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A regular meeting of the Traffic and Transportation Commission of the City of
Atlanta was held in Committee Room No. 1 of the City Hall on Monday , November
27, 1967, at 2:00 p.m. The following members were present:
Mr. George Goodwin, Chairman
Mr. Jack E. Crowder, Vice Chairman
Mr. John R. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Robert F. Adamson
Mr. Charles C. Mathias
Mr. Peter J. Stelling
Mr. Grady A. Lee
Also present were City Traffic Engineer Karl A. Bevins; Mr. P. Andrew Springer,
Safety Engineer and Mr. Edmund W. Hughes, Managing Director, The Atlanta
Traffic and Safety Council; Mr. William Nix, Atlanta Transit System, Inc.; and
Superintendent J. L. Moseley, Atlanta Police Department,
The meeting was called to order by the Chairman and the following business
was considered.
17 BAKER STREET, N.W. Mr, H. L. DeFoor, DeFoor Realty Company ,
310 Candler Building. An open lot with 51 spaces; self parking;
4 inbound reservoir spaces; one entrance-exit on Baker Street.
Mr . H. L. DeFoor presented the plan for the proposed parking lot.
The City Traffic Engineer recommended approval of this application.
The Comm i ssion approved this recommendation.
16 SIMPSON STREET , N.W. Mr. H. L. DeFoor, DeFoor Realty Company ,
310 Candler Building . An open lot with 38 spaces; self parking;
4 inbound reservoir spaces; one entrance - exit on Simpson Street.
Mr . H. L. DeFoor presented the plan for the proposed parking lot.
The City Traffic Engineer recommended approval of this application.
The Commission approved this recommendation.
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commission Meetin g ; Novemb e r 27 , 1967;
page 2
351 CHAPEL STREET , S.W. Mr. Edward W. Hunt , 2927 Coll ie r Drive , N.W.
An open lot with 49 spaces; self pa rking; 2 inbound and 2 out bound
reservoir spaces; one entrance on Chapel Street, one exit on Markham
Mr. Edward W. Hunt presented the plan for the proposed parkin g lot.
Th~ City Traffic Engineer reccmmended approval with the foll owing
Entrance and Exit on Markham Street only with
no driveways on Chapel Street or Mangum Street
IN EXECUTIVE SESSION~ it was moved and seconded that this recommendation be APPROVED. All were in favor.
270 GARNETT STREET, S.W. Mr . Fra nk Priles, 1050 Ponce de Le on
Avenue, N.E. An open lot with 124 spaces; attendant pa rking; one
entrance on Garnett Street , one exit on Brotherton Street,
In the absence of Mr. Priles , the Ci ty Traffic Engineer pr es ent e d
the plan for t he proposed pa r k ing lot a nd re commended a ppr oval of
this applica t ion with the follow i ng exce ption :
Ma x i mum of 115 Pa r k ing Spa ces
( Remove 3 spaces for inbound res ervoir and
1 space fo r interna l c i rcu la tion)
The Comm i ssion approved this re comme nda tion .
GARNE TT STREE T and CEN TRAL AVENUE ~ S .W , Mr. Ro y H. Farme r , 2154 Lil a c
Lane, Decatur , ·Ge orgi a . An open lot with 18 spa c e s ; self pa rkin g;
2 inb ou nd a n d 2 outbound r eservoir sp a ces ; one ent r ance -ex i t on
Garnet t S tre e t.
In the absence of Mr . Farmer , the Ci t y Traffic Eng i neer present e d t he
p_l an f or t he pr o pos e d pa rk i ng lot and re c ommende d app rova l , The
Commission approve d t his recomme ndatio n.
26 0 PRYOR STREET, S.W . Mr, Ra lph R. Car roll , A A A Pa r k in g, In c. ,
75 Hous t on Stre e t , N.E. An open l o t wi t h 72 spa c es; s elf pa rk in g;
8 inboun d a nd 8 out bound rese r voir s pa ces ; one en tra nce - exit on
Pryor Stre et , one entra nce- exit on Ga r ne tt Str ee t ,
Mr . Ra lp h R. Carro l l and Mr . R. F, Willi ams pre s e n te d t he plan fo r
t he propo s ed park ing lo t. The Cit y Tra ff i c Eng ineer recommended
approval o f t his a ppl i ca t ion. The Comin i s sion a pp r ove d thi s
recommendat i on.
Minutes of the Tra ff ic and Transportat i on Corrrrni ss ion Meet i ng; Novemb er 27, 1967;
page 3
43 26th STREET i N.W. Mr. Clarance Li berman 1 805 Peachtree St r eet , N.E.
An open l ot wi th 42 spaces ; self park ing; 5 i nbound and 5 ou tbound
reserv o ir spaces; one entrance - ex it on 26t h Street.
Mr . Liberman pr es ented the p lan for the pro pos ed parking lo t , The
applic ant for th i s perm it ha s also made appl i cation to the Planning
Conuni ss i on for a Use Permi t f or the purpose of us i ng t he property
as a pa rk ing lot . The Comm i ss i on approv ed t he traf fic operations .
chara cterist ic s of the propos al as presented in the a ppl i cat ion
subject to the grant i ng of the Use Penni t b y the Plann ing Comm i ss i on,
The Zon ing Committee, and The Boar d of Alderme n .
13 58 PEACHTREE STREET , N, E , Mr, Ra lph R._ ·.Carroll A A A Parking,
Inc., 75 Hous t on St reet , N.E. An open 1:ot wi th 78 add itiona l spaces
( giving a t ota l of 158 spa ce s ); se l f pa rking; 8 · nbou d and 8
ou t bound reservo i r spaces; one entrance on Peach tree S treet and on e
entra nce on Lomba rdy Wa y ; t wo ex i ts on Peacht r ee S treet a nd one
exit on Lombar dy Way . To be a n a dd i tion to ex i s t ing park ing lot
at 135 4 Peac htre e Stre et , N,E ,
Mr . Ral ph R. Ca r r oll and Mr . R, F, Wi ll i ams presen te d t he pl an f or
the prop osed parking lo t. The City Traffic Engine er rec ommended
approval of this a ppl ication. The Corrrrn i ss i on a pprove d this
rec ommendat i on .
360 WILLIAMS STREET, N. W. Mr . B. E . Taylor, Au t o Park ing and Service
Corp. , 130 Auburn Avenue , N,E. An open lot wi t h 85 spaces; sel f and
attenda nt parking; 3 i nbou nd an d 3 ou t bound rese rvoir spaces; one
entra nce - exit on Will i ams St reet one entrance- ex it on Peachtree
Place , one entrance =exit on Alexander Street
In the a bs ence of Mr . Taylor , the Ci t y Traffic Eng i neer pre s ente d the
plan for the proposed pa rking lot a n d recomme nde d a pp rov a l of this
application with the follow ing exce p t ions :
Maximum of 82 parking space s .
Entrance and Exit on Al exande r Street, a nd
Entrance and Ex it on West Pea cht r ee Pla e . and
No ent r ance and Ex it on Wi ll iams Street, wi th the
f u rther st i pu lat ion
That t he existing driveway on t he Wi ll iams Street side of
the lot b e closed by some type of phys ica l barrier s u ch
as a fence or by raising the curb and sidewalk to normal
pos it i on.
The Commi ss ion approved t h is recomme ndation,
�Minu te s of t he Tra f fic and Transp ort ati on Commi ss i on Me e ting ; Novembe r 27 ~ 1967;
page 4
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACC I DENTS , Supe r i ntendent J, L , Mos e ley .
Super i ntende nt Mosel ey r epor ted the following t ra ff i c acc ident s t hrou gh
November 26 ~ 1967J a s c ompa r ed with the s ame per i od i n 1966.
Fa tal Ac c i dent s
In j ure d Acc i dent s
Propert y Dama ge Acc i den t s
IV ,.
196 7
2 602
18 783
21 , 469
22 ,445
The Tr af f i c Engineer gav e a b rief r eport on t he progres s t o date r egard i ng
the propos al of the Traffic Parkin g and Transit Committee t o i mpose a
$10 f ine f or vio lations of NO PARKI NG regulations during t he hours
7: 00 t o 9 ~00 a. m. and 4 g00 to 7 : 00 p . m,
The Tr aff ic Eng ineer a lso gave a b r ief r eport on the pr ogress of
d i scuss ions regarding t he proposal to i ns t all Rai l road Gra de Cross ing
Bells and Li gh t s Warning Sys tems at t he Li nkwood Road Cross ing and at
t he Fai rburn Road Crossing of the Seaboard Coas t l i ne Ra i lroad in
Southwest Atla nta .
Mr . Edmund w. Hughes of the Atlanta Traffic and Sa fety Council suggested
that perhrps a new pol icy was nee ded rega rdin g park ing regu l ations on
downtown st reets. The gene ral propos ition i nvo lve d t he compl aints which
a re somet i me s received from ci t izens who get parking tickets for parking
on NO PARKI NG zones during the ni ghtt i me or on Sundays and Hol i days.
After a lengthy d i s cus s i on , it was a greed that this mat ter de s erved
careful review and t ha t Central Progress , Inc . , shou l d a ls o be i nvolved
in discuss ing this matter .
There being no f urther bus i ness , t h e meeting wa s a djou rne d at 3~45 p . m,
VI ..
A regular meet i ng of the Traffic and Transportation Corrnnission of the City of
Atla n ta was held in Committee Room No o 1 of the City Hall on Monda y 9 Oc tober
30 ~ 1967 , at 2 : 00 p.m . The following members were present ~
Mr .
Mr .
Mr o
Mr .
George Goodwin 9 Chairman
Jack E. Crowder , Vice Chairman
Robert F o Adamson
Charles C. Mathias
Peter J o Stell i ng
Absent :
Mr . John R. Wi lso n, Jr .
Mr . Grady A. Lee
Also present were Ci ty Traffic Eng i neer Karl A. Bev i ns; Mr . P. Andrew Spr i nger ,
Sa f e ty Engi neer , The Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council; Mr. Wi ll i am Ni x ,
At lanta Trans it System , Inc .; Sergeant Mi chael Edwards ~ Atla nta Pol ice
Departme n t .
The meeti ng was .called to order by the Chairman and the follow i ng bus i ness
was c onside r ed .
14 BUTLER STREET , N.E. Sunsh i ne Park i ng , I nc o, 13 0 I v y Stre et ~ N. Eo
.An open lot wi th 78 spaces; self parking; 5 i nbound r e s e rv oi r
spa c e s ; one entrance =ex i t on Butler St reet o
The Cit y Tr aff i c Engi neer recommended approval of the a ppl icat i on
with t h e follow ing change :
Only 73 parking spa ces
The Corrnn i ss i on a pproved th i s re commendat i on .
42~44 DECATUR STREET , S . E. Mr. Ga r l and Foll i s , All r i ght Parking of
Georgia , Inco An open lot wit h 74 spaces ; a t tendant parking ; 10
inbound and 10 outbound re s ervoir spa ce s ; one entranc e ~ex i on
De catur Street 9 one exit on Exchange Pla ce . To b e opera t ed on a
t emporary per mit on l y a s an a dd iti on t o t he a l ready ex i s t i ng 6 1
car s pace parking lo t wh ich i s lo cat ed i mme di a t e l y adja cent to
and ea s t o f thi s lo t an d usi ng the exis ting driveways to the 61
ca r s pa ce lot which is al~ e a dy in ope rati on . ( Th i s propert y ha s
already been app r oved b y t he Corrnn ittee a nd Board of Alderme n for
a 3 62 space ca r gara ge for t he Sc ott Hu dgens Company.)
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commission Meeting; October 30 ~ 1967;
page 2
Mr. Garland Follis appeared representing Allright Parking of Georgia~
Inc . The City Traff i c Engineer recommended approval of the applicat i on . The Committee approved this recommendation .
240- 244 PRYOR STREET 9 S.W . Mr . Ralph R. Carroll ~ A A A Parking , Inc.
An open lot with 27 spaces; self parking 3 i nbound and 3 outbound
reservoir spa ces; one entrance - exit on Pryor Street .
Mr . George Williams appeared representing A. A A Pa rk i ng , Inc . The
Ci ty Traffic Engineer recommended approval of the appl i cation .
The Commission approved this recommendation .
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS; Superintendent J . L. Mosele y.
Sergeant Micha e l Edwards reported tha t the Fa tal Acci dents were down
8%9 the Injured Accidents were up 2% a nd Property Dama ge Acc idents
down 7% . Enforcement Viola tions Booked ~ Drunk Dr i ving was up 10%~
Speedi ng up 16% and Other Moving Vi olat i ons up less than 1%.
Sergeant Edwards reported the followi ng traff i c a c cidents t hrough
Oct ober 29 , 196 7, as compared wi th th e s ame per i od i n 1966 .
Fatal Accidents
I njured Acc idents
Pr opert y Damage Acc idents
I V.
16 ?919
18 2197
20 v56 8
The Traffic Engi nee r ga ve a br ief r eport o f the Traffic Eng i neering
Depart ment ' s budge t f or 1968 .
A b rief dis c uss i on of the Atl ant a Pol ice Departme n t 's t wo new f r eeway
emergency vehicles .
The re b eing no f u rt her busine ss 9 the meet ing was a djourne d at 2 ~50 p . m.
VI .
Monday , November 27 , 196 7.
A regular meeting of the Traffic and Transportation Connnission of the City of
Atlanta was held in Connnittee Room No o 1 of the City Hall on Monday, September
25, 1967, at 2:00 p.m. The following members were present :
Mr .
Mr .
George Goodwin, Chairman
Jack Eo Crowder, Vice Chairman
John Re Wilson, Jr.
Robert F . Adamson
Grady A. Lee
Charles C. Mathias
Absent :
Mr. Peter J o Stelling
Also present were City Traffic Engineer Karl Ac Bevins; Mr. P. Andrew Springer,
Safety Engineer, The Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council; Mr . John Gerson and
Mr. William Nix, Atlanta Transit System, Inc . ; Superintendent J. L. Moseley
and Sergeant Mi chael Edwards , Atl a nt a Police Depa rtment.
