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i\iA Y
31 , 1967
Members of the Housing Reso ~rc es Commi ttee Executive Group met
on Wednesday , May 31, 1967., a t 10:00 a . m., i n Com~i ~tee Room # 1,
City Hall. The -foll owing me~j-rs were pre sent; . Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman
Dr . Sanford S. At~ood, Co-Chairman
Mr . Lee Burge, Chairman, f'ir.anc e & Non-Profit Fund s Panel
Mr . John C. Wilson , Finance & Non - Profit Funds Panel . Dale Clark , Pub l i c Informa tion Panel
Dr . Vivia::1 Hend ers o:ri ., Land Acqu isition Panel
Mr . RolanG Maxwell, Represent ing -~ - Virgil Milton, Business
Partic ipat ion Pane l
!V7ir . rorman Underwood, Representing Mr. Charles L. We ltner,
Lega l Panel
rvir. Robert Winn., Representing Dr. Harrison , Constru ction and
Design Panel
~ . Ma lcolm D. J ones, Director
Mr. W.W. Gate s, Consultant
The Pub lic Housing Panel and the Soc ia l Problems Pane l were not
represented at the meeting .
Mr . Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman., presided . Mr. Alexander read
the Ho using Resources Cammi ttee I s "White Paper 11 ( copy attached )
and exp l ained the di fferent divisions of this r eport . Ee then
e xplained the other do c unents which 1-J'ere attached. He also
st~ted that there were severa l difficulties in locating rental
housing sites., partially because of the racial problems i~ Atlanta,
and gave his interpretation of the May 5, 1967 letter from HUD,
pertaining to HUD ' s reluctence to approve Public Housing sites
in racially concentrated areas .
Dr. Vivian Henderson, Land Acquis i tion Pane l, stated that this did
not necessarily hold true in all case s ; that he did not thin~ the
announced HUD policy was intended to apply to racially ir.tegrated
projects in previo usly all white neighborhoodso Dp. Henderson alsc
asked about his Panel's previous request for a list of possible sites
for locating low-cost housing .
Mr . Jones explained that this has been requested from t~e Planning
Department, but not yet prepared; however, that he has been
provided ttith a group of Land Lot sheets showing va cant property
(with current zoning) in the eastern half of the city; and these
locations were being looked into.
�Page Two
Dr . Henderson suggested t ~a t the need for such a list of avail able
sites be reported to t, e Board of 1 ldermen .
M~. Al exander reported tha t the Planning Committee initially
prepared a l ist of sites comprisi -~ 800 ac r es of land that were
considered avai l able for use o_ that cculd be re -zo~~d. He also
stated that t he developers !:ad already looked i nto t hese prop erties
but that only four tra ct s· had been approve d s o far.
Mr . Jones stat e d that he knew of only t wo, or possibly three, of
thes e t hat had been actually approved by BUD .
Mr. Alexander stated that one of the mai n prob l em s was t hat the
land devel opers c ould not always use the sites be c ause ·of locations,
costs, and building codes.
jV[r. John C. Wilso:-. ...,::. :.a nce and Non -Pro fit Funds Panel, suggested
that t ... e cornmitt e ~ ~---- ~P t all the l and possible, because to provide
al l the housing required, all available la nd would be needed.
~w . Al exa nder s tat ed that this Commit te e should take action one way
or another to get these prob l ems corrected before any further
subst an tial deve lopments ca n be made .
Mr. Jones stat ed that it was this Commit t ee's policy to cons ider
any suitab l e l ocati on that was submitted or prop o sed a nd to tr y to
ge t a ct i on based on merits of individua l tra cts.
Lee Burge, Finance and Non -Profit Funds ~anel, asked ~f this
Committee was over-playing the housing pr oble ms, or if this was
just the normal type of thing which resulted fr om trying to get
through zoning changes , Housing h.u t hor i ty and/or .- FHA approval
of a housing deve lopment.
~r . Alexander explained that there is a greater low-re ntal need in
the city than apparently some members of the FHA underwriting staff
feel justified .
Mr. Jones said that the problems were not being over-pla yed
because there were many prob le ms in trying to locate low-cost
housing sites. He explained that this was the p0 r p ose of this
meeting; to try to work out some of these problems.
Dr. Henderson stated that many of the present problems appeared
to be with the Planning Department , and they were not very good
Mr. Alexander stated that the City is striving to get a workable
Land Use plan which people feel that they can rely on.
Mr. Dale Clark, Public Information Panel, asked if the Pla-nni"ng
Department is represented on t his Committee.
�Page Three
Mro Jones st at ed t hot it is not; but t ha t we are wor king i n
clo se contact with each other.
i\lr Alexander stated t hat t he genera l fee l i:ie; is that i n some
re sidential area s the zoning from single fa~i l y houses to
a partments wi ll be a ne cessity o He asked the press not to
mention any specif:i..c areas wne r e th i s ma y be poss ible, be cause
there are no definite plans to this effect as yet .
Mr. Burge asked if it would not be~ - ~pful to create a link
between the Housing Resources CornLl ittee and the Planning
Mr. Ale1:ander stat e d that it wou ld also be a good i de a . to create
such a relationsh ip with t he Board of Aldermen.
rvr..r. Burge said., i n r ela tion t o item (d) under ttDist.:cu s s io n in
the 11 Wh ite P&per 11 ., that he would to k now how t he
people felt about th i s o
Dr o Henders on s aid that i t was e asy to disc uss this problem
but tha t it would not a l ways work out in pra c t ice, and that the
real iss ue is the diffi c ulty of l ocating in an area that does

