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July 10th, 1963

Senator Richard Russell,
Washington, De Ce

Dear Senator Russell:

I have followed with interest and
admiration the position you have taken on the
iniquitous prpposed civil rights bill with all
of its dastardly implications. I strongly endorse
all that I have read in the press of the strong
opposition you are providing and I encourage every
act within your power to defeat this proposed
measure with all of its heartbreaking possibilities
ineluding the ruination of many business establish-
ments that would occur in addition to an ending of
freedoms in this cowmtry long enjoyed by its citizens,
all for the one purpose of playing for political gain
of negro votes. It apparently has never occured to
the Kennedy family of the loss of white votes they
must consider or do they ever stop to consider anything
whenever the negro raises his voice?

I did not vote for Kennedy (nor Nixon)
and will never vote for this political Valetator who
holds the south in such contempt, who shows such utter
lack of acumen for the high office of President. I am
opposed to the insidious methods he and his family use
to seize control of this country for their own political
power gain. His handling of the negro problem shows utter
lack of maturity.

At every opportunity presented I express

y to all with ears with which to listen and it

pe that we will have several million citizens

ae Be owtae so that we might not be burdened with the
Kennedy family after the present term of office expires.

Cordially yours, |

a ae ie? aA % e

Benard South

Dee Z/»,

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