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Box 18, Folder 11, Document 64

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Finch Alexander Barnes Rothschild & Paschal
January 9, 1967
The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Ivan:
Enclosed is a resume of Bill Gate ' s career . He has volunteered to
serve our Housing Resources Committee on a one day per week basis
as adviser on F.H.A . matters. May I suggest t he following announcement?
Mayor Ivan Allenra~d Cecil A. Alexander, Chairman of Atlanta's Hous ing
Resources Committee, announce the appointment of Mr . Wi lliam W. Gates
as Special Adviser to the Housing Resources Committee .
He will be avai lable from 9:00 A. M. to 4:00 P.M. every Thursday in
the office of the Committee on the twelfth f loor of the City Hall .
Mr . Gates recently retired after thirty years of service with the
Federal Housing Adminis tration serving successively as Architectural
Inspector, Appraiser, Chief Appraiser, Chief Underwriter, General
Underwriting Supervisor and General Underwriting Adviser . J us t prior
to retirement he served as Chi ef Underwriter i n Atlanta for a period
of six years. He has received the Distinguished Service Award of the
Federal Housing Administration, the highest civilian award available
from the Department of Housing and Urban Deve lopment ., p
If you a r e in agreement, pl ease a nnounce this appointment as soon as
Sincer el y ,
James H. Finch, f,A,/.A,
Cecil A. Alexander, f,A,/,A,
Ceci l A. Alexander
MIiier 0. Barnes, A.I.A,
Bernard 8, Rothschild, F.A.I.A. F
Caraker 0. Paschal, A.l.A.
Robert D, Ahls1raod, R,A,
SidneyS, Daniell, R,A,
Sanford s. Atwood
Ben jamin E. Mays
Ma lcolm D. Jones
Dan E . Sweat, Jr .
lra Grayboff
Thomas G. JoyC1!, A.I.A.
H. KingMcCain, N.S.P.E.
Architects Engineers Interior Designers
J.J. McDonough
William L. Pulgram, A.I.A.
44 Broad Street N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Phone 688-3313
John Steinichen, A.I.A.
Terry-Hutchens Bldg, Huntsville, Ala. 35801 Phone 539-9648

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