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Aprii 20, 1967 -
= Problem Areas :
Units Location Program Principal Difficulty
Pai 259 West of Hollywood Road Turnkey Gpposed by Facial Relations Section of HUD in letter
North of Frecter Creek Vo to liousing Authority. Tentatively denied by HAA
P-2 SO Harwell Road South of Turnkey ae’ zoned A-l, poe tet epposed by NAACP in letter te Nayor
Bankhead highway filen. Tentatively den ie d Ly HAA
P= 125 Jackson Farkway, just Turnkey Zoned A-1, Site not acted on by HAA, Lecause of objection
Nerth of Banxhead la to the area by Intergroup Relations Section of hUD
f t
P-5 156 East of Hollywood Road 221 d (3) FHA nas Geclined to approve.
North of Magnolia Cemetery Cxperiment
P-6 262 OFF Etheridge Drive East #04 Special Having difficulty in getting FHA approval.
of Jackson Parkway or Turnkey
C-1 204 Between Hollywood Road and Turnkey or Re-zoned recently for low cost hcusing ,rogram. Housing.
Gun Club Road, N.W. 221 € (3) Authority not interested in site; FHA not sympathetic
toward it.
C-3 i150 Between DeKalb Avenue and 221 d (3) Zoned R=-3, Planning Department is dubious about getting
NeLendoa at Hampton Terr. Rent Supl. re-zoned.
C-5 106 West of Jackson Parkway 221 da (3) Zoned R-5. Planning Department cool teward re-zoning.
North of Proctor Creek
C-18 ]| 1,7¢¢ Between Peyton Roac and Willis | Turnkey Zoned R-3. eens Department is reluctant to get re-
> ¥y ¥ 3
Hill Road North of Utoy Creek ]221 d (3) zoned. (Housing Authority is e1thusiastic about site)
221 d (2)
C-21 600 Fairburn Road lorth of Turnkey or Zoning change required. Site not acted cn by HAA because
Holy Family Hospital 221 da (3) of objection by Intergroup Relations Section of HUD to
geueral area in the Northwest.
C-22 175 Bankhead Hignway at Turnkey - Site not acted on by HAA, because of objection to the area
Szburn Road by Intergrcup Relations Section of hUD.


Zoned M-1. Site not acted on by HAA, because of
cbjection to the area by Intergroup Relations Section
of HUD.

221 d (3)

Zoned H-1, Objection from some residents of neighborhood.
Re-zoning cenied April 17, by Board of Aldermen.

mpson Road
hrtower Road

221 4d (3)

» Collier Heights
site is not in

Turnkey or
221 dG (3)

Housing Authority net interested in this site for
Turnkey; FHA cocl toward it.

Off Boulder Park Drive
Southwest of Wildwood Lake

221 4 (3)

Zoned K-3. Planning Department is reluctant to have
rezoned because not consistant with Eoulder Park Pian.

West of Moreland Avenue
South of Constitution Road, SE

221 d (3)

Rejected by FHA as not suitable site

Custer Avenue East of Chosewood


Planning Department anticipates strong opposition to
development of this tract for low cost housing.

221 d (3)

Application on one site submitted to FHA and subsequently
withdrawn (apparently because of neighborihieod objection);
other application withheld (presumably for similar reason).

tutes appears 2/3 of tne City's goal.
rst two years of the program. Developers who
e oniginalty aucnusiuetta are becoming very discouraged
some are suggesting quitting the program.

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