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May 31, _967
Cecil A" 'Alexander, Architect., Chairii1an
Dr Sanford So Atwood, President, Emory U~iversity, Co-Chairman
Dr Benjamin Eo Mays, Pres ident, Morehouse College, Co - Chairman
Leg al
c: arles Weltner, Atto~ney
Ac ting Chairman
Donald Hollowell., Reeional Di~ector, Equal Empl oyment
Opportuni ty Commission
Honorable Lut~e~ Alver son, J udge, Fulton County Superior Court
Mr o Archer Do Smith III., Attorney, Harmon and Thackston
Mr o Norman Lo Underwood., Attorney., Sander.s, Hester and Ho ll~y
Construc tion a · ~ De sign
Dro Edwin Harri son., Presidest, Georgia Institute of Technology,
Herman Russe ll., Contra ctor
Moreland Smith, Director of Urban Planning Projec t ., Southern
Reeional Council,
Vic e-Chairman
Rev o John Ao Middleton., President., Morris Brown College
Henry Fo Alexander, Bui l der
Ja mes Moore, President , Atlanta Labor Council
NJn-Prof it Funds
Dean Harding Bo Young, Atla nta University
L ee Bur ge ., President, Retai l Credit
Butler To Henderson, Assistant to Dro Mays, Morehouse co __ege
Mills B Lane , Jro, President, Citizens and Southern ational
A~ Ho Sterne, President, The Trust Company of Geor ia
Gordon Jones , President, The Fulton National Bank
Vice-Cha irman
Joseph Earle Birnie, President, The Na tional Bank of Georgia
Ao B o Padgett, Execu tive Dir ector, Metropolitan Foundation of
Eernilton Douglas Attorney
Rev . William Holmes Borders, Pastor, Wheat Street Baptist Church
Dro Rufus Clement, President, Atlanta University
John Wilson, President, Horne Wilson Company
Albert Love, Executive Vice President, The McCall Corporation
Scott Houston, Jr., Executive Director, Wes l ey Woods Apartments
�Public :-Ious ing
Edwin L · Sterne, Chairian, Housing Au t horit y of the City of
D~ . Albert Manle y., Presiden t, Spelman Col l~ge
L~v~ard Reinch , President , Cox Broadcast ing Compa ny
Clarence Oolem2n., Regi onal Dire c tor ., .C at ional Urban League
Acting Chairman
~a rles Ra . Pa l mer ., President, Pal. er, Inco
La :-·.,~ Ac~uis i ti on
Wo Lo Lee , Pres i dent, Atl a nta Gas Ligh t Comp~ny
Co Ro Yates ., President., Yates-Mi l ton S t ores
Acting Chair ... an
Dr Vivian Henderson 0 President, Clark College
Jim E., Land, Cliie f Engineer for Georgia, Southern Bell Telephone
& Telegraph Coo
Social Prob lems
Charles Oo Emmerich, Administrat or., Ec onomic Opport uni ty At _anta,
I nca
Du a ne Beck, Direct or, Community Council of t he Atlanta A~ea., Inc .
Mrso Su jet te Crank, Social Dir ector, Neighborhood Services, EoOoAo _
Dro T o Johns on , Professor of Pol~tical Sc ience, Morehou se College
Dean Wil liam J acks on, At _anta Univers ity
Mr ~ Erwin Stevens, Chairman, Citizens Central Advisory Comm ittee,
EaO.A .,
Mr o Lewis Cenker, Attar ey
Business Particination
Virg il Milton, Re tired Atlanta Grou p Manager, Sears, Roebuck &
Chairma n
Eo Lo Simon, Auditor., Atlanta Life Insurance Company
Vic e-Chairma n
Harlee Br anch, President, The Southern Company
Co Ao 11 .Art 11 Jenkins, Director of Indu s trial Relations, Lockhe ed
Roland Maxwe ll, President , Davis on's Department Stores
Publi c I nformation
J.ames L. Townsend, Townsend and Assoc iate s
�Public I ~forrnat i on ( c ont i nued)
Dale Cla rk , Direc t or of Pu bli c Affair s , WAGA - TV
Ray Moore, News Di r ec tor, WSB - 'I-V
Jim Wood., News Direc t or., 1,·oAK
Vice - Chairman
Tel. 522-4463., Ext. 430
Malcolm D. Jone s , Di r e ctor
W, W. Gates, Con su ltant
Miss Joyce McKnight, Secretary
Cha irman

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