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William W. Gates
3407 Roswell Rd. N. E.
Atlanta1 Georgia 303 05
(40lJ.) 233-6040
Urban limerlea Inc .
s saehusat t .s Ave . ,
Washington, D. C•. 20036
2h, 1967
• ,J.
Attent ion:
• James P.
· • Twomey!
A ·c onference was held wit h essi-s. Cecil Alexander.
atld \!aleolm Jones in the City Hall today.
·• ilexande~ stated that be diseussed your l et ter
to him ~ted ar,eh 10, 1967 wi th -eyor Ivan Allen.
The Ira.y'or indie a'ted that be is ·i n agre.ement 'Wit h
terms providing that no fees are to be ec>ll~cted: -either by 'TJrban. AJilerica inc . or me for '1113'
servic~s in eonneetion wit h projeets· submitted to
tb.e Heu~:l:ng Reso~s. e · ttee for guidance or


I !fa,s instructed t o advise you accordingly.
The Rousing esources Co ·ttee at. preset confines
i:t •s actiVi.ties t o l ov and medium cost housing ti.thin
th · t lanta Citq Limits and t heref ore i n ey opinion,
i.n which
ssrs Al ~der· and Jones concur, proposed
projects in the five county metropolitan area outside
o.f the Cit y Lurl.ts 1 ould be considered in the s · 1e
·category as. Savannah, ltaeon and other Georgia cities .
Very sineerely yours,.
.cc :- Mayor Allen
Mr • . Alexander
k'. Jones .
W.W. Gates

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