Atlanta, Georgia. An open lot
inbound reservoir spa ces a nd 1
entra nce on Jun i per Street and
W. Bo Wellborn , 223 15th Street , N.E.,
with 27 spaces; self parking; 2
outbound reservoir space; one
one exit on Evelyn Street.
The City Tra ffic Engineer recommended a pproval of the a pplica tion .
The Commi ssion a pproved this re c ommendat i on .
623 - 31 WEST PEACHTREE STREET , N.E . Mr o Lewi s Gross , 31 24 Buford
Highwa y, Atl a n t a , Georg ia ~ for Qu i ck 'n Tast y Snack Shops , Inc.
An open lot wi th 60 space s ; sel f a nd a ttendant pa rking; 6
inbound reservo i r spa ces; one entra nce - exit on West Peachtree
St reet .
The City Tra ff ic Engine er re commended approval of the a pplica tion
wi t h t he fo llowi ng res t r ic t i ons :
NO LEFT TURNS int o or out o f t he Wes t Pea cht re e
S treet e ntran c e - e x it .
On l y 55 parki ng spaces c
The Connn i ss i on a pp r ov ed t h i s rec omme ndati on o
�Minutes of the Traffic and Trans por t ation Comm i ss ion Meet i ng; September 25, 1967;
page 2
14 BUTLER STREET, N.E. Sunshi e Park ing , Inc., 130 Ivy Street , N. E.
An open lot wi t h 78 spa es; self parking; 12 inbound rese rvoir spa ces;
one entrance on Bu t l e S tree t a .d one ex it on Butle r St reet .
The City Tr aff i c Eng i eer r e c omme de d t hat th i s appl i cation be held
un t i l some add i t i ona l i nforma i on ou ld be assemb l ed be cause the
applica t ion wa s no t f iled un t i l Fr i day , Sep t ember 22 , 196 7, and
c e rtain i t ems such a s he inbound and outbound reserv o i r spa ces ,
tot al numbe r of c ar s pace s , th e parking pl an, sta ll wi dths and
a i sle wi dths ne e d c l arificat i on .
n view o f t hese unanswered
ques tions a nd s ome o her i nforma t i on des · red , t he Commi ss ion
membe r s v o t ed t o wit old a .t · on on t he app licat i on un til the
ne x t mee ng .
REPORT OF TRAFFI ~ ACCIDENTS, Su pe ri nt ende nt J . L. Mose l ey .
Sergeant Mi ha e l Edwards re por t ed t hat t h e Fatal Accidents were down
19. 7%, In jured Acci ents we r e u p ~ of 1% a d Pr operty Dama ge down 7% .
Se r gean t Edwa r ds re por t e d t he fo l l owi ng t r affic a ci de n ts throu gh
Se p temb er 24, 196 7, as ompa red wi th the same peri od n 1966.
Fata l Ac ident s
I n jured Ac i dents
Pr oper ty Damage A
I V.
i den ts
196 7
2, 0 26
14, 89 1
2, 01 6
16 , 0 10
16 ,978
18 , 102
The Traf fic Eng ineer gav e a b r i e f summary of h i s bu dget request f or the
ca l endar year 1968. He also d iscussed b rief l y the pr ogress t o date on
the prop os e d use of Staggered Hours to mp rove t raffic ond itions and the
seriou s nee d for ad di tiona l new raf ii s i gna l i ns t a l l ations .
Members of t he Comm jss i on ·all e d att ention to the Steam wh i ch appears
on the Fre eway ( northbou nd as tra f f i c leav es I - 20 eas t and st a rts
nor th in t he ne i ghb orhood of Decatur Street and sou t hbou nd on the
Downt own Conne tor just be fo re t he Hunter Street Off =Ramp ) wh i c h
interferes with s i ght distan e u nder ertain weather cond i t i ons . It
was though t t hat s ince thes e curv es on the f re ewa y a r e des i gned wi t h
t he idea of gua r ante e ing a cert a in min i mum s i ght di s t a nc e for t he
�Minutes of the Traff ic and Tra nsporta t ion Commiss i on Meeting; September 25, 196 7;
page 3
high speed traffic that a s c r een of s t eam or any othe r type of
i nterfe r ence with s i gh di s tan e should be e l "mina t ed. The Traffic
sa nd det e rm i ne what c ould
Engi nee r was d i re ted to che k i o
be done t o e l ~m· nate th pr o lem.
It was sugges · ed that "LEFT ONLY" l a es ce prov ided on Northside
Dr ive a t it s i nterse c i o wi
Ma r "ett a s · r ee t.
Ano t her sugge s t · on was ma e t a · t.raft i i nbou don Wes t Marietta
St ree t a As .by S t re e · 1 w ic . now t ra e ls i nbound in t wo l anes 9 be
gove n e d b y l& e a ss · gnme _t s · gns whi h des i gna t e the r i ght hand
la ne a s a "R GH' ONLY" la e and t e lef lane as a St r a i gh t Through
At t e n t i on was called o the parki g 11 a ppa r e tl y i llegal" wh i ch t akes
pla ce on the north s "de of a L Scree t be t ween Pi edmont Av enue an d
Cour tland St re t a nd a lso co che l a
of alignment between the lane
l i nes on t he ea s t s i e o f P edmon t Ave nue a nd t he la ne l i nes on the
west side of Pi edmon t Av enue as · raf i move s along Ca i n Street.
Attent i o was alled o t e des i rab i l.' t y of ha v ing t he nor t h s i de of
Harr i s Stree t be tween Sp r Lng S r e e · a d Pea htre e Street NO PARKI NG
AT ANY TIME i n ord er t o b et r t a k
a re o · heavy traff i c loads
wh i ch freque nt ly o ur on Harr i s S r ee · de s tined t o make a l eft
t u rn int o Pea h ree S r e e t and pr oce d no rth on Peachtree t owards
t he Rege n y Ho t e 1 du 1. g the ea r y ever, g hou r s.
The s i gn t d i s an e pr oblem a used by a store bu i ld i ng on th e sou t h
we s t orner of Fa i r burn Roa a nd Ba ers Ferry Roa was i s .u ssed
and al s o · he d iffi ul t wh i ch traf icon Baker s Ferry Road has i n
cr ossing Fair burn Road wa s d i s uss ed. The Traf fi Eng ineer s t a t ed
that s ine a traffi s i gna l wa s a lready i n operation at t he in t er se t ion of Go r don Road ar.d Fa 1.r burn Road and i n ce the r e was su ch a
s hor t d i s t a n e a pproximat ely 100 feet ) be ween the s e t wo int ersecti ons
that it was a phys i al imposs i b 1 l ity to cons ider us i g traffi s i gna l
equ i pmen t a t botb.. lo at io s a n d co n i ue to ac commo date all of he
t u rn i ng mov eme nt s that nee d t o t ake pla e .
�Minutes of the Traff ic and Transport a t i on Corrnn "ss i on Meet ing; September 25 9 1967;
page 4
At t e nti on was a l led t o t he pos s i b i l i ty of wi dening Howell Mi ll Road
t o a cc orrnnoda te at le a s l f our mov i ng la .e s o f t raf fic a n d pre f erably
f i v e la nes of mov ng t r aff ic and to t h e poss i b i l it y of tying t h i s
i n wi th the a pp l i at i ons or rezon: n g tha t are c urren tl y t ak i ng
pla c e .
Attent i on was a ls o a le t o · h park n g problems an d traffic
operat ing probl ms w i c s e m o o .ur i n t he i mmed i a t e ne i ghborhood
of pos t o ff ·e bra he s . The ques i on wa s asked a s t o th e feasib ility
of on · a ·ting the Pos t Mas ter l o see i f p rk i ng and ac c ess c ould be
ca refull y ch e ck ed befo r e new st.:..bsca ti o s or bran hes are establ i shed.
A problem of traff . s ou bo .d o Sy l v an Road t urning lef t in to
Lakewoo d Av e ue and en d i n g u p on t e wr on g s i de of the med i an wa s
cal l ed to th e Traf ic Eng ' e e 9 s a tte n t i n wi h h e sugges t i on
tha t some type of s i gn · n g an d / or mark i ng i s neede d t o min i mi ze or
p rev e nt oc u r ance of th i s hazardous mo eme nt .
The n e e d f or upgrad i n g s tr e et l i gt t s p part i cul a r ly the one at th e
in terse ton o Mi ms S t r e et and Math e wson Pl a e, S . W, , was alle d
to t he a t e · i on of the Traf i c Eng i neer. He i n dicated th a t thi s
type of p r obl em a be me almost a rouc i ne i tem a n d that the
department cou d mov e on
1s i mmediatel y ( a pprox i mately 12 to 15
weeks ne e de d t o omp lete . •
Some d i s' u ss i on wa s held rega di g t e growi g need f or one - way
ope rat ion on 14 ' h S r ee t , 0 th s ·re e t 9 We st Pea h t ree St reet and
Pea chtree S tre et in order t o ak e are of traffi c loads su ch a s th e
on es anti c i pated be ing ge npere d by t he pro posed pr oje ct at the no rth
ea s t c orn er of 14
Stree t and Pea chtree .
There be ing n o f u r he r bus ine ss , · e me eting was adjourned a t 3 : 15 p . m.
Mon da y 9 0 t ob e r 3 0 9 1 670
A regular meeting o f t he Tra f fic an d Tra nsportation Comm i ss i on of t he Ci t y of
Atlanta was held in Comm i tt ee Room No o L of the City Hall on Monday , August
28 , 1967, a t 2 : 00 p.m. The foll owi ng members were present :
Mr . Ge or ge Goodwi n , Cha i rman
Mr . Jack E. Crowder, Vi ce Cha irman
Mr. J ohn R. Wi lso n , Jr.
Abs e nt g
Mr •. Robe rt F. Adamson
Mr . Gr a dy A. Lee
Mr. Charl e s C. Mat h i a s
Mr . Pe t er J . S te ll ing
Also present we r e City Tra ff i c Eng i neer Kar l A. Bev i ns ; Mr. P . Andrew Sp ri nger;
Safety Eng i neer , The At l an ta Traff i c and Safety Counc il; Mr. Edmun d W. Hughes ,
Managing Di r e ct or , The A l an t a Traffic and Sa fe ty Counc i l ; Mr . J ohn Ger s on ,
Atlanta Tra ns i t Sys t em9 In . ; Super i nte nden t J . L . Mos el ey and Sergeant
Micha el Edwa r ds , At l a n ta Po l ice De partme n t.
II .
None .
230 GARNETT STREET, S.W. Mr. Ra ymond L . J ohnson, O.K. Parking Servi ce ,
12 24 Cumb er l a nd Roa d, N. E. An open lo t wi t h 47 s pa ces ; a t t e ndant
park i ng ; 5 inbo und re s e rv o i r s pace s ; one en tran ce on Ga rne t t St reet ;
orie exi t on Ga rnet t S tree t a nd one e x it a t t he Al le y .
The Tr aff ic Eng ine e r r e commende d a pprov a l of the a p p li ca t ion wit h
t he re s t r ic t i on of NO LEFT TURNS int o or ou t of Garne tt S t ree t . The
Commi ss i on approved t hi s re comme nda ti on .
6 23 - 3 1 WEST PEACHTREE STREET , N. E. Mr. Lewi s Gr oss , 3 124 Bu f ord
Hi ghwa y, Atl anta, Geo r g i a , f or Qu i ck 'n Ta st y Sna ck Shops , I n c . An
open lo t wi th 60 s paces , se lf an d at te ndan t pa rk ing ; 6 inbound
r ese r vo i r s paces ; one e nt ran ce a nd one e x i t on Wes t Pea ch t r e e S t r e e t .
Th i s appl i cat i on wa s tab l ed awa i t ing add i t i onal de t a i led i n f ormation
about t he propos ed l ay ou t of t he pa rk i ng s ta lls and i sles .
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Corrnnission Meeting; August 28 , 1967 ;
page 2
Mr. George C. Morr i s .
No applica tion had been filed pr i or to the meeting , therefore no
action was taken.
AIR RIGHTS PARKING DE CK o Review of previousl y approved permit.
The Traff ic Eng i neer r e corrnnende d a pprova l of pr oposed rev isions
in design which are in acc ordance wi t h ex i sting perm i t. The
Corrnnission concurred with the Traffic Engineer's recorrnnendation.
1200 PEACHTREE STREET, N.E. Mr. Fr ank Hazel , Atlantic Realty
Company, 10 48 Hurt Bu i ld i ng . An ope n l o t wi t h 66 spaces; self
park ing; 5 inbound reservoir spaces; one entrance on Pe ach tree
Stree t and one entranc e at Rear Alley; one ex i t on Peach tree
Street and one exit at Rear Aliey.
It was rec ommended that the poss i b i l ity of making bo th of the
Pe achtree Stre e t driveway entrances with exits f r om t he parking
lot to t he 20 f oot Al l ey a t the rear of t he pa rk i ng lo t.
The Traffic Engineer wa s instruc t ed t o conf er with the applicant
and if thi s po int could b e reso l ved s at i sfactorily that the
fa cility be ap proved wi th NO LEFT TURNS at the Pea ch tr e e Street
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACC I DENTS; Super in tendent J o L. Moseley.
Sergeant Mi chae l Edwards reported that the Fatal Acc ident s were down
9.5%, Injured Ac c ide n t s down 3½"/4~ Pro perty Damage Ac c i dents down 6\%,
and the Enforc ement Vi ola t ions Booked (inc luding drunk dr i ving ,
spe eding and ot her movi ng v i olati ons ) were up 5. 7% .
Sergean t Edwa r ds repor t ed the follow ing traffi c ac c ident s through
Augus t 27 ~ 196 7, as compa red wit h t he same period i n 1966 .
Fat a l Ac c i de n t s
Injured Ac ide n t s
Pr ope rty Damage Acci dent s
196 7
1,77 4
13, 535
14~ 454
15, 366
16 , 358
The Tr aff ic Eng ineer reviewed t he problem which ha d r esulted on
�Minute s of the Traffic. a nd Transporta t i on Commi ss i on Meet i ng; August 28 , 1967;
pa ge 3
Kingswood Lane due t o the Board of Educat i on's el i mi na ti on of all
of t he off =s t reet park i ng for stude n t s and some of t he of f =street
park ing for t he fa c ul ty at No rth s i de H' gh School.
