dictatorship.

| America was born in the hearts of men because of the urgent
; need for freedom from oppression and dictatorship. Love of
C God and fellow man was the strong fabric from which it was

i constructed. Today there are ealeamen eelling hate of their
i fellow man and inflaming racial tensions, rather than seeking

} fair solutions.
i! Rights and Responsibilities

| Private property, such as a restaurant, can not be regu-
a lated as though it were a public highway, It is up to each in-

dividual to sec the standards for his establishment, to. which
his clientele must conform. Private rights include the right
' to be left alone, as well as the privilege to make or lose money,
i according to the way the individual chooses to conduct his
business, no matter how wise or how foolish, It is the re-
sponsibility of all men to reapect the rights of others.

Until now it has been the storekecper's right (and that
means every man’s right under the Constitution) to serve the
persons of his choice—to cater to whom he, chooses, This is
« Constitutional Right, incident to the ownership of private
property. He has been fres to refuse to serve anyones whom




What Savannah Citizens
are urged to do:

4 There {na Suvannah city ordinance (Section 24—128.1, 2 and 8) which


hibits musa are tas passed to protect each citizen's to com
» duct his pe incae owewer, jis orien permits the picket the of self
n. Recently mass marches havc i<su practiced. In Jong columns of file,

th customers’ access to business

he chooses not to serve. Tf a storekeeper can be compelled
to serve in his store, people he would rather not acrve, the
institution of private property ix endangered. His store has
become public property—and your private property rights
have become endangered, Yet that is precisely what the pret
ent administration is secking to accomplish by invoking the
“interstate commerce” clause of the Constitution.

Under this kind of dictatorship, the doctor, who prefers
to select his office location, choose his nurse and be 4 heart
specialist, can be required to be « general practitioner, told
whom to employ and where he shall work. If he refuses, he
ean have his office seized and occupied by the favorites of
the bureaucracy. The same would become the case for editors,
lawyers, mleemen, ete,

Private Property Rights

If the right of private property is taken away from the
citizen in an artificial emergency, created by professionally
sponsored racial riots, then Congress might be ‘pressured’
into passing Federal ‘Emergency’ meatures under the label of
saving our nation from internal disorders. This could result
in a total dictatorship, and our hard foughtfor-freedoms will
have vanished. This would prove as disstrousfor the Negro
as for the white man.

‘There is now substantial agreem nt that tha Negro should
have equal voting opportunities and equal opportunity in the
use of all public facilities. But to give the Negro his due is
one thing. To sacrifice any of our basic liberties in the proc-
ew is quite another, “Eternal vigilance is the price of lib-
erty,” and in this day and hour the Negro agitator is asking
for more than equality; he is demanding, and getting special
rights (in the form of decisions by our courts) which invade
the rights of all citizens, The voices of the responsible Ne-
gro leaders who are alert to.these dangers are drowned out in
the mounting hysteria over the attainment of false goals,

Constitution and Congress ~ Law of the Land

According to the Constitution of the United States, the
Jaws of the land are made by the Congress. The Supreme
Court merely renders‘nn opinion, as to the applicability of
these Inws to a specific cuse before it. Its opinion becomes
the low of that case, As such, it is indicative of how the Court
(as currently constituted) may be expected to decide a sim-
ilar ease. However, to declare an opinion of the court to be

“the law of the Iand" is to declare that the Supreme Court
and not the Congress makes the laws. This is unconstitutional.
But you may be sure that this is what a dictatorship in control
of the court, but not of the Congress, would like to have you

Senator Russell Charges

Of the planned race riots going on all over the United
States Senator Richard B. Russell charged on June 12, 1963
that President Kennedy was raising the epectre of mass racial
violence to push Civil Rights proposals that were a step in
the direction of Socialism or Communism,

