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- ~

.L -'
April 7, 1967
APQ 10 rn 1
w~~ijv ~ ,~~liRV'~
Mr . Carrol Trosclair
United Press International
520 Royal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana
Dear Carrol:
From our street corner conf erence Thursd~y :
Some members o f the Louisiana domed stadium
a ut h ority ~re planning to vis··t
tl , nta ou April 13 for t he
.As I understand it,
they wi ll be guests of Mayor -vn, Allen and will make a n
ins pection o f the nev A lanta ztadium .
o p:ming o f ~he Braves b a seball Gcas o n .
Maybe you would be i n terested in having y o ur
Atlanta bureau file someth·ng on this visit -- react ions
t o the stadium, comparisou of Atlanta- New Orleans n e eds,
etc . -- for the state wire .
would i magine the Atlanta
Mayor's o ffice is co- ordinating the visit and could help
_your people there . ~
Atlanta architects for the stadium there George T .
Heer y and Bil l Finch , p a rt ners in t\'/o firms which co-vent ured
design of the stadium and a re also double teaming the
planning of a new stadium i n Ci n cin na ti .
An interestin g a spect of t h e Atlanta stadium is the
fact that it wus desi gne d and built in under 2 1 mo nths as
c ompared with from four to s i x yea rs for other major new
stadia . The architectura l tc~m e x pects to bring in the
Cincinnati stadium in from 2 2 to 26 months .
We will be hap p y to s u pply any needed fill in data
on either the Atlanta or Cincinnati projects .
Thanks .
Sincerely ,
Robert W. Smith , J r .
Rl'!S, ~ / d \'! h
i .

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