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hartburger stands.”

shall, Javitsed

(United Press International)
WASHINGTON —. (UPI() — Asst. Atty. Gen: Burke
said Tuesday the administration’s public accommodations section |
of its civil rights package would bar racial discrimination at “most lclashed with a Southern senator

ca Righs -

Gd” 4 \0 | WASHINGTON — (UPI) — Sec-

retary of State Dean Rusk won

arshall | applause at a Senate hearing Wed-

nesday with a staunch endorse-
ment of civil rights legislation but

who said the audience was pa
with “civil . righters and Jett wing-

_ Sen: Jacob K. Javits, New York
Republican who supports the ad-
ministration prograin said the sec-
tion should even cover “Mrs. Mur-
_ phy’s” rooming house, which Atty.
| Gen. Robert F. Kennedy has al-
ready indicated willingness to ex-

Marshall and Javits testified be-
fore the Senate Commerce Com-
_mittee on the ramifications bill to
end segregation in private business-
_es which cater to the public.

_ Marshall was questioned partic-
ula,ly on whether the 14th. Bcd:
ment to the Constitution ¢oul ¢

used as the basis for a g aa
commodations law, with Iso in-
volving the federal pow regu-
late interstate commer aoe ad-
ministetiion proposes. -

The ministration Me tights
expe feplied that he@f@h both
were*méeded. He said whale based
on 14th ‘AmendmBAE “alone
might“ be declared uncon§Mllitional
and also would not “cover every-


Other congressional develop-

—A House education subcom-
mittee headed by Rep. John H.
Dent, D—Pa., cleared the way for
possible action Wednesday on a bill
which would forbid racial segrega-
tion in schools. receiving aid under

five federal programs paying out
more than $500 million a year.

—Welfare Undersecretary Ivan
A. Nestingen urged a House labor
subcommittee to approve expansion
of the manpower training pro-
gram to provide subsistence pay-
ments to unemployed illiterates
while they learn to read and write.
| He gaid many of the illiterates
were Negroes.

Marshall appeared for the second
day before the committee headed
by Sen. Warren .Magnuson, D—
| Wash., Sen. Strom Thurmond, D—
|S), who continued his sharp
questioning of administration wit-
nesg#es, cul, the hearing off at, noon
bywhvelvthe the rule against’ com-
mide meetin zs while the Senaic
is ne session.

Thurmond gharged What the
public” accommodations” «ae

“Yes, senator, ‘A Marshall yeplied,.


‘At one point, the senator, Strom
Thurmond, D-Sic.,. da esti tioned
whether Rusk was nol Giving s5up-
port to Communist: propigandists,
Rusk tartly rephed (1 jeourse”
he was not, and sad ta ch d no
committee of Congress oitia take
the position Thurmond had,

Rusk told the Senate Commerce
Committee that failure of the
United States to provide racial
equality “embarrasses our friends
and heartens our enemies.”

He said that if Congress fails to
enact civil rights Jevislation, “ques-
tions would inevitably arise in
many parts of the world as to the

-real convictions of the American

people.” "
Rusk was commended by b
Republicans and Democrats on t
ecmmittee for his testimony. As. he
left the witness stand, he was ap-
Plauded by approximately 35.0

Thurmond, who had | peppered

Rusk with questions cuamaeee ses- |

sion, demanded that
be halted. Thurmond au
the audience was packed w


rizhts advocates and “lett 4 cers
trying to pressure Congress in
passing “an unconstity 1 civil

rithts bill.” There were these other

developments on the admimistra-

tion’s civil rights PYCPOSHIS:

—Chairman Emanuel Gell
¥.. of the House Judicial

tee announced a “speedyipyy i
forts to eomplete comepifien. con.
sideration €f the lezislatjyEppack-

age, F2 @nnounced that gamy wit-
hesses wanting to testify eet sub.
mit their requests by Peiardag:
Celler also said he would hold
nizht sessions if necessary to ex-
pedite consideration of the meas-
ure, na &

=ihe House fh
sales ci

oi nie would set up a tec
fair employment practices eommis-
sion ees alropg deci to order
an 9 isctimination in
private it et ;

clea ' ,


, & (6 1, the
8 Wi Ty Lic


subcommic lec ‘
U. S. Civil RichieyConmin for
another four yOurs now
goes to the full Senate Judiciary
Committee headed by Sen, James
Q, Bastland, D-Miss. The Judiciary

| Gommilitee will open hearings Tues-
| day on the omnibus civil rights

public items show