The Boa r d of Educat ion has take n h i s ~~ep i n conne ction with the
expans i on of Nor ths i de Hi gh Sch o 1. They requested t~a t Ki ngswood
Lane be made One =Way and that pa rking be pe r mitt ed on bot h s i des
of Kings wood Lane du.ring the 1967=68 s choo l year. Th i s r equest
wa s made to t he Tr a ffic Engineer i ng Depart~en t approx i matel y two
weeks be f ore the openi ng of schoo l . The Tr affic Eng i ne e r
advis ed t he Board o f Edu c ation represen t a ':ives t o try t o cont ac t
th e res ident s of the ne i ghborhood an · work ou t an ac c e p t able
agre emen t. As of Friday ~ Augus t 25~ 1967, n o satis fa c t ory
ag reement had bee worked out between the sch ool pe op l e a n d t he
residents . Li eu t enant F rre st e r of the At lant a Po l i ce Department
an d the Traffic Engine e r to gether a g r e e d tha t the One =Wa y
ar r a ngement would be the only pra tical way to minimi ze
inconv e ni e nc e an d hazard to he ge ne r al publ ic and that this
would be done a s an emergency measure beg inning Monday morn ing 9
Au gus t 28~ 196 7. Th.e Traffi Engi eer f ur ther empha¢L z: ed t hat 9
in hi s op inion, th ' s One =Wa y arrangeme n t wi th parking on both
s ides o f the street was a very unsatisfact ory a rrangeme nt and
tha t the s chool off ici al s should make s ome ot he r arr a ngements
regard i ng s t ud enc and facu l t y parking a n d permit the street to
be us e d as a Two=Way s treet .
The Tr aff ic Engineer reviewed the variou s d i s cuss i ons a n d progress
which had been made by The Atlanta hambe r of Commerc e 9 The Georgia
S tate Hi ghway De partmen t, and o her agenci es in cons i der ing the use
of stagge red working hours as a means of i mp roving t raffic con diti ons
dur ing peak traffic hours, The Tra ff ic Engineer re comme n ds th i s
t e chn ique as a practica l and use f ul traffi i mprov ement tool an d
urges that it be ex p lore d full y.
The Tr af fic Engineer r epo r ed progress t o date on th e city and state
co nform ing and cooperating with this National Highway Sa fety Program.
The first s t ep involv ed ce:rtain e nab l ing leg i sl ation and t he
appo intme nt of a Coor dinator of Highway Safety for the State of
Georg i a has been t ake n by the S tat e Legis ature and by the Gove rn or.
Mr . Ben Jordan 1s t he Coordinator of Highwa y Sa fety for The State of
Georgi a . Mr. Jordan' s office- at ~i s requ es t , 1s being furni shed a
f6recast for a ten year period of rhe expe diture s aPt1cipated b y
�Minutes of the Traffic ar,d Transport a tion Comm i ss i on Meeting; August 28, 1967;
page 4
th e City of Atl an ta i n conformi ng wi th t he various st a nda r ds s e t
forth in the Hi ghwa y Sa f e t y Ace a nd i n the a dmi nistrat i on of the
Highway Sa fety Act by The National Hi ghwiy Sa fet y Bure au. ThQS
cost estimate wa s del i vere d by the Tra f fic Engineering Depa rtment
to the City Comptroll e r's office on Monday morning, August 28,
1967. Although, at the pre s e nt tim.e ther e are no funds available
in this program for tra f f i c e ng ine ering activities, it is
desirable that every ef f or t be made to cooperate and that certain
planning activities be und e rtak en at the earliest possible date.
TOPICS PROGRAM - ( Traff::. c Ope rations Program to Increase Capacity
and Sa f et y. )
The Traffic Eng ine er rev i e wed the s i tu a t i on a s i t stands toda y and
brought the Comm i ss i on up - t ouciate on poss i ble courses of a ct i on
open to the Ci ty of Atlant a i n ord e r to cooperate with and
par tic ipa'te in this pa rt i cu i a r program, All moneys ava i lable
und e r this TOP I CS Program come only t hrou gh The Georg i a State
Highway Depa rtment, the pres en t pol i cy of th e Highway De pa rtment
must be ch a nge d in or der to pe rm i t mone y of t h i s sort to be
s pe nt for th i s purpose . Al so , th e Fe de r a l Agencies are requiring
th a t a n Are a -Wi de Pl an on traf f i c ope ra ting i mprovements be
developed prior to a ny su bmiss i on of sp e c i fic proj e cts . The
Tra ffic Eng i ne e r r e port ed th at he wa s go i ng t o unde r take t o
obt a i n an es tima te of th e c ost cf t hi s Area ~Wide Pla n and t hat
he was guessing that th e c os t woul d ra nge be t wee n $50,000 and
$200,000. He a lso stated tha t he bel ieve d th a t a consul t i n g
firm could prepare the pl an wi t h t he ne cessary back- up stud i es
and have it ready f or submis s i on i n approximately six months
from the date of s tarting.
Mr. J . R. Wil s on an d t he Tra f f i c Er,gi r1eer b r ought the Corrnni ss i on
up - to- dat e on pl ans to i mp r ove tra f f i c operat i ons at this
i n tersection t hrou gh th e use o f Lef t Turn storage lanes on
Ashb y Street , approach i ng Hunt e r S tree to
The r e be ing no f urther bus ines s 1 Ehe meet i ng wa s ad j ou rned at 3 : 15 p .m.
Monda y 1 Se p tembe r 25 , 196 7.
Monday , August 28, 1967
2:00 p. m. , Committee Room No. 1, Cit y Hall
Atlant a , Georgi a
ll o
230 GARNETT STREET, S . W. O. K. Park i ng Serv i ce, 1224 Cumber l and
Roa d, N. E. ; Mr. Ra ymond L. Johns on. An open lot with 57 spa ces;
a tt endant parking; one entrance on Garne tt Street; one exit on
Garne tt Stree t and one ex it a t t he Alley o
623 -31 WEST PEACHTREE STREET, NoEo Mr. Lewi s Gros s, 31 24
Buford Hi ghwa y, Atlant a, Georgia, f or Quick n Ta sty Snack Shops,
Inc . An open l ot wit h 60 spaces; s e lf and attendant pa r k ing; one
en t r ance and one ex i t on West Peachtree Street .
AI R RIGHTS PARKI NG DECK. Review of previously a pprove d pennit.
The Tr affic Engi neer recommends approval of propose d r ev isions in
design, which ar e i n accordance with existing perm i t.
Ge orge C. Morris e
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS ; Superintendent J. L. Mos e ley.
September 25, 1967.
June 19, 1967
Members of Traffic a nd Transportation Coumission
Due to the fact tha t a number of the members will be out of the c it y
next week and since there is no pressing business on hand , the regu lar
June 26, 1967 , meeting has been cancelled .
If another meeting is needed before the regula r July 31st da t e
Chairman George Goodwin will notify you through our office.
Ka r l A. Bev ins, Sec retary
Tr a ff i c & Tr ansportat i on Commission
A regular meet ing of the Traff i c and Transportation Commission of the Ci t y of
Atlanta was held i n Committee Room No . 1 of the City Hall on Monday, May 29,
1967, at 2~00 p.m . The follow i ng members were present ~
Mr . John R. Wi lson, Jr .
Mr. Charles C. Mathias
Absent :
Mr . George Goodwi n , Chairman
Mr. Jack E. Crowder , Vi ce Chairman
Mr . Robe r t F. Adamson
Mr . Grady A. Lee
Mr. Peter J. S t ell i ng
Also present were City Traffic Engineer Karl A. Bevi ns ; Mr . P . Andrew Springer,
Safety Engineer, The Atlanta Tra ffic and Safety Council; Mr. Edmund W. Hughes,
Managing Director , The Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council ; Mr . John Gerson,
Atlanta Transit System, I n c.; Super intendent J. L. Moseley and Sergeant
Michael Edwards , At lanta Po l i ce Departmen t.
In the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman , Mr . J ohn R. Wi lson , Jr .,
presided as Chairman a nd the following bus i ne s s wa s considered .
200 PRYOR STREE T, S . W. Mr . Ra lph R. Carroll, A A A Park i ng , Inc. ;
75 Houst on Street, N.E ., Atlanta, Georgi a 3 03 03, an open lot with
44 spaces; self =parking; 4 i nbou n d and 4 ou tb ound reservoir spaces;
one ent r ance on Pryor Stree t and one e x i t on Pryor Street.
Mr . Ge orge E. Wi lliams a ppeared rep resent i ng A A A Parking , Inc.,
and expl aine d t he proposed park ing lot . The Traffic Engineer
called attenti on f or t he need f or a wi der i sle spa ce a t the rear
of the l ot connec ting the two ma in i sles of t he lo t and recommended
that one of the proposed park ing s pace s be e l imi nated to provide
suffic i e nt i sle wi dt h for traf fic t o circulate between the two
main is l es .
The Tr af fic Eng i ne er r ecommended t hat one park ing sp ace be eliminated
from e a ch of the t h r ee proposed l ines of parked cars in order to
permi t wi der park i ng sta ll s . The Tr aff i c Engineer a l so recommended
elimina ting one of t he proposed pa rking sta ll s a l ong the north edge
of the roa d in order t o pr ovi de f or the pa rking a ttenda nt ' s business
�Mi nutes of the Tra f fi c an d Transpor ta t i on Connn i ss i on Meet i ng ; Ma y 29 ~ 196 7 ;
page - 2
off ice o These change s e l i mi nat e 5 of th e pr oposed 44 parking
spa ce s and the Tr a f f i c Eng ineer r e commende d approval of the
facil i ty with a max i mum of 39 spa c es o Mr o Wi ll iams stated tha t
t h i s was entirely s at i s fa c t ory o I N EXECUTIVE SESS I ON9 the
Commi ss i on a pp r oved th i s re c omme nda t ion o
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACC I DE NTS; Sup e r i nt enden t J o Lo Mosele y o
Super i n t e n de nt Mos e l ey r epor t e d that th e y c on t inu e to h av e a decrease
in th e number of fata l accident s a nd i n ju r ed accid e n ts o He reported
tha t the fa t al a cci dent s were down 22%9 injure d a cci dents were down
3 or 4% 9 pro pe r ty dama ge acciden ts down 70 8%9 and t he total down 7o4
%0 The e nfor ceme nt vi o l at i ons are up g dru nk dr i v ing 1 08% and
speeding 24o 4%o
Super in te n de n t Mose l ey re por te d t he f oll owing traff l c a c c i dents through
May 28 9 1967 9 a s omp a r e d with the same per i od i n 1966 0
Fata l Ac c i den t s . 0000000 00000 00 000 00 0
In jured Acci den t s ooooooo oo ooo oooo oool 9 044
Pr op e r t y Dama ge Ac c i den t s ooooooooooo 8 9 25 6
The Traffi c Eng ine e r br i ef l y reviewed the foll owi n g items ~
Th e May 18 9 196 7 9 letter fro m the Ge orge Ao Fu l le r Compa n y asking
fo r a 45 t o 60 day e xtens i on of the use of a porti on of t h e wes t
s i de of Spr i ng Street f or a ba rr i cade in c onne tion wi t h t he
construct i on of the Tra i lwa ys Bus Term i nal o
A r equ e s t fro m the D nk ler Plaza Hote l for t h e tempo rary use of
Fors yt h Stre et f or t he load i ng a nd unlo a d ing of hotel gue s t s at
hou r s o t her tha n 7 gQO a offi o t o 9 gQQ ao mo a nd 4 gQQ p orn o to 6 gQQ
p orn o
The ne ed f or a dd it i onal protect ion for th e s c hool cross ing at the
int e r se cti on o f Oakl and Dr i ve and Me r r i ll Av e nue 9 S oWo 9 as well
as a numbe r o f o the r s c hool r oss i ngs with simi lar probl ems o
A requ es t f r om i tiz e ns living in t he ne i ghborhood of Be r ea n
Av e nue 9 Ga sk i l l Stree t 9 Powell Stre et a n d Ki rkwood Av enue 9 S oEo 9
f or th e r emoval of re c e n t l y i ns t alled One =Way s i gns and No Park i ng
s i gns o The Tra ff i Enginee r explained t ha t t he One - Way s i gns and
the No Pa rking s i gns we r e i ns t alled a t the re que s t of c i t i zens of
t his a r ea through t he i r c iv i c c lub a n d that a f te r a few mo nt hs ' t r i al
Mi nutes of the Traf fic and Trans por t at i on Corrnn i ss i on Meet i ng; May 29 9 196 7 ;
p~ge 3
now prefer to go ba ck to the former met hod of traffic operation
and the former pa rk i ng r est ric t i ons o
The planned change from Two=Wa y t o One=Way for the se c tion of
Pi edmont Ave nue lyi ng b e t ween t he Georg i a Ra i lroad and Decatur
Street 9 t hu s c omple t i ng One- Wa y ope ra t i on on the e nt i re sect i on
of Pi edmont Av e nue from Hun ter S tre e t nort hbound t o Twelfth
Stree to
The Tr affic Eng i neer sta t ed that he planned t o be ou t of t h e c i t y
mos t· of t he week beg i nning J une 26 9 196 7 9 and t he Corrnni s s i on
membe r s r eques te d t h a t he canva s s t he other members of the
Corrnni ssion t o det e rm i ne an a ppr opr i a te date f or t he next meeting o
The mee ting was adj our ned at 3 ~25 o
A r egular meet i ng of t he Tr a f fic a nd Tr ansporta t ion Commi ssion of the City of
Atlanta was held i n Committ ee Room No o 1 of the Ci ty Ha ll on Monday 9 April 24,
1967 , at 2 : 00 p orn o The fo llowi ng member s we re present g
Mr o
Mr o
Mr .
Mr o
Ge orge Goodwi n , Chairman
Jack E o Crowder , Vi ce Chairman
Char l es Co Mat h i a s
John R. Wi l son, J r .
