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The following is a list of establishments which were asked “Do you admit
Negroes?" Their responses follow?

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Stone Mountain (all facilities) Broadview Kiddieland

Stone Acres Planation Funtown
Stable of Thoroughbreds (old autos)The Igloo (ice skating)
Copa Atlanta Storyland
Wit's ind TrieCity Roller Rink
Club Peachtree
Demine Lounge
Garden Terrace (Biltmore)
The Party

Golden Palm Lounge (AtlantaeAmericana **
Henk and Jerry's dideway

King's Inn Lounge

Lockout Lounge

Monte Carlo Lounge


Polynesian Lounge (Biltmore)
Robinsons Gardens

Sans Souci

Zebra Lounge


PLetsees Prtvowks

Atlanta Art Association Membership


Atlanta Playboy Club

** The Golden Palm Lounge will admit Negroes if checked in or attending a
convention at the Atlenta-Americanas

The Atlante Couneil on Human Relations, 5 7” Oe Ne We, Atlanta 3, Georgia

& Forsyth Street, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia



On dune 21, 1963, Mayor Allen announced a plan of limited integration at 14
hotels and motels, whereby these establishments would accept Negroes who are delegates
to conventions meeting at these places. When the Greater Atlanta Council on Human
Relations inquired if this changed the situation in regards to individual Negro
guests, including Africans, Mayor Allen informed us that he had made the announcement
as requested and that we should contact Mr. Styron of the Hotel Associations.

Mre Styron wrote us that this was a matter for each individual hotel or motel, that

it was not an agreement by the Association. Results of individual inquiries are
shown below:

Those Replying ate ere
Asin semen
Aiy Host Inn Atlanta Americana Motor Hotel

The Hilton inn
Howard Johnson's (Nels)
Peachtree Manor

The Atlenten Hotel
The Biltmore Hotel
DinklerePlase Hotel

Howard vohngon's (South and North West)
Piedmont Hotel
Riveria Motel

Resta at

eS 25, 1963, the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION carried a report that it had been
learned that 50 restaurants were to desegregate within a few days. Since that time,
there have been various lists and various announcements and various experiences at
many eating places. Many have changed their policies. Many will state one policy
when asked, but will act differently when confronted with an actual situation. The
only list that has been announced with any air of authority is that circulated by
Lester Maddox, and it can be said positively that that list is not accurate. Results

of telephone inquiries about desegregation policies or reports from customers who
have talked with the managers are as follows:

Those Those 1

rae aes oe ying or

= ice
Yohannen's Camellia Gardens Sellers (Peachtree Hotel)
Herren's Escoe's The Yarn
Caruso's elias fu B411%s 5i§ Boy Drive-in
Davis Brose (not on Forsyth St. House of Eng
Johmy Keb's A him 84
Dale's Cellar Sine take
Cressroads Hong Kong
Miami Buffet Peachtree House
Rex Fine Food

Mama Mie,

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