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MAY 31, 1967

Members of the Housing Resources Committee Executive Group met
on Wednesday, May 31, 1967, at 10:00 a.m., in Committee Room #1,
City Hall. The following members were present};

Mr. Cecil A, Alexander, Chairman

De. Sanford S. Atwood, Co-Chairman

Mr. Lee Burge, Chairman, Fihance & Non-Profit Funds Panel

Mr. John C. Wilson, Finance & Non-Profit Funds Panel

Mr. Dale Clark, Public Information Panel

Dr. Vivian Henderson, Land Acquisition Panel

Mr. Roland Maxwell, Representing Mr. Virgil Milton, Business
Participation Panel

Mr, Norman Underwood, Representing Mr. Charles L. Weltner,
Legal Panel

Mr. Robert Winn, Representing Dr. Harrison, Construction and

: Design Panel
Mr. Malcolm D. Jones, Director
Mr. W. W. Gates, Consultant

The Public Housing Panel and the Social Problems Panel were not
represented at the meeting.

Mr. Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman, presided. Mr. Alexander read

the Housing Resources Committee's "White Paper" (copy attached)

and explained the different divisions of this report. He then
explained the other documents which were attached. He also

stated that there were several difficulties in locating rental
housing sites, partially because of the racial problems in Atlanta,
and gave his interpretation of the May 5, 1967 letter from HUD,
pertaining to HUD's reluctence to approve Public Housing sites

in racially concentrated areas.

Dr. Vivian Henderson, Land Acquisition Panel, stated that this did
not necessarily hold true in all cases; that he did not think the
announced HUD policy was intendéd to apply to racially integrated
projects in previously all white neighborhoods, Dr. Henderson also
asked about his Panel's previous request for a list of possible sites
for locating low-cost housing.

Me, Jones explained that this has been requested from the Planning
Department, but not yet prepared; however, that he has been
provided with a group of Land Lot sheets showing vacant property
(with current zoning) in the eastern half of the citys; and these
locations were being looled into.

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Dr. Henderson suggested that se need for such a list of available
sites be reported to the Board sr Aldermen.

Mr, Alexander reported that the Planning Committee initially
prepsred a liist of sites comprising 800 acres of land that were
considered available for use or that could be re-zgonéd. He also
stated that the developers had already looked into these properties
but that only four tracts had been oa come go far.

Mr. Jones stated that he knew of only two, or possibly three, of

these that had been actually approved by HUD.

Mr, Alexander stated that one of the main problems was that the
land developers could not always use the sites because ‘of locations,
costs, and building codes.

Mr. John C. Wilson “inance and Non-Profit Funds Panel, suggested
that the Committee ccept all the land possible, because to provide
all the housing required, all available land would be needed.

Mr, Alexander stated that this Committee should take action one way
or another to get these problems corrected before any further
substantial developments can be made,

Mr, Jones stated that it was this Committee's policy to consider
any suitable location that was submitted or proposed and to try to
get action based on merits of individual tracts.

Mr, Lee Burge, Finance and Non-Profit Funds Panel, asked if this
Committee was over-playing the housing problems, or if this was

just the normal type of thing which resulted from trying to get

through zoning changes, Housiae Authority and for - FHA approval

of a housing development.

Mr. Alexander explained that there is a greater low-rental need in
the city than apparently some members of the FHA underwriting staff
feel justified.

Mr. Jones said that the problems were not being over-played
because there were many problems in trying to locate low-cost
housing sites. He explained that this was the purpose of this
meeting; to try to work out some of these problems,

Dr. Henderson stated that many of the present problems appezured
to be with the Planning Department, and they were not very good

Mr. Alexander stated that the City is striving to get a workable
Land Use plan which people feel that they can rely on.

Mr, Dale Clark, Public Information Panel, asked if the Planning
Department is represented on this Committee.

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fr, Jones stated that ¥
close contact with each other,

Mr, Alexander stated that the general feeling is that in some
residential areas the zoning from single family houses to
apartments will be @ necessity. He asked the press not to
mention any speci Tic areas wnere this ney be possible, because
there are no definite plans to this effect as yet.
Mr. Burge asked if it would not be neipful to create a link
between the Housing Resources Committee and the Planning

Mr. Alexander stated that it would also be a good create
such a relationship with the Board of Aldermen.

Mr, Burge said, in relation to item (d) under “Disucussion" in
the "White Paper", that he would like to know how the zoning
people felt about this.

Dr. Henderson said that it was easy to discuss this problem

but that it would not always work out in practice, and that tne
real issue is the difficulty of locating in an area that does
motwant housing developments.

Mr, Burge asked the reason given by FHA for its action in
connection with the sites near Magnolia Cemetary, Etheridge
Drive, and Gun Club Road.

Mr. Alexander referred the question to Mr. Gates for answer.

Mr. Gates stated that Rockdale Urban Renewal Project,
in which about 1,500 units are to be constructed during the next
four years, ould be taken into consideration in determining

the probable market absorption in the general area. Both the
City of Atlanta and the Federal Government have considerable
investment in Rockdale,

Mr, Alexander asked Mr. Jones to cive a report on possible
locations Tor pre-fabricated houses in Atlanta.

Me. Jones stated that there is some effort to build this type

of house in Atlanta, but that there is difficulty because of
the Atlanta Building Code. This code states that the plumbing,
electrical, and heating fixtures be installed on site in
Atlanta, and that the pre-fabricated houses come with these
fixtures and electrical circutes already installed. However,
there are plans being matic now for some sites on which pre-
fabricated houses could be located by desiginating special areas

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where this type of housing could be installed. He also stated that
the amount of land required to build a house on was too great
economically in Atlanta for this type of house, and that there

are also plans under way to correct this by permitting them to

pe built on a 50! x 100! lot, or 60 x 83.33! (5,000 sq. feet instead
of 7,500 sa. feet, which is now required.)

Mr, Alexander stated that he thought that organizations such

as Tech sould organize studies of the housing situation in
Atlanta, which would be made available to this Committee. He
asked Mr. Winn if the Construction and Design Panel were looking
into this now?

Me. Robert Winn, Construction and Design Panel, stated that
there will be a:meeting of his panel a week from next Tuesday to
discuss this,

Mr, Jones inquired if the present meeting time and date for

this Committee was satisfactory, and the reply was affirmative.

He also stated that he had appeared before the Zoning Committee

on severel occasions and felt that it would carry more influence
with them if thts Committee could take definite action on some
areas before he re-appeared. He stated that there were three sites
in particular coming up for re-zoning hearings soon on which he
would like for the Committee as a group to indorse and support, ie

1. Fairburn Road
@. donesboro Road
3. North of Baker's Ferry Road

Mr, Alexander stated that he fe

lt that it was too soo# to take any
definite acvion on these sites as


Mr. Burge moved that this Comm

ittee accept the present “White
Paper" as a guide for further act

The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35

Respectfully submitted,
Vat a 4 CP

Malcolm D,. ee
Supervisor of'“Inspection Services

Enel: "White Paper" (without attachments)

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