Abs e nt ~
Mr. Robert F. Adamson
Mr o Gra dy A. Le e
Mr. Pet e r J . S t e l l i ng
Also present were City Tr affi c Eng i neer Ka rl A. Bevins ; Mr . P . Andrew Springer 9
Safety Eng in eer , The At l an t a Tr aff ic an d Sa f e t y Counc i l ; Mr . Edmund W. Hughes ,
Manag i ng Di re c tor 9 The Atla nt a Tr a ffi c and Safe ty Counc i l ; Mr . John Gerson ,
Atlanta Trans i t Sys t em , Inc o; Super "nt ende nt J. L. Moseley , Atlanta Police
Depa rtrnent o
The me e t i ng wa s ca lled to order by Chai rma n Ge or ge Goodwi n and the followin g
business wa s c ons i dered o
II .
None .
Mr o Ge orge Goodwi n di squal i f i e d hi ms elf f or t h e 102 Cone St reet , N. W. , a nd
240 ~254 Sp ring Stre et , N. W. 9 off - s t ree t pa rk ing f a c i l ities and a sked tha t
Mr . J a ck Cr owder 9 Vi e Cha i rman pres i de du r ing th e di s cuss i on of t hese
a ppl i cations .
102 CON E 'STREET, N. W. Mr. Ceci l Al exander , Arch i t e ct for the Equ i t able
Life As su ran e So i e t y . A park ing ga r age with 176 spa c e s an d poss i bl e
expa ns i on t o 300 spa c es ; at te ndan t park ing; 24 i nb ound r e se rv o ir space s;
one entrance =ex it on Cone S t r ee t; one en trance ~exit on Sp ring Stre e t .
Mr . H. Ki ng McCa i n ~ N.S. P oE. 9 F ~nch Ale xander Barne s Rot hsch i ld and
Pa s cha l ; an d Mr . Robe rt Ro Rice , Sys t em Aut o Park s and Gara ges , Miami ,
Flor i da , pr es ented the pl an f or t h e pro po s ed pa r king garage . Mr.
McC a i n expl a ined that the p lans f or t he ga r age we r e de s i gne d fo r a
po s s i bl e ' t hree s t age ar r angeme nt. The f i r s t s t age t o cons i s t of
three l eve l s with a total of 176 space s with t he opt ion of adding a
fou r th lev e l bring ing t he t otal t o 23 7 spac es and s t il l furth e r an
opti on of add i ng a f Lfth lev el br ing i ng th e total t o 300 s pace s . The
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commission Meeting; April 24 9 1967;
page 2
application for the permit was seeking approval for a garage with
a total of 300 spaces and 24 inbound reservoir spaces. Mr. Rice
and Mr . McCain discussed the reservoir problem with the anticipated
sharp inbound morning rush hour peak and explained that the Spring
Street entrance could be operated two lanes inbound with eight cars
in each of two inbound lanes making a total of a sixteen car reservoir
on the Spring Street side o He also explained that it would be possible
to get a third inbound lane by using some of the space allocated for
parking on the Spring Street deck temporarily during the morning peak.
A similar a rrangement could be followed on the Cone Street side, but
the Traffic Engineer sa i d that he fel t that at least one outbound
lane should be left open so that cars desiring to exit during the
Ao Mo peak could get out of the garage. Mr . Rice and Mr . McCain
further explained that it would be possible to permit tenants to
drive between floors on the ramps under certain conditions. Normally,
however , it would be str i ctly an attendant parking arrangement with
the tena nts only driv ing the car s on the ramps . IN EXECUTIVE SESSION,
the Traffic Engi ne er recommende d a pprova l of th e gara ge as proposed
with restric ti ons as follows ~
NO LEFT WRNS i n to or out of the Spring Street
entrance ~ex it .
That a mi n i mum o f 24 i nboun d r e s e rvoir spaces be
p rov i de d for t he operat i on of the garage.
The Commiss i on a pprove d t h i s re c ommendat i on with Mr . George Goodwin
a bst a ining o
240 - 254 SPRI NG STREET 9 N.W . At lanta Car Parks r Inc.; Mr . L. L.
Mcc ollum. A park ing de ck at t he Spri ng Stree t l eve l wi th a c a pac ity
of 53 spaces and 6 i nb oun d rese rvo i r spa ce s o Park i ng i n the basement
a t the Harris S t r eet l ev e l with a ca pa ci t y of 56 spaces and 3 inbound
re ser voir s pa ces mak ing a to t a l of 10 9 s pa ces for the entire deck;
one entra nce - e x i t on Spr i ng Street ; one ent ra nce - exit on Ha rris St ree t;
s i ng l e l an e r amp conne c t i on be twee n l eve ls; attendant pa r king.
The pl a ns fo r t h e propos e d deck were e xpl a ine d b y Mr. L. L. McC o llum.
Mr . Mcco llum emphas ized t hat t he t wo l e ve ls would be opera ted
i n de pendent l y wi th a n att endan t on t h e uppe r leve l a nd a n attenda nt
on the lower l eve l an d wi th a th i rd a t tendant to h e lp i n parking a nd
unparking cars a nd at peak periods a f our t h a t tendant t o he lp with
the park i ng a n d unpark i ng o f cars o He f ur t her expl a ine d t hat the
overf l ow for t he Spr ing Stree t l eve l wou l d be t ak e n down to th e
Harris Street l eve l by wa y of the i n t erna l r amp atid ~atk e rl 9 but t h at t he
exit i ng from the l ower leve l woul d be almos t e ntirely to Harr i s
Street wi th very few9 if any 9 of t he c ars returning to t he Spr ing
Street l evel for ex i ting. I N EXECUTI VE SESSI ON9 t he Tra ffic Engine e r
re commended a ppr ova l of the a pplication with t he r e st r ic t ion of NO ··
LEFT W RNS int o or out of the Spri ng St r ee t entran ce - exit. The
Commi ss i on a pprove d t h i s r ecomme ndation wi t h Mr . Ge orge Goo dwin
a bs t a in ing .
�Minutes of the Tra ff ic and Transportat ion Commi ssion Meeting; April 24 9 1967 ;
page 3
145 HOUSTON STREET , NoEo Aut o Park and Se rv i ce , Inc o; Mr o B·o E.
Taylor o An ope n lot with 3 5 space s ; a tte ndant pa r king; 3 inbound
reserv o i r space s ; one e n t ra nce - exi t on Houston Street.
In the absen ce of anyone to represent t he a pplicant , the Tra ffic
Engi neer exp la ined the propos e d plans and recommended approval of
the plans a s t o conformi ng to th e standa rd policies followed by
the Commiss ion . Th i s re commenda t i on wa s a pproved by the Commission.
1193 - 1197 SPRING STREE T 9 NoWo Mr . Pantel i s Elia Kampouris . An
open lot with 68 parking spaces ; self - park ing; 3 inbound reservoir spaces;
one entrance- exit on Spr i ng Street .
In the a bsence of a n yone t o rep re sent t he a pplica nt 9 the Tra f f ic
Eng ineer 'exp lained the prop os e d pl a ns a nd r e commende d a pprova l of
the pla ns as t o conforming t o th e s t a ndar d policie s fol lowe d by
the Commiss i on. This re c ommendation was approved by the Commission.
111 COLLINS STREET , S . E. Bi ll Todd , I nc .; Mr . Robert W. Todd. An
open lot wi th 104 pa r king spa ce s ; self a nd a ttenda nt parking; 6
i nbound reservoir spaces; one entrance - e x i t on Col lins Stree to
In the a bs ence of anyone to r e pre s ent the a pplica nt , t he Tra f f ic
Engineer 'expl a ined t he propos e d pl a ns a nd r ecommended approval of
t h e pl a ns a s t o confor mi ng t o t he s ta ndard pol i c ie s followed by
t he Commi s sion . Th i s recommendation was a ppr oved by the Commi ss ion .
311 HILL STREET , S . E. Sull i van Shell Serv i ce St a t ion; Mr o Melvin
Sul livan. An open lot wi th 40 park ing spaces; atte ndant parking;
3 inbound reservo i r s paces ; one entrance-exit on Memorial Drive;
one ent r ance- exit on Hi ll Street o
In the a bs ence of anyone r e presenting the a ppl icant 9 the Traffi c
Engineer explained tha t th i s was a serv i ce s t ation an d that t h e
applica nt ha d not yet suppl ie d a su i t a ble sketch or drawing
showing how the opera t io n would be orga n i zed. The Traffic Engineer
further state d that 9 i n h i s op i n i on , the operation woul d be
satis fa c tory and he recommended that it be a pproved s ub j ec t t o
the appl icant fi l i ng a su itable drawi ng . Th i s recomme nda t ion wa s
approved by the Commi ss i ono
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACC I DENTS; Super i n ten de nt J. L. Moseley.
Superintendent Moseley reported that the tota l enforcement was u p
approximately 16 . 4%, the accidents were down 8.8%, and the viola t ion
of ca ses booked up 16 .4% 0
Supe rintendent Mos eley repor te d t he fol lowing traffic a ccidents throu gh
Apri l 23 , 1967, as compare d with t he same period in 1966 .
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transport a tion Commission Meeting; April 24, 1967,
page 4
Fatal Accidents oo ooooo • •• •• ••• •••• • •• • ••• 26
Injured Accidents• • ••• • • •••o• ••• • ••••••
Property Damage Accidents ••• • •••••••••• 6 , 089
The Traffic Engineer introduced Miss Frances Dupree as the new
Secretary . He also reviewed the progress on the street widening
and traffic signal installations and revisions at the intersection
of Campbellton Road and Centra Villa Road and also at the intersection
of Campbellton Road and DeLowe Drive . He explained the need for a ·
traffic signal at the intersection of Moreland Avenue and Wylie
Street and reported that this signal had been recommended and
approved by the Board of Aldermen Committee on Traffic, Parking and
Transit at their last meeting. He also reported on the progress of
the channelization and traffic signal installation at the intersection
of Armour Dri ve and Monroe Drive. He also reviewed the experience to
date with the ramp metering device at the Tenth Street northbound
On- Ramp to the North Freeway , reporting to date that there had been
no reported rear~end collisions since the metering device was installed
and that on the adjacent ramps accidents had continued to occur at the
usual rate .
Mr . Jack Crowde r asked wha t progress had been made regarding the
adding of a lane southbound on the North Freeway beginning at the
junction of I - 85 a nd 1 - 75 and going south towards Fourteenth Street
a nd Tenth Stree t . In th e course of the discussion, it developed
tha t the Ge org i a S t a te Hi ghway Department was making some progress
on pl a ns for a dd ing th i s l a ne between the junction and Fourteenth
Street . Th e 14 th St . br i dge prevents adding the lane any further south.
A br i ef d i scuss i on was also held r egarding the possible use of
pol i ce off icers on the Northeast Fr eeway between Peachtree Road and
Monroe Drive du r i ng the P. M. rush a s a n experiment to determine
the feas i b i l i t y of moving t ra f f i c a t a higher rate of flow .
A dis cuss ion wa s held r egar d i ng t h e des i rability a nd possible means
of obtain i ng a more c lear si gni ng job to i ndicate that the northbound
l a ne on the Down t own Conne ct or whi ch exi s t s at Cain Street was an
"ONLY t ype of ope rat i on . Two sugges ti ons were made . One was that
the wor d " ONL Y" mi ght be cha nge d t o THIS LANE MUST TURN LEFT on the
ov erhea d s i gn br i dge s and ano ther one wa s that the overhead sign
b r i dg e wh ich had a bl a nk s pace i n i t mi ght be util i zed for additiona l
a dvanc e warn i ng . I t wa s a ls o brought ou t t hat the State Highway
De partmen t ha d made a r rangement s t o or der a su itable sign for use on
the s i gn b r i dge where space e x is te d f or su ch a sign .
�Minutes of the Traff i c and Tra nsportation Commiss i on Meeting; April 24, 1967 ;
page 5
M"r o George Goodwi n asked what could be done to reduce the confusion
at the intersect ion of Peach tree Road and Beverly Road. The Traffic
Engi neer repl i ed tha t he was certain that channelizing islands would
help '·th i s s i tu a t i on and that when funds were available for the
installation of channel i z i ng i slands~ he would like to see them
tried o
A question was raised regarding keeping the Traffic Engineering
Department's personnel i ntact. The Traffic Engineer said that the
shop personnel was in much better shape than a year ago and that
work was progressing at a very good rate in both service shops.
However 9 he po i nted out that the situation in the office was very
bad at the present t i me i n that there were eight vacancies and
some of these vacancies were in key positions.
The meet i ng was adjourned a t J g20 p . m.
VI o
Monday May 29 9 1967.
A r egular me e ti ng of the Traffic and Transportation Commi ssion of the City of
Atlanta was held i n Committe e Room No. 1 of the City Hall on Monday, March 27,
1967, at 2 : 00 p :mo The fo llowing members were present :
Mr .
Mr .
J a ck E. Crowde r , Vi ce Chairman
Robert F. Adamson
Peter J . Stelli ng
John R. Wilson, Jr.
Mr . George Goodwin , Chairma n
Mr o Grad y A. Lee
Mr . Cha rles C. Ma t hia s
Also pre sent we re Ci ty Traff ic Engineer Ka rl A. Bevins; Mr . P. Andrew Springer,
Safety Engineer, The At lanta Traffic a nd Saf e ty Council ; Mr . John Gerson, Atlanta
Tra nsit Syst em, Inc . , Supe r inten dent J. L. Mosel ey and Sergeant Michael Edwards,
Atla nta Pol ice De pa
The meeting was ca l l e d to order by the Vice Cha irman a nd the follow i ng bus iness
wa s considered.
50 HOUSTON STREET 9 N.E. A A A Park i ng , Inc . ; Mr . Ra lph R. Carro l l.
An off~street park i ng lo t wi th a total of 66 pa rking s paces, attendant
park i ng 1 8 i nboun d and 6 out bound r es~ rvoi r s pa c es ; one entrance and
one exi t on Houston St re et and one entrance and one exit on Ivy Street.
Mr . Ca r ro ll preaente.d the pla n fo r the propos e d parking lo t .
