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~hJ4 ~
ATLA:r-;TA, G A. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
Room 1204, City Hall
May 23, 1967
R. EARL LANDERS, Administrative Assistant
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Executive Secretary
DANE. SWEAT, JR. , Director of Gove rnmental Liaison
Dear Committee Member:
The next mont hl y meetine; of the Executive Group of the Housine
Resources Committee · (which would normally be held on June 1) will be
held at 10 : 00 A. M., Wednesday, May 31, in Commi tte e Room t/1 , Second
Floor, City Hall. We especially hope that )rou can attend this meeting .
The l ow cost housing program i s currently runni ng into some major
difficulties which I need to discuss serious ly with you, with vi ew to
adopting a policy posit i on of the Committee as a whole and pl anning a
cour se of act i on t o pursue .
We wi ll have at the meeting basic f actual data on which to base
our conclusions and I hope al s o a list of land tracts in the City by
size and location which are appropri ately zoned f or construct ion of
mul ti- ffu~ily housing .
We still have not been informe d as to the foll owing :
Legal Panel - Chairman and Vice - Chairman
Public Housing Panel - Chairman and Vice - Chairman
Land Acquisition Panel - Chairman and Vi ce - Chai r man
Social Problems Panel - Vice -Chairman
Please be prepar ed to provide us at the mee ting with appropri ate
information on the above.
Also_pl ease l et us know on the enclose d r et urn address postal card
if you pl an to attend the meeting or, i n the event you cannot att end,
t he name of some other member of your panel who will represent you at
t he meeting.
Si nc erely,
---~~-~ 16:33, 29 December 2017 (EST)~
Cecil A. Alexander
Chairman •
Encl :
Return address postal c ard.

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