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May 25 , 1967
Mr . Sidney Scarborough
Atlanta Stadium
Atlanta , Georgia 30312
Dear Mr. Scarborough :
The Watchtower Bible and Tract Socie ty of New York, I nc. ,
(Jehovah 1 s Witnesses) are interested in arrangin g f or a con- ·
vention in Atlanta , Georgi a, July 6 through J uly 13, 1969 .
We wou l d need at least two da ys of ingress a nd one da y f or
e gress. So the dates that we would require are Jul y 4 through
J uly 14, 1969, if we were to have our co nvention in Atlanta.
I fully appreciate t hat in orde r to make arrangements to
use the Atlanta Stadium things must be worked out wi th the
baseball schedule first, but very likely if you speak with
the officials i n the Nat i onal league t o clear these da t es they
may do s o. However, before this would be done there are a few
questions that you may be able to answer . If yo u think it is
better for me to see you personal l y then I could fly to Atlanta
to discuss the whole matter with you and at the same time see
the sta dium and the fac ilities .
What the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, (Jehovah 's
Witnesses), would like to do in 1969 is have another international assembly in the United States . There is no place in
the United States that is large enough to hold all of Jehovah' s
witnesses in one place . So we have to have the convention in
sections and we hope to have an eastern section convention
July 6 through July 13, from Sunday to Sunday inclu sive, in
the summer of 1969. We wou ld like to have a convention at
Yankee Stadium in New York and in At l anta, Georgia on the
same dates . This would handle the eastern part of the
United States.
The following week we would like to arrange for conventions
in Chicago and St . Louis, to be held simultaneously, and this
would involve July 13 throu gh July 20. From there we would
go to the West Coast to Anaheim, July 20 to July 27. It is our
plan to use five different ball parks during this three-week
I am currently working with the American league and wi t h
Mr. Joseph Cronin, its president, so as to try and clear the
�Mr . Sidney Scarborou gh
Atla nta Stadium
At la nta, Georg ia 30312
May 2 5 ,
1967, Pa g e Two
dates f o r Yankee Stadium, Comiskey Park a nd Anahe i m Stadium.
Of course, I can do the same, if neces s ary, with t he Natio nal
Lea gue , with its pres ident Mr . Warre n C. Giles . At the time
I know whether the Atlanta Stadium wi l l be ava i l able and y ou
would want us to use y our stadium durin g the above - mention ed
dates, I could f ollow throu gh wi th contacting Mr . Gile s .
ha v e spoke n to Mr . Glennon J. Walsh, Di r ec t or of Operations
f o r the Civic Ce nter Bu sch Memo rial Stadium, and he is quite
a g reeable to r e nting the stad ium to us i f we can clear it wi t h
the Nati o nal Lea g ue .
Are you willing to rent the Atlanta Stadium to the
Watchtowe r Bible and Tract Soc iet y of New York , I nc . , f or
these e i g ht day s with at least two d a y s f or ing ress and one
da y f o r e g ress , so t ha t we ca n g et t h i ngs s et up and then
d i sman tled? What wo u l d y ou r renta l f e e be?
Would you a l so l e t u s kn ow wh o handle s t he c oncess io ns
a t t he s tadium, be c a u s e t h e Watchtower Bi b le and Tract Soci ety
usua lly ope ra te s i t s own c afeteria and refre shme n t s t ands , as
wel l as ha n d li ng all o f the parking . ble want agre eme nt for
all of the facilities a vailable .
To gi v e you an example , a t Yankee Sta di um i n Ne w Yo rk city
we arrange wi th the concess io na i re through t h e management of
the stadium t o take ove r a l l of their fac i l i t ie s and t o opera te
them with our volunte er help, a ll of whom are very expe r i enced .
We have handled large c o nventions f or many years , but it may be
that you are not acquain t ed with us . That is why I would be
very happy to fly to Atlanta sometime early in June , if you
would gi ve me the choice of a few dates as to when you would
be available , and then we wou l d speak about this matter . Maybe
we cou l d c ome to some a greemen t a nd you cou l d g et a better
picture of what the Wa t chtower Bib l e and Tract Society is and
what we would like to do .
Now that you know the dates we would like to have I am
sure something could be done to arrange the 1969 baseball
schedule . We anticipate that we would bring between 40,000 and
45,000 people to Atlanta and that very likely we would have
that many in attendance at our closing session, the eighth
day of the convention. That will give you some estimate of
the crowd that we expect . Whatever price you would gi ve us
for the stadium we would want to include parking faci lities
that you have, and stadium concessions. We have worked out
these matters satisfactorily with all other stadiums, and I am
�Mr. Sidney Scarboroug h
At'lanta Stadium
Atlan t a, Geor g ia 30312
May 25,
1967, Pa g e Three
confident that it can be work ed out with the Atlanta Stadium .
We would very much like to include Atlanta, Georg ia in
our s etup for the i nternational assembly of Jehovah ' s witnesses
in the United States in July of 1969 and would be very happy
to hear from you .
I f you would li ke to discuss th i s more
thorou g hly , which I feel is advisable, please let me know an¢
I will b e happy to come to Atlanta to s peak with y o u .
I think
that is a much better way to hand l e the matter .
I would be
pleased if you could let me know soon just what mi ght be done .
Sincerely yours,
N. H. Knorr

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