Mr. Bevins poi nted out t hat the outer e dge of t he l ot was l evel with the
adjacent stre et s . He a s ked how Mr. Carro ll intended to keep motor i sts
from en te r ing t h st ree ts fr om poi nt s other than the designated drive~
ways . Mr. Ca r r o ll a s sure d Mr . Bev ins t hat s ome means of c ont rol would
be us ed and t hat i.t would probably be a chain .
The City Tr af fic Engineer rec ommende d approval with the provision tha t
all exc es s ive driveway s pa ce be physi cally c losed, either wit h a suitable
cha i n or fence or by r a i sing the curb , and wit h the restriction of NO
LEFT TURNS into t he en t ranc e or out of t he ex i t on Houston St r ee t. IN
EXECUTIVE SESSI ON, it was moved a n d s e conded that t his rec ommendat ion
be APPROVED. All were i n fa vor.
�Minutes of t he Tr aff ic a nd Trans porta t ion Commiss ion Meeting; March 27 , 1967;
page 2
147 AND 153 WHITEHALL STREET , SoWo A A A Parking, Inc., Mr . Ralph R.
Carro l l o An of f ~street pa rking l ot with a t otal of 34 parking spaces;
sel f ~park , 4 i nbound and 4 outbound reservoir spaces, one entrance
a nd one exit on Whi tehall Street .
Mr . Ca r roll presented t he pl an f or the propos ed pa r k i ng lot .
The City Traff ic Engineer reconunended approval with the res t r i ction of
NO LEFT TURNS into the entrance or out of the exit on Whitehall Street.
IN EXECUTIVE SESSION , it wa s moved a nd seconded that this r econunendation
be A~PROVED. All were in f avor .
353 MARKHAM STREET 9 S .w., Pe nning ton Parking; Emily A. Pennington,
761 Sco tt Ci r cle , Deca tur , Georgia. An of f~street pa rking lot with a
to tal of 100 parking s paces; se lf~parking , 15 inbound and 15 outbound
r eservo i r s paces; three ent rances and t hree exits on Markham Stree t.
In the ab sence of t he app licant, t he City Traff ic Engineer pr esent e d the
plan for the pro posed park ing lo t and r econunende d approval. IN EXECUTIVE
SESSION , i t was moved a nd seconde d that t his reconunendation be APPROVED.
All were in favor .
STREET VIADUCTo) H. D. Roberts and D. S . Thurmond. (H . D. Roberts 9
Rou te 1, Box 418 , Mableton 9 Georg i a ; D.S. Thurmond 9 Route 5 9 Box 279-A,
Austell, Georg i a .
An off ~street park i ng l ot with a total of 45 parking
spaces; a tte nda nt parking, 3 inbound r eservoir spa ces; one e ntrance and
one exit on Old Wee. Hunter Street .
In the abs ence of t he appl icants, the City Traffic Engineer presented
t he plan for the pr oposed parking lot a nd reconunended approval. IN
EXECUTIVE SESSION, :i.t was moved a nd se onded that this reconnnendation
be APPROVED., All were in favor .
304~312 SPRING STREET, N. W. Bi. 11 Todd , Inc a ; Mr. Robe rt W. Todd,
33 Gi.lmer Street , S . E. An off~street parking l ot with a tota l of 69
pa rking s pa cEe; attendant parking; 4 i nbound and 4 outbound rese rvoir
s paces; two entrancei;; a nd two exits on Street .
In the absence of Mr o Todd , the Ci ty Traffic Engineer present e d the
plan for the propose d parking 1 t . Mr . Bevins pointed out that Mr . Todd
needed to r eorgani ze the driveway arrangements so that they would better
r e lat e to the a i sles.
Giving ba ckground ormat ion~ Mr . Bevi ns s aid that the parking lot had
been in opera tion for some time without a permit and that the City Clerk
had notified Mr . Todd that a pe rmit would be require d if the parking
lot were t o cont i nue in opera tion . Mr. Bevins ment ioned that, on
several , it had been observed that vehicles were parked on
the sidewalk area adjacent to t he park ing lot and that a chain or
fence would remedy t his situat lon . Af ter dis cuss i on, the Ci ty Traffic
�Minute s of the Traff ic a nd Tra ns porta tion Commission Me et ing ; March 27, 1967 ,
page 3
Eng ineer recommended a pproval wi th the pr ov 1.s 1.on that all excessive
dr i veway s pa ce be phys ical ly cl osed , either wi th a suitable chain, or
fenc e , or by ra i s i ng the cur b , and with the restric t i on of NO LEFT
TURNS into the two ent rances or out of t he two exi ts on Spring Street.
IN EXECUTIVE SESSION, it wa s moved and seconded that this recommenda~
ti.on be APPROVED . All we r e in fav or .
REPORT OF TRAFFI C ACCIDENTS, Supe rintendent J . L. Mose l ey .
Super i ntendent Mosel ey r e ported that t otal enf orceme nt was u p approximately
17% a nd that, no t only had the number of cases increased , but the number of
adj udi ca ted cases resulting i n a pena lty had i ncrea sed to app roximately
95%. He expla ined that this hi gh percenta ge indica te d that the cas es made
were 11good ca ses ~11
Sergea n t Michael Edwards r e porte d t he fo llowing traffi c accidents thr ough
March 26, 1967, a s c ompa red wi t h the s ame pe riod in 1966.
196 7
Fatal A c c i d e n t so . o oeoooG OO QOOOO•o o o o o e o o o o o e o o
Injured Accident s •••••••••••••••• ••• ••• • •• •••• 577
Pr oper ty Dama ge Accidents •• • ••••• • ••• ••••••••• 4,5 57 • •••• ••• •• 5,109
I V.
5,72 4
Mr . Bevins r e ported tha t a traff ic si gnal metering devi ce had recently
be en i ns t a lled on t he northbound Freeway on~r amp a t Tenth Street . He
said t hat it is taking a l itt l e more time to get 6nt o the Freewa y at
of f=pea k per i ods a nd t hat the t i me to get onto the Freeway du ring peak
periods is abou t the same . In answer t o a question from the Vice Cha irman re ga rding any decrea se in rear end co llisions, Mr . Bevins re ported
that no accidents had occurred on t he on~ramp since the installation of
t he met ering device . However , he pointe d out tha t t h i s coul d be me re l y
a "happenstance . " He mentioned t hat the only problem encountered thus
f a r was tha t some motor ists we re not ob s erving t he tra ffic signa l, that
a s tudy made last week indi cat ed vio l ations as high as 20% . He said
that ~ of course , it wa s alwa ys be tter to get " v oluntary compliance , "
rather tha n enf orced complia nce j and tha t furt he r studies would be
made in the near futur e. . Orig inal observance was 96% to 97% . In
sunnna ti.on, he sai d that the Traffic Engineer ing De pa r tme nt wa s we ll
plea sed with t he installa tion , since over 78 accidents were r eported
a t the lo cat ion last year .
CASCADE AVENUE , from Beec.he r St r eet t oward Sandtown Road. Mr . Bevins
re ported t hat last year had been removed f rom this section of
Cascad e Avenue a nd tha t it has been ma rked wi th a cent e r line and two
lane lines . He s a id t hat complaints have been received from t he residents tha t they hav di ff icu lty entering Ca scade Avenue from their
Minutes of the Tr aff i c and Trans porta tion Corrnnissi on Meeting; March 27 , 1967 ;
page 4
dr i veways o Not ing t hat at l east one r es ident would probably appear at
the next meeting of the Tr affi c , Parking and Transit Corrnnittee to request that on= street parking be allowed on Cascade Avenue, Mr. Bevins
expla ined t ha t he wanted the Commission to be aware of the matter.
WEST MARIETTA STREET, N.W.,, be t ween Ashby Street and Marietta Boulevard.
Mr o Bevins s aid that he als o wished t he Commission to be aware of another
matter to be b rought be fo re the Traffic, Parking and Transit Committee at
its next meetingo He explained that the Committee had previously heard
from Mr. Henry H. Ogden, Ogden Equ i pment Company, a nd from representatives
of Mea d Packaging, wh i ch is loca ted across the street from Ogden Equipment
Company , r ega r di ng on-s treet parking on the southwest side of the street .
He fu rthe.r explained tha t , when the NO PARK.ING 7:00 A.M. TO 9:00 A.M.
restric tion was re pla ce d with a NO PARK.JNG ANY TIME regu lation on the
sou t hwes t side of Wes t Marie t ta Stree t alongside Mead Packaging property
and as a result of a n investigation reques t ed by Mead Packaging, Mro Ogden
requested tha t the previous rush hour restriction be re-ins talled to allow
hi s employees a place to park on t he s treet after Noon (Mr. Ogden 's
empl oyees had previously moved their automobiles from the northwest to
the s outhwes t side of Wes t Marietta Street at Noon in order to comply
with t he ru h hour r entrict ions o) s ince no off-s treet parking was currently
avai l able f or Ogden Equ i pme n t Company employeeso
Re pc r ting tha t t he Committee had di rected the two companies concerned
t o send r e presentatives to t he l ocati on , with. a staff member of the
Tra f f ic Eng ineering Depart me n t to a ct as med i ato r a nd a dvisor , and to
work ou t a satis fac tory compromise wh i ch wou ld allow approximate ly
fifteen on- street pa rking s paces on t he sout hwest side of West Marietta
Street a.longsi. de Mead Packaging except from 7 :00 AoM. T·O 9 : 00 A.M. and
except a t strategi po ints which wou ld obs t ruct s i ght distance or create
traffic congest i on for vehic l es entering or ex i ting f r om Mead Packaging
dr ivewa ys o On- street parking had been r eins talled. Mro Bev ins sa i d
tha t he had been noti f ied that re presentat i ves of Mead Packaging planned
to a ppea r before the Committee at its next me eting.
....,UCKIE STREET, N. Wo, from Techwood Drive to North Avenue . Mr o Bevins
re ported tha t, since Luck i e Street is be ing res urfac ed, t he Traffic
Eng ineer ing De partment wil l t ake t his opportun i ty to rel ocate the center
line and lane line:s i.n order to make five lane s . He explained tha t it
would be necessary to r emove al l pa r k i ng on the wes t side of t he stree t
but that on-street parking would be re ta i ne d on the eas t si de o Mr . Bev ins
said t ha t, as a result, two lanes inbound a n d t wo l a nes ou t bound would
be in use at all times .
I N ANSWER TO A QUESTI ON as to the park i ng restrict ions on Peachtree
Road south of Centra l Chevrolet, 293 0 Peachtree Road 9 N.Wo 9 Mro Bev ins
said, " There is no restriction at all from Centra l Chevro l et on down
�Minutes of t he Traffic and Transportation Commission Meeting ; March 27 9 1967 ;
page 5
past The Cathedral of St. Ph i. lip. 11 He me nt ioned that this section of the
west side of Pea chtree Road was 11 on the 11 for future removal of onstreet pa rking a s wa s the east of Peachtree Road i.n the area of the
Ca the dral of Chris t the King. It was discuss ed that one parked vehicle
necessit a ted much la ne changing and created traff i c congestion in the
a rea.
IN ANSWER TO A QUESTI ON regarding the final action of t he Board of Alder~
me n on the Commissi on's recomme nda tions to ban parking on certain st ree ts,
Mr. Bev ins gave a brief surmnary. He me ntioned that, although at first
gla n e it mi gh t 1,~ ok a s t hough littl e was accomplished in the removal of
on =st r eet parking; i n actuality some impor tant progressive steps were
t aken.
THE USE OF RADAR DEVICES was the next t opic of discussion. Mr. Bevins
remarke d tha t add itional si gns would probably be needed . Po i nt ing out
tha t he would l ike to avoi d placing more signs than necessary, he assured
t he Commission that the Tr aff i c Engi ne e ring Depa rtment could, if need be,
s uppl y the si gns 11 in a hur ry . 11 He said that the Depar tment had about
1 ,000 p ie ces of metal available with i n a we ek or 10 days which would
certain l y get the pro j e ct underway.
Monday , Apr i l 24 , 1967.
The mee t ing wa s adjourne d at 3:: 10 p.m.
A regular meet i ng of t he Traff ic and Transportation Connn i ss ion of the City of
Atlanta was held i n the Al derman i c Chamb er of the City Hall ,on Monday, February 27,
1967 , at 2 ~00 p.m. The fo llowi ng members were present~
Mr .
Mr .
Mr o
George Goodwi n, Cha i rman
Ja ck Eo Crowde r, Vice Chairman
Robe rt F. Adamson
Gra dy Ao Lee
Pe t er J o Stell i ng
John Ro Wi lson , Jr .
Absent ~
Mro Charles C. Math i as
Also present were Ci.t y Tr aff i c Eng i ne er Kar l Ao Bevins ; Mr . Edmu nd W. Hughes ,
Managing Director ~ and Mr o P o Andrew Spr ' nger 9 Sa fety Engineer, The Atlant a
Traffic and Sa f ety Coun c i l ; Sergean t Mi cha e l Edwards , Atlanta Pol i ce De partment ;
Mr. John Gers on , Atlant a Trans i t Sys t em, I nc. , Alderman Jack Sunnners, Chairman,
Traffic , Parking and Tr a ns i t Commi ttee o
The mee t ing was called t o order by t he Cha irmano In his opening remarks ,
Mr . Goodwi n said t ha t ~ due t o t h e l a rge numbe r of cit izens pres ent , the entire
a f ternoon would be g ive n to he a r ing from t he publ i c and t hat an EXECUTIVE SESSION
would be he l d la t e r i n t he we ek.
Mr o Goodwi n ask e d Mr . Bev ins t o read t he l i s t of t h e var i ous i tems for
c ons i de r a ti on . Mr. Bev · ns e x p laine d tha t~ a t the r e gular meeting of the
Tr a ff ic , Park i ng and Tra nsi t Comm ~t tee of t he Boa r d of Alde rmen on Februa ry 8,
196 7, the City Traf fic. Eng i nee r h&d re c omme nde d and r e ques te d approva l of the
follow i ng e
ONE WAY S tre e t s .
Pea ch t ree St·re e t nor t hb ound f r om Bak er St reet t o 19 t h St r eet.
