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Special Survey

Human Relations Committees

Does your community have a human relations committee?

What is its official name?

When was the Committee established?

Is the Committee bieracial?

Who appointed the Committee?

Did the City Council concur?

Did the City Council appropriate funds?

What was the charge to the Committee? (If possible, attach copy.)

(If appropriate, please attach a copy of any Council
resolution or ordinance.)

How many members?

(Please attach a list of Committee members with their race
and occupation noted.)

Briefly describe problems or issues that have been considered by
the Committee.

Briefly summarize any recommendations made by the Committee.
(Please attach any public reports.)

Briefly describe any actions resulting from the Committee's recom-

How often does the Commitcee meet?

Does the Committee have any staff assistance?

Part time Full time None

Additional comments:


Name of official preparing Report:

Please return to: U.S.Conference of Mayors
1707 H Street,N.W., Washington,D.C. 20006
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