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APRIL 6, 1967
Members of the Housing Resources Com1nitte e E x ecutive Group m e t on
Thursday, April 6, 1967, at 10:00 a, m. in City Hall. The follow ing
members w ere present:
Mr. Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman
Mr. Lee Burge, Finance Panel
Mrs. Sujette Crank, Social Problems Panel
Mr. Virgil Milton, Business Participation Panel
Mr. Ray Moore, Public Information Panel
Mr. Moreland Smith, Construction and Design Panel
Mr. Charles L. Weltner, Legal Panel
Mr. John Wilson, Non-Profit Funds Panel
The follow ing panels were not represented at the meeting:
Land Acquisition Panel
Public Housing Panel
Mr . Ale x ander revie w ed the general functions of the Housing Resources
Committe e and informe d the participants of the Housing Resources Committee
Office that had b e en established in th e City Hall. He also advised that
Col. Malcolm Jon e s has b e en assigne d to coordinate th e housing program
and Mr. William Gates, as consultant on FHA matters, is assisting in th e
office one day each week. He announced that 'the City has also just approved
a secretarial position for this office to be fill e d as soon as possibl e .
Mr. Al exand e r th e n introduced Mr. M. B. Satt e rfi e ld, E x ecutive Dir e ctor
of the Atlanta Housing Aut hority, who brie f e d th e group on the public
housing program.
Mr. S a tterfie ld r e porte d on the numb e r of public housing units at the pr e sent
Ther e ar e pr e s e ntly 8, 8 74 units w ith virtually no vacancie s .
650 u n its a re unde r con struction a t th e McD a niel Str eet Proj e ct.
A bid has b ee n a c ce pte d for 140 unit s ext e nsion to th e P erry H ome s
P r oj ect .
�Page Two
350 units in the design stage have been submitted to the Federal Housing
Administration for review. The Housing Authority expects to let bids
on these units this summer.
140 units are under lease under the leasing program.
He pointed out these different projects on a city map to give the Committee
members an idea of the location of this housing. He stated that some concern
has been expressed for the need of public housing in the eastern quadrant of
the city and explained that the main difficulty is in securing any open land in
this area that would be u s eable . Developers are being encourag e d to consider
this section of the city. He explained that the Atlanta Housing Authority
presently has 4, 200 units reserved (allocated) by the Federal Government.
He then reviewed the different programs available in providing this lowincome housing. These include:
Direct construction by the Housing Authority and the Turnkey Program.
Purchase and rehabilitation of older and existing houses.
Leasing by the Housing Authority of standard dwellings.
At this point Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. spoke to the gr o up brie fly r ega rding the
housing program. He said that he was greatly impressed with the interest
being shown in efforts to get more low-income housing underway in the city.
He pointe d out, as Mr. Satterfie ld did, that the main problem he has
encountered is in securing suitabl e and avaiiabl e locations for th e se units.
He expr e ssed a desir e to see more non-profit spon s or s willing t o c a rry
through on a proj e ct to con s truct such hous ing unit s :
Col. Malcolm Jones then reviewed with the members of the Committe e the
various pieces of informational material made available t o them today a nd
brought the s e r e ports up to d a t e on changes that have t a k e n plac e . H e also
pointe d o ut th e diffe r ent pr o p ose d proj ec t s on a m a p of the city so the
me m b e r s might see the di s tribution of the u n its .
The follow ing revisions w ere r e ported in the F e bruary 20, 1967, report:
�Page Three
No. Units
Under Consideration
Estimate When Available
(257 3)
14, 150
Col. Jones also distributed a report concerning the problem areas of the
program. Currently there are 4, 900 units in all categories which are facing
serious difficulties for various r e asons. This report was to advise the
Committee of the situations existing.
The Chairman n ext recommende d and reques ted the following to the Committee:
It was established for the first Thursday of
A monthly meeting date.
the month at 10:00 a. m.
He requested all panels to submit the names of their Chairmen and
Vice Chairmen as soon as possible.
He requested the Legal P ane l to inv es tigate the feasibility of amending
and broad ening Federal l egislation concerning financial assistance to
home owners in urban renewal and code enforcement areas whose homes
are condemned. At pr esent, home owners in urban renewal areas and
Federal approved code enforcement areas are th e only persons eligible
for such assistance. He feels that such assistance should be city-wide.
Mr. Ale xander asked that encouragement be given to neighboring
communities to have good Workable Programs. Atlanta 1 s program
is in good order but this does not apply to all other communities in
Metropolitan Atlanta.
He asked the L egal Panel to investigate the State tax law s. He feels the
pre sent tax laws are favorable to retention and creation of slums.
Page Four
He announced that the Finance and Non-Profit Panels have been combined.
He advised that he and Mr. Lee Burge are looking into the need for
formation of a Housing Development Corporation. Suggestion was made
that the Chamb er of Commerce be asked to look into the matter and to
At the present time he is trying to get some information from the City
Planning Department regarding the available land in the city. H owever ,
it will be some time before this information is complete.
He expressed his concern over the difficulties that are b e ing encountered
in securing approval of sites. This is caused by various reasons, as
indicated in the special report distributed by Col. Jones. He feels
that this is becoming a very serious problem and that something must
be done as soon as possible to try to provide solutions to these problems.
The Committee and office staff have been approached many times by
developers requesting that they refer them to lawyers and architects
familiar with the housing programs. The professional organizations of
these groups have been asked to supply the Housing Resources Office
with a list of those persons familiar with and interested in this field
and these lists will be furnished the developers upon request .
He recommended to the Construction Panel that they take under advisement the various codes of the City of Atlanta and other agencies to
determine if such codes are practical ai:-i.d feasible.
He requested assistance from the Social Problems Panel in providing
solutions to the many problems being created in the location of these
housing units.
There are several areas of the city that have not been touched for
additional low cost housing and he feels a much more aggressive program is needed. He referred to such areas as Vine City and
Mechanics ville.
He asked the members to consider the problem of relocation of people
displaced while units are under construction and to come up with some
�Page Five
workable way to build these units without completely disrupting the
He proposed that a task force be set up in the areas of prime
consideration to improve communications with the residents.
After a short discussion period the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a. m.
Respectfully submitted,
.,..--2 -&c--•
.; ~
~---~-. ·_;,- t,..-,~' .--,__,, __,
,,,, /7
" -
Malcolm D. J' ·q 1:7
Supervisor of inspection Services

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