We s t Pea ~h t re e St r eet s ou t b ound f r om 19th Stre et to Baker St re e t .
r e s cen t Ave nue sou thbou nd f rom 14th Stree t t o Peach t ree P laceo
Por te r P l ace ea s t b ound from We s t Peac h tree Str e et t o Pea chtree Street.
Al exan de r St r e e t wes tb oun d from Pea chtree St r eet t o We st Pea cht re e
St reet .
6 . Fourte e nth Stre e t westbound from P i edmont Avenue to Howell Mi ll Road .
7. Ten th Stree t east b ound f r om Br a dy Ave nue t o Char l es Alle n Drive.
8 . State S t reet s ou t hbou nd fr om 14t h St r,e e t to Hemphi ll Avenue .
9 o Atl anti c Dri v e nor th boun d f rom Hemphi.1 1 Av enue to 14th Stree to
�Minutes of J he Traff ic a nd Transportation Corrnn i s sion Meet ing, February 27, 1967 ;
page 2
Jun i per Street == east s ide , · from 12th Stree t t o Ponce de Leon Avenue.
Piedmont Avenue == e as t s "de p from 3 d Street to 12th Stree t o
P i edmont Avenue ==we s t s i de, f r om 14th St r eet to 13 t h Street.
Fou rt eenth Stree t == south s i de , fr om P i edmont Av enue to Norths ide
Driv e .
Four teenth S :reet == nor t h s 9 from 200 fee t: west of Peachtree Street
to Norths i de Drive.
Tenth Stre et= =nor t h s :' de 9 fr om Brady Avenue t o Myrt le Street.
Peachtree Stree == ea st si de 9 fr om 12t h Stree t to 14th Street.
As a substi t u t e for the City Tr affic Eng i neer ' s re c orrnnendations outl i ned .
above , the Tra ff ic , Park :ng a n d Trans i t Corrnni tt ee ha d re c ommended with the
concurrence of t he Ci ty Tr aff i Eng ine er · he fol l owing :
That bot h s i des of Ten th Street from Howel l Mi ll Road to Piedmont
Avenue be ma de NO PARKING ANY TlME.
That b oth s :' de of four t e enth St re et fr om Pea chtree Street to Howell
Mi ll Road be made NO PARKING ANY TIME.
Tha t both s i des of Spring S reet 9 N.W. 9 from Fif t h S tree t to Peacht ree Street be made NO PARKI NG ANY TlME.
That both s i des of West Peacht ree St e e t fr om t he interse c tion of
We st Pea chtree S reet 9 Pea ch t re e St reet, and Bake r Street north to
the i ntersec tion of West Pea chtree Street 9 Pea ch tre e Street , and
Ni neteenth St reet be made NO PARKI NG ANY TIME.
That bo th s i de s of Peach t ree Stree t from Bake r Stree t t o Fourt eenth
Street be made NO PARKING ANY TIME .
That the west s i de f P i edmont Avenue, N. E . , r om Fourt eenth Street
t o Th ir teenth St r eet be made NO PARKING ANY TIME.
That the F.' a s t side of P1.edmon Avenue 9 N.E., from Thir d St reet t o
Twelfth Stree t be made NO PARKI N ANY TI ME.
That the east s i de of Ju n i.per S tree ts N. E. 9 fr om Twelfth S treet to
Ponce de Leon Avenue be made NO PARK I NG ANY TI ME.
That wes bound t ra f f ic on Te nt h St reet 9 N.W., be pr ohib ited from
mak i ng a lef t t urn int o t he sou t hbound on~ ramp of the North Freeway.
Tha t eas t bound r a ffic on Tenth St re et, N .w. , be prohibited from
making a l eft t ll rn inco the northbound on= r amp of the North Freeway.
11 .
That ea s tb ound traff i c on Tenth Street 9 N.W. 9 be proh i b it ed from
ma k ing a l eft u rn i nto Wi ll iams Street .
�Minutes of tt_ie Traff ic and Transport&t:10
page 3
Commis s ion Meeting ; Febr uary 27, 1967 ;
Tha t westbound traffic on Four t eenth St re e t , N.W., be prohibited
fr om making a left t u rn into the southb ound on- ramp of the North
Freeway o
13 .
That eastbound t r aff i c on Fourteenth St r e et , N.W., be proh i bited
from making a l eft turn i nto the northbound on- ramp of the North
Tha t eastbound raff ic on Fourt Stre et, N .w. 9 be proh i bited
from mak ing a left turn i nt o Wi. 11 iams Street.
That westbound traf f° c on Nor .h Avenue? N . Wo, be prohibited from
making a l eft t urn t he sou t hbound on= ramp of the North Freeway.
That westbound t r af fi on North Avenue 9 N.W.
mak i ng a left tur in o W .11:· ams Street.
That eastboun d traffic on Nort h Avenue ? NoWo 9 be prohibited from
mak i ng a le ft t ur n i nto t he northbound on=ramp of the Nor t h
be prohibited from
Mr. Bevins said tha t t he Traffic Eng inee r i ng De par t ment i s, of c ourse,
willing to se e t he compl et e e l ~mina tion of a ll park i ng on the aforementioned
streets ( as l i s te d in t he subs titut e pr opos a l ) plu s some NO LEFT TURN regula tions given a tr i al. He sa id fur · her, "Howeve r, we are convinced that these
mea sures will no t gi ve su ff 1.c · en t traffic. i mpr v ement to j us ti fy the i nconvenience and the problems c reatedo The pro posed ONE WAY operation of the
four =s treet c omb i na tion ( Pea chtree S tree t=-West Peachtree Street and Tenth
Street == Fourtee nt h S tre et ) i s , i n our judgment 9 t he mos t sensib le a n d sat isfactory answer availabl e today to increase t he craf fic carry ing ca pa ci ty
of streets i n th i s part of he c · t y a nd to clear up re c ogni ze d existing
se ri ou s traffic congestio _ problems. ONE WAY opera tion of these particular
s tre ets solve s more problems and yields g eater t r aff ic carrying capacity
than would any oth er street s i the area~ In addit i on, ONE WAY operation
of these streets fit s with the ot her exis t ing ONE WAY stree t s in the area
and fs ets the s tage ' for additiona l ONE WAY streets a n d /or reve rsible lane
streets a s neededo Operati ng these street s ONE WAY offe r s a s ubs tan tial
( 20% t o 30% i ncrease i_n apa c ity over two =way opera tion on these four
s treet s with added s ubs tantial in reas es on sev e ra l a d jacent s t reets. In
add ition ( and of equa l i mpor tance), r::he ONE WAY operation of t hese stree.ts
would pe nnit us to ' clear up' ten or t welve congested intersections by
e l iminating unsatisfa tory three =phase operation and c hanging to s i mpl e
t wo=phase operation. All of t hese benefits ould be rea lize d with ONE WAY
operation and the re l atively minor additi ona parking restrictions l i s ted. "
Al derman G. Everett Millican reque.sted explanat ion of the proposed NO LEFT
TURN restri ct ionso I n explaini ng the proposed change , the C.i.ty Traffic
Engineer said tha , 1n h i s opin ' on~ the proposal was a rather poor sub =
stitute for ONE WAY oper ation of the streets~ but that NO LEFT TURN re str i c =
tions would c lear up the c ongest ion at ertain points to where it was reasonable . Mr . Bevins s ai., "We either go to ONE WAY street or NO PARKING and
�Mi nutes of the Traffic a nd Transporta t i on. Connni ss i on Meet i ng ; February 27 9 1967 ;
page 4
NO LEFT WRN restrictions or s ay tha
the r e i s n ot h i ng tha t can be done . 11
Mr . w. E . Cl ark, 1107 Peachtree Street, sa id tha t he was concerned about
"how people wou ld get out o f At l ant a" f t he proposed NO LEFT WRN restric=
tions were i ns t alled .
Aldennan George Cotsakis r e ue s t ed fur the r explanat i on of the proposed park=
ing bans . Mr . Bevi ns ment "on ed t hat , at a previous he.aring on the ONE WAY
stree t proposal s, re s i dent s and b s inessmen of the streets under considera t i on repea ted ly sa i D i n effe c t , "Don' t make my st re et one way. Take the
parking offo 11
The pro pos a l that bo t h s i des of Peach · ree St eet fr om Baker Street to four.=
teenth S t reet be made NO PARK NG ANY TI ME c ame u nder discu ssion, with Mr. Edgar
Gay, Gay Me n's Shops , 100 4 Pe a chtree Stree 9 N.E., and spokesma n for the Tenth
S t ree t Bus i nes s Ass ociation, giv1r:g c onsiderable ba ckground i nformation regard~
ing the a r ea and saying t ha t ne bus ines smen could foresee heav y financial
losses if NO PARKI NG ANY TIME were i ns t alled. He s tressed the point that,
at this t ~ no add i. i onal off=street pa rk i ng was availab le. He also said
that a traffic c ongest ion prob lem exi sted in t he Te nth St ree t a r ea onl y
dur ing peak rush hou r s.
Mr. Char le s W. Bergman, Attorney~ re p resenting pro per ty owners and resident s
in the a r ea o f t he i n· e rse tion of J u n i per Street and Tenth Stree t , said
that t he property owner s woul d be avers ely a ff e t ed by the installation of
NO PARKING be caus e pr e sent tenant s would leave a n d be cause it would be d ifficu l t 1 if not impossibl e, to get new te nant s . Mr. Be rgman s aid that, if the
City removed park i ng n t he sou t h side of Te nt h S treet , it would be more or
l e ss tak i ng the prope rty.
Mr . W. E. Cla rk made additional remarks wh ·.i ch included the sta t ement that
real estate drops fr om 20'% to 40% n a ONE WAY s t r eet. He said tha t
Pea chtree Street had no t ra ffic problems excep t du ring peak r ush h ours ,
particul arly on Fridays ac the i nterse c t1on of Fourteenth Street and Peacht ree Stree t.
Aldenna n Mi ll also made add i tional rema rks . He said that Atlant a
had to have NO PARK. NG 0r ONE WAY s t reets in the Downtown Ar ea a n d s ugge s te d
t ha t West Pea ch ree Street an Spri .g Streec m gh t be considere d for ONE WAY
operation. He strEsse · tn e 1mportan -:e of i n creased wrecker serv ice and
suggested a $25.00 fine for park 1 g 1n a restric t ed area. Stre ss ing the
importance of i ncrea sed enforcemen t~ Al derman Mi ll can sa i d that he could
see no necess icy t or a NO PARK l NG nsc r ic ti on dur ing the middl e of the day
on Wes t Pea c h tree Stree L, Pea ch · ree St reet 9 or Spring Street .
Mr. J. J. Bader f t he Tent h S reet bus ~ness dist rict sa id that the smal l
me r c hants in the area wou ld un doub ·edl
lose i f al l on=s treet parking
were removed. H~ po ...r,red ou r c he C1 ty, i n t urn, would lose taxpayers
as the busines ses c l osed.
�Mi nu t es of the Traffic and Tr anspor tation Connni ss i on Meet i n g ; February 27, 1967;
page 5
Mr . J oe Sh i ppen , whose fam i l y owns proper t y in the Pershing Po i nt area,
i. e. Rose Bowl Restaurant , an apar t ment bu i l di ng , etc , a sked t hat ons treet parking be removed only dur ing rush h ours.
Mrs . Benne t t , Benne tt Paint and Supply Co., 118 Tent h Stre et , N.E. , said
that , when Tenth Stree t was wi dened a nd on= stree t park ing on t he ir side of
the stre e t wa s subsequently r emoved, t h e business survive d. She said tha t
the bus i ne s s ou l d survive ONE WAY tra ffi oper a tion. She pointed out,
howev er , that t he bus i ness could not survive a dd i t i onal on=s treet parking
r emoval .
Mr. Robe rt W. Bi vens , Exe cut i ve Di re c tor, Central At l a nta Progress , Inc. ,
submit ted c op i es of t he or ganization's Fe brua r y 23, 196 7, Newsletter , wh i ch
i ncluded the f oll owi ng s t atement ~
" The Ci t y s hou l d t h ink t wice before banning park i ng 24 hrs.
pe r da y in c l ose =in areas simp ly be cause it ca nnot , or does
no t , enforce a 2=hr . ban dur i ng peak tra ffic hours . Why not
rigid enforcement with STIFF f i nes , prompt t ow=away, violators
foot ing t he b ill === a s int·e rmediate step, before total remova l ?
Ne ighborhoods are imp rt ant, too o"
Mr. Sam A. Dor se y, Att orney, r e pr esenting prope rty owners on Spr i ng St r e et
between Four t eenth Stre et and Peac ht re e Street, s aid tha t a t ota l ba n of
on- s treet park ing in he area would serve no purpose. He maintaine d t hat
the a f ternoon rush hour traffi conges tion on Spr i ng Stree t was the resul t
of a b ot t l eneck further nor th on Pe ach t r ee Street at Pea ch t ree Station.
He s ai d that the comp lete r emova l of on=street park ing on Spr i ng Stree t
would simpl y send veh cles mor e uickly to a wait ing poi nt t o get through
th e bottleneck.
Mr . Brannon Le&esne, H. M. Patterson & Son , 1020 Spring Stree t, N.W., expl ained that, al · ho i Ho Mo Patte rson & Son has c ons i derable off=s tree t
park ing , there were times when on= street pa rk i ng was necessary . He said
tha t the compl ete removal of pa rk ing on Spr .°.ng St reet at all times would
de finite ly crea te a hardsh i p on s me people , pa rticu la r l y be t ween t he hours
of 9 : 00 ao m. and 4 : 00 p . m. He sai d furth e r that the traffi c f lows general l y
well down Spr ing St reet exce pt betweE.n t he hours of 4 ~00 p.m. and 6 ~00 p . m.
Mr. Harry Gilham, Georgia Li gh t."' ng Su pply Company, Inc. 9 835 Spring Stre et,
N.W. , explaine his problem, io e. tha t he had a l ease on h i s pres ent loca~
tion wh ich would not expire in t he near future~ that h i s whole s a le bus i ness
was dependent upon fou r or f .t ve callers a day , and that the fou r or five callers
had to park on the s treet. He sa i d thats a l though the comp lete removal of
on=s treet parking would c ompl e t ely c:.ripple his bus iness, a ONE WAY traffic
pattern would do it no rarm .