not 1·rnnt housing deve lopments .

Mr o Burge a sked the r eason given by FHA for it s action in
connecti on with the s ites near Mag~olia Cemetar y , Ether:d ge
Drive , and Gun Cl ub Roado
Mr. Alexander referred the q uestion to Mr . Ga t e s for ans wer .
Gates stated tha t proximity _,t:) Rockda 2.e Urban Re newa l Project.,
in which ab out 1)500 units are to be constructed during t he r.ext
four years, ~ould be take~ int o consideration in determining
the probable market abs orpti on in the general area. Both the
Ci ty of Atlanta and the Federal Government have considerable
investment in Rockdale.
Mr . Alexander asked Mro Jones to [\ ive a report on possib le
loca t~ons :or pre-fabricated ~ ~sin Atlanta.
T-'lr. Jones stated that there is some effort to build this type
of house in Atlanta., But that there is difficulty because of
tht At2.anta Building Code . This code states that the plumbing,
electrical, and heating fixtures be installed on site in
Atlanta, and that the pre-fabricated houses come with thes e
fixtures and electrical circutes already instal led. towever.,
there are plans being matlc now for so~e sites on which prefabricated houses could be located by des~gina ting special areas
�Page Four
where t his type of housing could b e installed o He al s o st ated that
t_he a mount of land r eqLlired to bu i ld a house on was too gre·at
economically in Atlanta for t his t ype of hous e ., nnd that there
are also plans under wa y t o corre c t this by permi t ting them to
be built on a 50 1 x 100 1 lot, or 60 x 83.33 1 (5,000 sqo feet i nstead
of 7,500 sq. feet, ·which is now requ::.redo)
Mro Alexander stated that· he thought tha t organizatio~s su ch
as Tech sould organize stud ies of t he housing s it uation in
Atlanta, which wo uld be mad e availab le to this Committee . He
asked Mr. Winn if the Construction and Design Panel were looking
into this now?
Mro Robert Winn , Construction a nd Design Panel, stated that
there will be a!·meeting of his panel a week from next Tuesday to
discuss this.
Mr. J one s inquired if the pre seut meet ing time 2nd date for
this Committee was satisfactory, and the reply was affirmative .
He a l so stated th2t he h ad appea red before t he Zoning '.:::,-:-,:..mi ttee
on sever2 l occasions a nd felt t hat it would carry more influenc e
with them if th~s Committee co uld t2ke definite a ction on some
areas before he re-appeared. He stated that there were three sites
in partic ular coming up for r e -zoning hear i ngs soon on which he.
would l ike for t he Committee as a group to i ndorse and support, i~
Fairburn Ro ad
Jonesboro Roa d
North of Baker 's Ferry Ro a d
Ml~o Alexander sta ted tha t he felt t ha t i t was too soon to t2 ke any
defini te action on these sites as ye t.
Mr . Burge moved t ha t t h i s Committee a ccept t he pr e sent
Paper" as a g uide f or furthe r· a c tion.
w:r'li te
Th e mot i on was seconded and car r i ed unanimouslyo
There being no f urth er b usine s s , the meet ing was ad jo ur ned at ll i35
a .mo
Respectfully submitted ,
Ma lcol m D. J o~i
Super visor of---!nspe ct ion Servic es
"White Paper" (without a tta chments )

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