“Twas... shocked” he said “to hear the President
justify, if not encourage, the present wave of mass dem-
onstrations, accompanied by the practices of sitting or
lying in public atreeta and blocking traffic; forming
human walls before the doors of legal businesses and
assaulting with deadly weapons officers of the law, whose
only offense wan to maintain order and protect private

et the “Cause Be Removed

If the Communists succeed in America it will be because
of a constant whittling away of our constitutional rights. To
wuceced in this, he must have a ‘cause’ with which to bring
about chaos, If the ‘cause’ is removed, another must be cre
ated, and the pattern repeated. Without ‘cause’ the Com-
tounists are soldicrs without ammunition. In Brazil their
cause was ‘inflation’; in China—agrarian reform; in Cuba
it was to ‘abolish the Batista dictatorship’, After a 7-year
struggle in Algeria, Communist-led Moslems, using racial dis
cord, succeeded: in gaining control of the government from
the French, As in Algeria, the ‘cause’ they have adopted in
America is racial conflict.

There can be no doubt that the Communist is delighted
at the opportunity being presented him to adopt this ‘cause’,
He will render every aid to the ‘pressure-demand" tactics
which serve his end. For him every assault on one of our
basic liberties is a stepping stone towards « Communist
America, There are none so blind as those who will not see,
and none so dangerously blind today as those who refuse to

gnize the bl for the Ci iat tak of



have, wi in
jis ordinance, Urge tha Mayor and all merchants to have this ordinance enforced. the Gtates,
r Malcolm Maclesn, City Hall, Savannah, and tell him you want him to pre ete Bal of Bias apptieable EME Ogg 3e-
ar rights to own property, and your individual right to carry on your business as you 1, The 14th Amendment did not ms fod lerigtby article, based SO plemented bY
as proved conclusively DF A tye former Law Proleine’ Set oiey Morrisette tad
search, bY Be eae by nis eK f the Fekean ane tee ion), atating:
Urge the City Council to immediately enact new and stranger ordinances te ford Law Review of Decent’ 1959 Bartkus coe (P0% ne Dus Provese cinnes of
better control and regulate demonstrations and parades, the trath of this proP and unl! any of tne provisions of SBA 1%
ah wwe ave Belt Tament does nok apply $0 the States have Braively vast wh
“ the Fourteenth ta as such. Ao demonstrate ‘uid not eontem=
eight omen ‘by legal acl onal ae of the ratitying oe of the first elant
‘ ‘Write your Senators and ae tive, and them to protect this Comm Ta tne members of Mie IEE ‘the estates.”
vate rights, (Senator Ris hard Rascll, Gasser Herman Tameka ‘Fourteenth elt restrictions UPOn
we Secate Olfice Balding, Washington, D.C,; Congressman G, Elliott Hagan, Pinte tents ang tem Tas a 8 article ane ould pretend t4
a ouse Office Building, Washi D.C. «citing in
: 8 juilding, Washington, D.C.) eciting earlier cases: . pence and intellect ‘gage Black's 000"
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f - Support and encourage a pe or letter, the merchants who are defending ee pretenses as being based wpan eet cannot be mis«
4. ey rights, They are the front line soldiers for you! Purchase from them ment under the Coa aed in the Batler
© to show your support, ted to the Federal Bove e rine Court soundly As tT end cannot
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5 Every American should discontinue buying magazines that give untrue reporly mairused 10 tent with which SF eae to be the cared orca ‘Wickard ca
‘Fe of the news, Insist on moral standards in everything you do. wy , was sai id the conmicting decision
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What Atlantans are urged to do: wa oe aning Seveoe at Bqualty—e¥TinE OD go the SON

to have & ee amendment.
ity, of of any fn to respect
we gas eee eae etn me ch

“The time has come for every voter to consider future elections and the candidates who will be pe ot sical onal, ts a pe ot the ee ae ot poarch, constl-
‘run, They should evaluate this carefully, It is time both political parties learn that those whe others ene rghit vo Liberty benim: BENET

“were able to get themselves elected on either ticket, could just as well be elected om am inde. ae example, of current violations ant pret artic
en ae te rly ses en ene eg ea
o your Electors and sent to the C pledged and itted to no did. unless of ae einen sing those coral righ ts—taleely pretending

the candidate proposed fills the high standards the voter should require in the men selected te ends in violation of bankruptcy.

the means: This leads 7
run our Nation.

‘This message to the people of this community was paid for by a group of representative North Side citizens,
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