Minutes of the Traf f i c and Transportation Comm i ss ion Meeting; February 27, 1967;
page 6
Dro J. L.o Hawk, J. L. Hawk Dru g Store, 11 76 West Pea ch tree St re et, N.W.,
a t fourteenth St ree t , asked t ha t the Commi ss i on recommend against removing
on- s treet pa rking adja cent to hi s business, i n operat ion in 1919. Dr. Hawk
said that he was .oncerne d about how ·us t omers would get t o his store and
said tha t h i s bus i ness c ou ld not surv ive w .t hout on-street parking on
West Pea chtree S tree to He sa i d t hat, as nearby on-street park ing was de =
creased , he has had t o inc r ease h i s del i v e r y service.
Mr . Ben Sh i ppen , another member of t he family own i ng property i n the Pershing
Point area , i. e . Ros e Bowl Restau ran t, a n apartment building , etc.., also
requested that on=stre et park i ng -I n t he area r ema in dur ing the day with only
a rush hour restriction.
Mr . Dean Dodds , Dean's Firea r ms & Ac c£ss or i es 9 11 26 West Peachtree Street,
N.E o, said that the remov a l of on=street parking i n t he area would result in eithe r moving t o a nother location or dissolv i ng the bus iness .
Mr. D. Oo Beu s se , Gene r al Mana ger, Bi l t more Ho te l , 81 7 West Peachtree
Street , NaE. ~ sa i d that on ly du rir,g t he a fternoon rush hours was there a
tra ffi c problem on West Pe a ch t ree St reet . He s aid that, al t hough the
remov al of on=street pa rk:ing wou ld pose no prob lem for the Bi ltmore Hotel,
ONE WAY mov ement of traff ic. would adv ersely aff e c t t he ope r ation of the
ga ra ge acros s t he stree t be cause it wou ld be necessary to drive eight blocks
to get to the garage a' Speaking i n b ehalf o f the Bi l t more Hotel, he was
defin itely agains t ONE WAY operat ion on West Pea chtree Stre et o
Mr. Frank J . La chn i t, who ope r a t es an antique bus iness at 1166 West Peachtree
S treet , N. W., wh i ch i s a cr oss t he st r eet from Dr. Hawk's Dru g Store , was very
mu ch opposed t o the r emov al o f on=street pa r king on West Peachtree Street.
He said t ha t t he re were no off= st ree t parkin g garages i n t he area and there
was no hope of ge tting one. Mr . Lachn "t su gges t ed tha t West Pea chtre e Street
might be ma de ONE WAY i nbound dur ing ·he morning hours and ONE WAY outbound
la t e r in t he da y; he expla i ned tha t t t ype of operation worke d well in
Toron t o , Canada , a city about the s ize of At lant a o Mr . La chnit also sug=
gested that a traf fi c s · gnal be installed ac Persh i ng Po i n t .
Mi ss Claribel Hi ller, who operates an art galle ry a t 93 3 We s t Peachtree
St reet , N. E. , s aid t hat a t n time dur ing the day a r e bo t h lanes of West
Pea chtree S tree t in ful l use and that s he c oul d s ee no need for taking
park i ng off We st Pea ch tre e Street at any time. Al s o, she su gges te d t hat,
if ONE WAY streets were inst a l le d, Pea ch t ree Stre e t and Spring Street
would be the mos t l ikely pa ir.
Mr. Fred Patterson 9 H. M. Pa tt ers on & Son~ expressed h i s oppos ition to the
remov al o f on=s tree t park i ng on Spring Stre et and on Wes t Pea chtree St r eet.
He noted ~ however 9 tha t the pa r k ing on cross street s i n t he area would
probabl y hamper t raffic attemp ting to re a ch Freewa y ramps.
Mr. W. T. Ba r be r 9 533 Tenth Street 9 N.W., speak ing for re s i dent s and property
owne r s of the area 9 said that his was a frin ge a r ea a nd that t r affic has
been de clining . He said t hat to e limina t e pa rkin g c omple te ly would , in turn,
�Minutes of the Tr a ffic a nd Tra nsportat i on Commi ss i on Meeting; February 27, 1967;
page 7
elimi nate certa i n sma l l bus ines se s . He e x plained that neither he nor his
neighbors were f i nanc iall y able t o relocat e their businesses to some other
sect i on of the Ci t y . He also po int ed ou t t hat to remove on- street parking
to speed traffic th r ough t he area would , i n most cases, be speeding nontaxpayers to outly ing a re a s . In clos i ng , Mr . Barber submitted a petition
asking the Alderman ic Boa r d 11 to re c ons i de r any proposal to prohibit parking
on Tenth Street. 11
Mr. Grady Sewell , owner of a barber shop at 531 Tenth Street, N.W., said
that many small bus i nesse s i n h i s a r ea did not have driveways and that no
reasonable location was av a i lable for an off- street parking facility. Speaking for other small bus i nesses i n h i s area as well as his own, he opposed
the removal of on- st r ee t pa r k i ng on Tenth S t reet .
The discuss i on the n s h i fted to t he P i edmont Avenue and Juniper Street area·.
Miss Carolyn Hi nma n , 923 P i edmont Ave nue, N.E. , said that she now had
rental units a n d tha t she was dependent upon the income from the property.
She said that i t would be i mpossible to k eep the present tenants or to get
other tenants i f the on=s t reet pa r k ing were c ompletely removed from Piedmont
Avenue. She asked that pa r k i ng be removed only dur i ng rush hours.
Mr . Robe r t E o She rrell , 96 0 P i edmon t Avenue ; N.E., opposed the proposal to
make the east s i de of P i edmont Av enue, N.E. , from Third Street to Twelfth
Street NO PAR.K I NG AN Y TIME . He s a i d t ha t t here was no traffic problem on
Piedmont Avenu e in th i s area exce p t perhaps during rush hours. He pointed
ou t that this se ction of P i edmon t Avenue is primarily res i dential and that
most of t he houses were bu i lt ma ny years ago when there was no need for
driveways o He said that the removal of parkin g would be an ex treme hardship
on these res iden ts .
Mr . J err y Zimmerman ~ Piedmont Pharma y, I nc ., 99 1 P i edmont Avenue , N.E. , at
Ten t h Street , said t hat most o f t he pe op l e i n the are a a r e e lderly people
who a r e de pe n den t upon t he i r income from r e nt al pr ope rty . He sa i d that ,
al t hou gh t he residen t s a re genera l ly agreea ble to a rush hour parking
r e st ric t i on , t he c omp lete remov al of on=stre et pa rking would make their
rental pr oper t y unrentable.
Mr . Russ ell Mar tin, 83 5 P iedmon t Avenue, N.E., a l so exp r essed opposit i on
t o t h e c ompl e t e removal of on=street pa rking on P i edmont Avenue.
Mr s . George Norman , a res i d ent of P i e dmont Ave nue be tween Sev enth Street
a nd Eighth Stre et, s a i d t ha t she fe l t that tickets should be i ssued to
mo t orist s wh o do not ob s erve ru s h h our r e stricti on s .
Also oppos ing the i ns t all ation of f u rther NO PARKIN G r estricti ons on
Pie dmont Av enue was Mro La rry Nichol s on , who s aid that, during t he da y,
Pie dmont Avenue was c lea r of all tra ffic conge s tion.
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Corrnni ss i on Meeting ; February 27, 1967;
page 8
The City Tr aff ic Engi n ee r express e d his appreciation of the many interested
citizens who ha d giv en t he ir vi ews on the v arious proposals. He said that
the Commi ss i on wi shed to exp l ore a ll of the possib i lit i es in solv i ng traffic
problems throughout t he Ci ty and st r essed that the solutions were not based
upon what would mov e the most v ehicles in the short est length of time , but
rather , what could be done to effec t a "net gain" for the Community.
Mr. Robert L. Sommervi lle , P r e s i dent, Atlanta Transit System, Inc., said
that , although the r emov al of on- st r eet parking would not greatly affect
the Atlan t a Tra ns i t System ' s ope rat i on of buses , he did not understand
all of the preparat i on to make t he streets of Atlanta into raceways which
would s i mply speed non- taxpayers to outlying areas. He said that he thought
the City should start tax i ng them before giving them any benefit of this
k i nd . He also s ai d tha t, " The no t ion that we have to have NO PARKING ANY
TIME including Sunda ys seems to be go i ng far beyond wha t we need to do ·. 11
In h i s c los i ng r ema r ks , the Cha irman , Mr. Goodwin, said that the handwriting
is more or less on t he wall that the removal of all on-street parking will
eventua lly be ne cess ary on certa i n Ci ty streets. He mentioned that the
Tenth Street bus ines s d i s trict would someday have to have off-street pa r k ing
and tha t t he bus ines se s c once rned should begin as soon as possible to provide
off- street parking facilitie s . He sugges t ed tha t , in all such area s , resident ia l and bus i ness, whe re off~ s tre et parking does not pre sently exist ,
action should be t aken to provi de su ch parking, because, year after year,
the numbe r of v ehicle s us i ng the s t r ee t s of t he City of At l anta will steadily
i ncreas e and off- street pa rk ing wi l l be re qu ired to clear the streets for
t raf f i c movement.
on March 3, 1967. After cons i derable d i scuss i on of the NO PARKING re s trict ions referre d t o the Corrnni ss i on by t he Boa r d of Aldermen on February 20 ,
1967 , t he Traffic and Transporta tion Commi ss ion r ecommended the f ol lowing :
East s ide; from 12th Street t o 14th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME .
East side; from 14th Street to 15th Stree t; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
We s t side ; from 13th Street to 14t h Stre et ; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
East s ide; from
East side; from
TO 7 : 00 PQM.
East side; from
East s ide; from
West side; from
10th Street to 11th Street ; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
13th Street to 15th Street; NO PARKING 4:00 P.M.
Si mpson St re et to Wes t Peachtree P l ace; NO PARKNorth Avenue to Ponce de Leon Avenue; NO PARK-
North Avenue t o Linden Avenu e; NO PARKING ANY
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commission Meeting; February 27, 1967;
page 9
North s i de; from West Peachtree Street to Spring Street; NO
PARKING ANY TIME. (Mr. Grady A. Lee cast a negative vote.)
North side ; from Peachtree Street to West Peachtree Street;
South side ; from Hemphill Avenue to Curran Street; NO PARKING
East side ; from 12th Street to Ponce de Leon Avenue; NO PARKING
East side ; from 3rd Street to 12th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
West s i de; from 13th Street to 14th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
West side ; from 14th Street to 15th Street; NO PARKING ANY TIME.
In discussing the east side of Piedmont Avenue from Third Street to Twelfth
Street, it was agreed that the recommendation be NO PARKING ANY TIME; however,
the Commission a s ked the City Traffic Eng i neer to notify the members of the
Traffic, Parking and Transit Committee at their forthcoming meeting on
March 8, 1967 , that it was the Commission's suggestion that a NO PARKING
4 : 00 P.M. TO 7 : 00 P .M. r estriction might be used on Piedmont Avenue from
Tenth Street to a point approximately 400 to 600 feet south of Tenth Street
to g i ve the merchants in the a rea some temporary relief.
199 ~201 FORSYTH STREET, S.W. Parkrite, Inc., 197 Forsyth Street, S.W.;
Mr . Ja ck H. Ke l ly. An off- street parking lot with a total of 34 park ing
spaces ; a ttenda nt park i ng ; 10 i nbound and 10 outbound reservoir spa c es;
one entra n ce on For s y th St r eet and one exit on Garnett Street.
The City Traffic Engineer recommended approval wi th the r estrictions
of NO LEFT TURNS i nto the entrance on Forsyth Street and NO LEFT TURNS
out of the exit on Ga rnett S t re et . IN EXECUTIVE SESSION on March 3,
1967 , it wa s moved and s econ ded that t h i s recommendat i on be APPROVED .
All were in favor.
Developme n t Corp. ; Mr. John Edwa rds, Jr. , Tr a ffi c Planning Associate s .
An o ff =st r eet parking garage of two decks with a t ot al of 1, 73 4 parki ng s paces ; sel f - park i ng ; 22 i nbou nd reservoir s pace s and 27 out bound res ervo ir spaces ; one entrance on Spring Str eet and one doub l e
entra nce on t he Techwood Vi a duct ; one doub l e ex it on Spr ing Stre e t
a nd one doub l e exi t on t he Techwood Vi aduct.
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commi ssion Meeting ; February 27, 1967;
page 10
The City Traffic Engi neer recommende d a pproval with certain changes i n
design and wi t h certain restrict i ons : Changes in des i gn include (1)
that mod ifi ca t i ons be ma de i n the ent ra nce and ex i t ais l es which would
remove certain parking stalls that might tend to impede the movement
of through traffic in the entrance and exit aisles and (2) that an
internal ramp a r r a ngement or other suitable means be provided to permit
vehicles from each of the two decks to exit to Techwood Drive in a
manner which provides for both r i ght turns and left turns into Techwood
Drive, or, a s a n a lternate , that a direct connection f rom each of the
two de cks to Hunte r St re e t would be a su i table a nd preferre d alternate
to the above - mentioned left turns into Techwood Drive. Restrictions
include (1) NO LEFT TURNS int o the Spring Street entrance and (2) NO
LEFT TURNS out of the Spring Street exit.
I N EXECUTIVE SESSI ON on March 3, 1967, it was move d and seconde d t ha t
this re c ommenda tion be AFPROVED. All were in favor.
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS ; Superintendent J. L. Moseley.
Sergeant Michael Edwards submi tted a repor t showing the following tra ffic
acc idents throu gh Fe bruary 26 , 19 67 , as compa red wi th the ~ame period i n
1966 .
Fa t a l Accidents. .. . .. ... . .... .. . . . . . . . ... . ..
Injured Accidents •••• • •••• ••••• •• ••• • •••• •• • 402 •••••••••••••••• 386
Prope rt y Damage Accide nts ••• • • • • •• • • • • • ••••• 3,062 •••••••••••••••• 3,407
3 ,479
I V.
