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I know you would prefer that I not mention your going to Washington
again, but I feel as strongly about you as you do about your convictions.

I hope you will decide against going for several reasons,

1, You will alienate the Board of Aldermen, about all of whom have
expressed opposition to the public accommodation part of the bill.

2. You will lose the good position you have with the state administration
and possibly never gain their support on prge«ts where we need their

3. The people of Atlanta will not be able to understand why you went
after you have been saying how well we have done in Atlanta, and
then try to help get legislation passed forcing something which they
feel has already been accomplished here,

4, You will lose your effectiveness of working out future problems
between the races as the white people will probably turn from

you feeling that youare biased toward the Negroes.

I feel the first four reasons are sincere and valid. .. the following may
not be valid, but are tuue,

1. The stand which you think you are taking as morally right, will be
misconstrued in every possible way and constantly used against you.

2. You will be cold-shouldered to an extremely uncomfortable extent.

‘3. You won't help the Kennedy administration in the south as the south will
be more against you than the Kennedys.

4, The Atlanta newspapers won't support you. ..
5. You won't get re-elected. ..
6. Idon't want to see you suffer unnecessarily,

7. Idon't want the city to suffer either.
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