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Oe ex (NPA).
In_his attempt last Tuesday. to en-
list the, support. of - the: nation’s

wemen in ‘the eurrerit. civil rights

tight, President Kennedy ran into

some fine. support and some / unex:

pected opposition. .

The — Chief - fxecutive invited
about 300 leaders of about 100
women’s organizations to meet with

him in oa Room of the White:



16 ears of about. 50 ‘million
“the majority vepre-

Association for the

urged the women to

- pant Caer in
ould: dil

oe 5 prozram,. Panes that
part of it that would open public
places such as hotels, theaters,
restaur: is ‘and stores to all citi-

zens regardless of PACE. ereed: OF

color. =,
-2. Support the establi ishmhent of

Gov. Carl Sanders will testify in ei, again
President John F. Kennedy’s civil rights pr 0 asin The

Constitution learned Tuesday.

Sanders will accept an invita-
tion from Sen. Strom Thurmond
to give his testimony before the
Senate committee now consider-
ing the bills,

A source close to the governor
aid the testimony will be firmly
gainst the proposals “but won't
0 into all the Communist, social-
‘os that other witnesses have | a

n izations with 109 000: or.

4 lanta, Ga.

f Colored® People toy

Capitol observers said his de-
cision to testify reflects strong
sentiment in the state against the
rights bills which have stirred a
stormin Washington and dead-
eit. many other pieces of

rh 5

—) leadership travaing courses for wo-
men Of -all races.’

3, Take an active part in getting
school dropouts back on the class.
room register, . ©

4. Take the lead in setting up.
bi-racial and human relations -pro-

grams that would leat to’ closer
communication bétween: responsible
white and Negro members of ae
various communities. '

§. Drop the color bar in all wo-

| men's organizations.

At one point, Mr. Kennedy asked
the wemen to: xpress their feelings
frankly aid freely!

Mrs. Diane ‘Nash’ Bevels, of At-
who. Tepresentod the:
Conference, told the ‘President: TG:
is difficult to participate on bi- |

Bo . , | Facial ccmmittees when you must

demonstrate ‘and go tojail™. hy |
She asked Mr. Kennedy ‘if ‘he

had “any a gestions for usin the
‘deep Si h?- “Would you come to.
Missi aad talk to Negro, leads,
ers ‘tl Ls

Thi ; did not/answer’ her

‘drew smiles when’
he 1 his program inthe:
South» n shot down”, es=
pecially ssippi, where “we
have a ptorzo.”

It Aa en UwWo. iediing: of I
troops, rdcaths, “and. a good -
many wounded to get one student

into the, University Of Mississippi. .
There are still 400° troops there.”
_ This answer did not satisfy Mrs.

Christian ‘Leadership ;
omeeting itself “was not particularly

| never. been sive

Beyels, who had a. child ‘bern in

groups, she e- Sresstd ‘critical con-

{cern over a nuniber: -of Mr. Ken-

nedy'’s policies and actions.

Her views vointided with those of
Mrs. Gleria Richardson, a leader in
the recent. demonstrations
Cainbridze, Md, Both women join-
ed fy other colored leaders in their
outspoken appraisal of the accom-
plishments of the New Frontier.

They were especially critical of
the work of some of Mr, Kennedy's
colored: advisers, saying that some
- were “unreachable’” while * others
swore, nof.“in tune with thetimes.”

°MIs. ‘Richardson .thowght the

worthwhile,”. Mrs, Grace: Hamilton,
‘of Atlanta, said’ the ‘subject ‘of the

-meeti was an’ important: one, but
“Abe Sa little later’ wep: !,

‘Dh. ‘Rosa L. Gragg, of Detroit,
(testa: of » the — 100; 000-member
National Association of “Colored

‘Women’s, Club, stood. out ..almost

alone among Negro. ‘women. in her
enthusiastic cupport “of. the con-

She ‘said thn? Pre
“this, country . Jead


of Lincoln. ite

E ‘Dr, 'Grazg, toll
was she. who first.
cnedy during his Jur eofforente
with’ a group. “of” INegro’ leaders
Brief remarks were. made) to the


Pp, : |
etaryy of i

Among Oot er “women who took

jail,-After. the conference was over, | Bastin! the White: Housé conference

‘and the wonien broke Up, ilitd small |

were: Dr.’ Sarah: “Bateman, Mental |
| Health Serer iaYleston, W. Va.;
Mrs, Dollie. Rol , former as- )
sistant to Mrs.” P etereatte and now.
officer in the-Hotel Service Union,
New York; ‘Mrs. Harriet I: Pickens,
New. York Commission . on SSID,
Rights. .

Mrs, Patricia Hatris,” assistant to
Mrs. ‘Peterson; Mrs, Maida Bornes
er; AFL-CIO,” “Washington; —
Jean © Noble, national = a eresldent
Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, ‘New
York; Mrs. Christine Ray Davis,
staff ‘director, House Committee on
Government Opérations, Washin
ton; Mts. Ethel. Payne Women’s
Division; Denipctaee National con /
mittee. , :

‘Mrs. Julia Porter, Girls ‘ne
Society; -. Mrs. Mable Staup

Washington,. D. ©.; MOS Vv
trode. 2

Nathional - Urban ©
Erma : ‘Dixon, Mary. HO
Delegates Baltimore; ‘Mrs, Mar.

Washington: Mrs. Ju:
Tak sy Sates

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