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February 7, 1967
Hr . Francis Gilmer e ., Pr esi dent
Spor t smen ' s Countr y Cl ub
P. O. Box 4715
At l anta, Georgi a 30302
• Gil.mere :
Mayor Al len, who is currently out of town , has asked me to
r epl y to your recent l etter to him, Re : Crash Progr am and Urban
Develop ent .
I wish t o thank you on behal f of t h Hayor f or your very
interest ing l etter and offer t o a sist in eli.min ting sl ums and
providing ulti-f amil y hous ing and urban devalopment in t he City
ot: Atlant .
Al so your e ff or ts t o br ing the VI Pan- American Games to
Atlanta is t imel y and of much interest.
As you know, tayor All n hos r ec ntly established the lou ing
Resources Com ai t tee and appoint ed Ceoi l A. Alexander as Chairman .
I am now devot ing full tiin , i n
staf f c apaci t y, to th Commi t t ee .
preci a.te your interest in the housin5 development proet·am
and hope that you will k ep us advi ed as to your f uture plans tmd
activities 1n this fiel d.
Very truly yours,
1a.lcolm .D. Jones
Superviaor of Inspecti on 8ervices
cc: 1' yor Allen
ell A. A1 ander

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