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Housing Resources Committee Subcommittees

Legal ro - ; 33 , 8
Hon. Charles Weltner, Congressman cS mo gulaey © alt
‘Donald Hollowell, Regional Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission . |...
Hon. Luther Alverson, Judge, Fulton County Superior .Court eek”
Robert Wood, General Counsel, Southeastern, Area, Sears’ BRERUCK Co. pe et

Construction And Design m4 “ iP sexe Regal
Pres. Edwin Harrison, Georgia Institute of Technology ee ee ve Game 2 anes
vHerman Russell ote anighie: ge ote
Frank Malone, President, Southern Bell e an:
Ed Hatch, President, Georgia Power Co.
Moreland Smith, Southern Regional Council
Rev. John A. Middleton, Pres., Morrks Brown

Dr. Cleveland Denard, Principal, Carver Vocational: School
* See Below wo s


Jack Tarver, Federal Reserve Bank
Richard Courts, Courts & Co. '
‘Jesse Hill, Atlanta Life : ; si wh a
Dean Harding B. Young, Atlanta University «Ra " deh gt en
Lee Burge , Pres., Retail ‘Credit a ms tee 5
Harold Patterson, Pres., Federal Reserve Bank i of hae 8s
Butler T. Henderson, Assistant to Dr. Mays, Morehouse College, se ge ae Rts Ee tet
Nonprofit Funds 7 4 4s ME ba
A. B. Padgett, Director Atlanta Metropolitan Fund... i bate , haneacgte tM

Boisfeuillet Jones, Director, Woodruff Foundation bogie i
Hamilton Douglas, Attorney. ee oe ie re
Rev. Holmes Borders. — - , aa 4 "es ae eee
Dr. Rufus Clement, Pres., Atlanta University oi ee
‘John Wilson, Director, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce wos fiSrdise Se dime Ls
Albert Love; Ex-Vice Pres, a McCall Corp. Og ee,

‘Public Housing “es ng ed age BERR a ie
E. H. Sterne, Chairman, Atlanta Housing Authority ra Be aes Be de A aes
Dr. Albert. Manley ree ae a Mag
Lucien Oliver, Vice Pres., Sears Roebuck Co.
Leonard Reinch, Pres., Cox’ Broadcasting Co. tg as
Clarence Coleman, National Urban League Roe oats me SE he

Robert Biven, President, Central Atlanta = ;
Robert L. Sommerville, President, Atlanta Transit " . eae

W. L. Lee, President, Atlanta Gas Light Py he eS ee 1G ait hee
C. R. Yates, President, .Yates-Milton Stores s Satie Tee an eel
Vivian Henderson, President, Clark College Pay megs * “

' Land Acquisition ; . gr ES ered, 6M aay nee a
; TT

Social Problems ¢ °‘' * = 3 ve ee Ages
Charles Emmerich, Director E.0O. A. ; a 6 Ns
Duane Beck, Director, Community Council , : eee
Suyette Crank ‘ fe. : ae ea
Prof. T. Johnson, Political Science, Morehouse CoLleEs i
William Jackson, Atlanta University

C. A. Bacote - -: ’

* T. D. Archer, President, . Building Trades Council
‘Henry F. Alexander | ‘
James Moore, President, Atlanta Labor Council : ” aa abe) “

. ‘ - ‘ . ts
: : ig ot? a's pi 8 ae + oho 4, : May | :
be : és’ jo! ae &, “tT Phy a alt Ga yi ant 4” 4 a Se « ow oe !

Sesto tt i.

Business Participation .
John J. McDonough, Finch, — Barnes, Rothschild & Paschal, Architect

Virgil Milton, 3626 Tuxedo Road N.W.

L. D. Milton, President, Citizens Trust

E. L. Simon, Atlanta Life

Harlee Branch, Southern Company

W. A. Pulver, President, Lockheed :
Rolland Harwell; President, Davison's Dept. Stores:-

Public Information
John Crown, City, Editor, Atlanta Journal
William I. Ray, Executive Editor, Atlanta Newspapers
C. A. Scott, Atlanta Daily World .
Ernest M. Pharr, Editor, Atlanta Inquirer ‘
James Townsend, Atlanta Magazine
Dale Clark, WAGA
Ray Moore, WSB

The subcommittees are, in addition to supplying "know-how", also to be in-
fluential at all levels in gain acceptance for the program. Each Committee
will select at least two younger men to work with them.-: These men should come
from firms that can afford to donate part of their time for intensive work.
Suggestions of a few follow:

"Bo" Whitman, First National ‘Bank

H. Alan Elsas, The Robinson Humphrey Co.
George Kennedy, Trust Company of Georgia
Tom Porter, The Caqca-Cola Co.

In addition, each Committee will select an advisory panel of men :active in the: °°"
field of housing. It is understood that this panel’ will be available to ad-
_ vise when needed but wild be’ free of any conflict in pureuliig active housing
interests. | te Mes .

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