3 ,806
ROUTI NE ORDINANCES. The City Tra ff i c Engine er presented t he r outine
or dinances , which were approved by t he Tr affi c and Tra ns por t a t i on Commi s s ion.
(For a comp lete list of the rou t ine ordinances , se e t he Minut e s of t he Traffic,
Parking and Transit Committe e Meeting for March 8, 1967.)
Monda y , Ma rch 27, 1967 .
The meeting wa s adjourned at 4 ~30 p . m.
regular meeting of the Traffic and Tra nsporta t ion Connni ss ion of the City of
Atlanta was held in Connnittee Room No. 1 of the Ci t y Hall on Monday, January 30,
1967 , at 2 ~00 p.m. The following members were present ~
Mr . George Goodwin, Cha i rma n
Mr . John R. Wi lson , Jr.
Absent ~
Mr. Robert F. Adamson
Mr. Jack E. Crowder, Vice Chairman
Mr. Grady A. Lee
Mr. Charles C. Math i as
Mr. Pete r J. Stelling
Al so pres ent were City Traffic Engineer Karl A. Bevins ; Mr. P. Andrew Sp ringer,
Sa f ~t y Eng inee r , The Atlanta Tra ffi c and Sa fety Council; Mr. J. H. Cone, Jr.,
At lanta Transit Syst em, Inc . ; and Ca ptain John T. Ma rler and Sergeant Michael
Edwar ds, At lan t a Pol ic e De partment .
The meeting wa s called to order by the Chairman and t he following business was
consi dered.
AND NORTH AVENUE . Life Insurance Company of Georgia; Cen t ra l Parking,
Inc., Mr . Gar l and Follis. An off- s treet parking garage with a total of
550 parking spaces; self- parking -or attendant park ing ; 27 inbound reservoir spaces and 30 outbound reservo i r spaces; one entrance from North
Avenue, one entrance from Linden Avenue, and one en t rance from Sp ring
Street; one exit on North Avenue , two exits on Linden Avenue, and one
THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN ON SEPTEMBER 21, 1964, was made by Mr . Fo ll i s,
who s tated that no changes whatsoever had been made in t he pl ans since
their a pproval . He pointed out t hat the onl y change nece ss ary i n t he
resolution would be the inc lusion of his name a s the person subm itti ng
the application .
The City Traffic Engineer said that, in his opinion , the re quest was
"completely in order" and recommended approva l. IN EXECUTIVE SESSION,
the application was APPROVED.
�Mi nutes of the Traffic and Transpor tat ion Commission Meeting; January 30, 1967;
page 2
196 MITCHELL STREET , S . W. A A A Park ing, I nc., 75 Houston Stre et, N.E. ;
Mr. Ra lph R. Carroll . An o ff-stre e t parki ng l ot with a total of 55
parking space s ; s el f - pa r k ing ; 6 inbound an d 6 outb ound reservoir spaces;
one en tr ance and one ex i t on Mi tche ll Street.
Mr. Carroll presente d the pl an s for the prop o sed pa r kin g lot.
The City Tr affic Engin eer s ai d that the plans were in order a nd in
accordance with the st andard s be i ng f ollowed. The City Traffic Engineer
recommended a pproval. IN EXECUTIVE SESSION, the a pplication wa s APPROVED.
1532=3 4- 36 - 38 BEECHE R STREET, S. W. Mr . J. R. Johnson, 965 Cascade Avenue,
S.W. An off =s tr ee t park i ng lot wi th a t o ta l of 25 parking space s; sel fpa rk ing; 10 inboun d a n d 10 outbound reservo ir spaces; one entrance and one
exit on Bee c her S tr eet.
In the a bse nce of Mr . Johnson, t h e City Tra ffic En gineer pre sented the
pl ans for t h e p ropo sed park i ng lo t and re c ommended approval. IN EXECUTIVE
SESS I ON , the a ppl i cati on wa s APPROVED.
REPORT OF TRAF FIC AC CI DENTS ; Super i n ten dent J . L . Moseley.
I n the absence of Supe rinten dent Moseley, Ca pta in John T . Marler a nd
Sergea n t Michael Edwards repre s ente d the Pol ic e De partment.
Captain Marler mentioned that, while fatal acciden ts h ave de crea sed, there
has been a su bs tantia l inc rea s e in accidents re sult in g in in jur i es. He
rep or te d the fol l ow1ng traffic accidents thr ough January 29, 1967, as
compar ed with the same pe riod in 1966.
Fata l AccidentSo oo•ooo o ooooooo oooo o••·· · ······
Injured A c c i d e n t S o o o o ooooo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o • o • o 244
Property Damage Accidents • • •• • • •••••••• ~ •••••• 1,469
Mr. Bev ins said chat the p rimary function of the Tra ffic Engineer ing De partment i s to "exact the maximum u s e from our exis ting s treet system." He
summar ized the 1966 activit 1. esof the Department a s follows~
The Board of Aldermen adopted a system of "Arteria l S treets" and
"Colle ct or S treets as recommended jo int ly by t he Department s of
Plann ing, Construction , and Traffic Engineering.
�Mi nute s of the Tra f fic and Transpor tation Commi ss ion Meet i ng; January 30, 1967;
page 3
elf the 147 "Arterial St reets, " 45 have had the traffic signing u pgraded
to p ermit them t o be designat ed a s "through st r eets . " Suitable
ordinances are now be ing p repa red for t he se 45 streets and additional
stree ts are be ing readied for "through street " designation.
Pea ch t ree Road fr om Fourteen th Street to We s ley Road where travel t ime
in the peak hours wa s reduced 50% wh i le the volume of traffi c handled
increa sed 23%.
P i edmont Avenue from North Avenue to Cheshire Bri dge Road where t ravel
time was cut 34% "n the P.M. rush and 12% i n t he A.M. ru sh.
Norths i de Drive fr om the Northwes t Freeway to Northside Pa rkway where
trave l time was c ut 19% i n the P.M. rush and 15% i n the A.M. ru s h.
Norths i de Drive from Bi shop St reet to Fourteenth Street where a n ex tra
lane southbou nd cut A.M . ru s h delays subs tan tia l ly.
Northside Drive at Bi shop S treet whe re NO LEFT TURN regu l a tions r educe d
travel time from Fou rteenth Street to Bishop Street 35% whi l e the number of vehicles through the intersection increa s ed 14% in the peak hour.
Bankhead Avenue from Nort hs i de Drive to Hollywood Road where parking
removal added a lane and revisions at critica l interse ctions i ncreased
capacity and reduce d travel time .
Atlanta Stadium traffic op erations system which has consistantly c leared
even ca pa c i ty crowds in 30 minu tes or l ess afte r the end of games.
10 .
A summary of other activities for the yea r 1966 shows ~
Interse tions channelized•••••• •••• •• ••••••••••••••••••••••••
Park ing meters repaired in service ••••••••• • •••••••••••• ••• •• 26,364
Traffic signs replaced.0•0000••0••0•••••••••••• ••••00•••••••• 5,493
New traffic signs i nst alle d ••••••••• ; •• •• • • ••••••••• • •••••• • • 3 , 237
Traffic signs in service (to tal) •••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••• 43 , 733
Crosswalks and stop l ines remarked •• • ••• • •• ••• • •• •••••••••••• 1,551
Ne~ cros swalks --stop l ines installed••••••••••••• ••• ••••• •• • •
11 4
Total crosswa lks ~~stop lines i n service •••••••• ••• ••••••••••• 3,6 2 1
Miles of cent e r line and l ane l ine remark e d ••• • ••• • •••••••• • • 1,037
Mi les of center l ine and l ane line installed new. ...... ... . ..
Total mi le s of center l i ne and lane l ine i n s ervice . . . . . . . . . .
Traffic s i gnals in service•• •• • • ••• ••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••
Traffic s ignals installed (new)••••••••••••••• •••• •••••••• • • •
Traffic s ignals r e v i s e doooo oooooo o o • o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo oo o oo
11 7
Damage d signals repairedoooooooo••• • • o •• •• • ••• •• •oo ooo•• •••o•
Per i od school spee d l i mi t s igns i ns ta ll ed. ..... . .... . .. . ... . .
Period school speed l i mi t signs in service. ... . . . . . . . . . . .... .
"City owned" street lights installed (new) ... .... .. ..... . . ...
Damaged street lights r e paired••• • • • ••••• •• ••• •••••••••••••••
Total "City owned" st reet lights in se rvice•••• ••••••••••••• • 5,330
�Minutes of the Traf fic and Transp ortation Commi ss ion Meeting; January 30, 1967;
page 4
A to ta l of 14, 42 5 reques ts a nd/o r complaints were re c eive d , i nvestiga ted ,
an d appropr iate action was taken on each item .
Unde r c ontract with the Georgia Power Company, 1,98 5 new s treet lights
were i ns ta l led, a nd 1 ,931 street lights were converted t o mo de r n mercury
l i gh t s . Street lighting on 29 thoroughfares was upgraded to modern
s tandards.
In add ition , a new rate schedule wa s negotiated wit h t he Geo r gia Power
Company wh ich reduced e nergy c os t equ iva l en t to s aving $1, 900 pe r mon th
or a pproxima t e l y 3 . 5%. I n a dditio n , the "ins t a ll a t ion" char ge of $57 . 50
per s tre e t ligh t ha s be en e l i minated . Th i s charge a l one formerl y amounted
t o $25 , 000 per ye ar .
Th e City of At l a nt a re tained the firm of Wilbur Smith and Associates t o
make a c ompl et e parking survey of Downtown Atlan ta . The field work is
c omp lete a nd t he r e por t i s now being pre pa red.
15 .
Some pr ogress was made i n the i mprovemen t of main te nanc e of t ra ffic
signals and s treet l ights .
Mr . Bevins also <liscuss e d the Traff ic Engineering Department's progr am for
196 7 . He explained that he ha d presented the program t o the Traff ic, Parking
an d Transit Committee a t it s meeting on January 18 , 1967, and that the Committee
memb ers had been rece p tive to the suggest ions a nd more or les s gave h i m th e
go= a hea d f or making spe cific recommendation s at their ne x t me eting .
Mr. Bevins submitte d the f ollowing general out line :
Continue to .implement the "thr ough street" program begun du r ing 1966.
Continue with an intensified use of traffic engineering te chnique s to
exact the maximum use from existing streets.
The l i s t of "typ ica l" proje ct s No . 1 through 12 completed du r ing 1966 are
examples of t he use of "traffic engineering techniques " to improve c ond iti ons.
Among the project s of thi s type now being c onsi dere d fo r 1967 are:
NO LEFT TURNS; from 14th Street onto the Freeway ramps; from 10th Street
onto the Freeway ramps; from North Avenue onto the Freeway ramps .
A 11 simple 11 traffic s ignal metering device t o regu l ate the u se of the
Freeway ramps with t he objective of subs ta ntially reducing the numbe r of
11 rea-r end"
olli s ions .
Channe l ization and traffic. s ignals at Ar mou r Drive a nd Monroe Drive.
Minor widening , ch anne l ization, and "lef t turn" signals at Che s hire
Bridge Road and Lindbergh Drive=~LaVista Road.
�Minutes of t he Tr affic and Tr an sportatio n Corrnni ss ion Mee ting ; Ja nuary 3 0 , 196 7 ;
page 5
Channe l iza t i on , l eft tu rn res tri cti ons, an d spe c ial t raf fi c s i gna l
s e que nce s t o r e duce ac ci dents a n d cong es ti on at Li n dbe r g h Drive and
Pie dmo n t Ro ad.
A t hre e - l a n e (mi d d l e lan e reve r s i b le ) system f or S i mp s on Roa d from
Ashby Str ee t t o We s t La k e Ave nu e .
A t h r e e - lane (m i ddle l a n e r e v e r sibl e ) syst em f o r Memo ria l Dr i v e from
Se co nd Av enue to Candl er Road .
NO LEF T TU RN r e s tr i c t i on s and spec i a l tr a f fic s ignal equ ipment at Go rd on
S t r e e t~ Lan ghorn S t r ee t, an d Wh i t e Stre e t.
Channe l i z a t ion t o reduce hazards a t Campbe llt on Roa d, Lak ewo o d Free way~
an d Cou nt r y Club Driv e .
Mi n o r wi d e ning an d chan nel iz a ti on o f High t ower Roa d a nd Simpson Road t o
p rov i de f or t hre e - lane ope r a t ions an d design at i on s of " Left Tu r n Onl y"
la ne s.
Cha nne l i z ati on a n d p rov is i on of s pecial " r i ght tu r n " l ane s at No r t hsid e
Drive an d E~~ hop Stree t .
12 .
Wi den i n g of al l fo ur legs of Cl eve land Av enu e and Stewa r t Avenue to
provi d e a t l ea st 5 l ane s on e ac h l eg with sufficien t r i gh t - o f- wa y f or a
fut u re grade s e paration.
13 .
Ch annel i zation to add "le ft t urn on l y lanes a t Mar ietta Boul e va rd , Bol t on
Road an d Adams Dr i v e .
14 .
Mi no r wi den ing an d c ha n ne l iz a t i on of "key" int e r se cti on s on Campb e ll t on
Road t o p rov id e f or th r ee -lane op e r a tion an d desi g nation of " left turn
on ly" lan e s .
15 .
Cha nn e l iz at i on a t Ches h ire Bri dge Road and Cha nti l ly Drive .
16 .
Th e f u rt he r use of One Wa y str e e t s t o s impl if y and increase th e s afe t y
and e ff iciency of i nt e rsection s , s uc h as:
Forsyth Street- - Peach tree Stree t-- Carne g i e Wa y
Peac ht ree S t ree t- - We s t P each tre e S t re e t- - Bak e r S tr ee t
Pe ach t ree Stre e t -- Wes t Pe acht ree S t r e e t -~ 19 t h St reet
Pe achtre e Street -- Sp ri ng Street
Eu cl i d Av enu e --Aust i n Av enue
Lee S tre e t -- We st Wh i t e h a ll St r ee t ( McCa ll ' s Cros s i ng)
1 7.
Ref inements i n t he At l anta Stadium traffic ope rating pla n an d t he
develo pment and purcha se of 11 a u toma t i c 11 cont rol e qu i pmen t to d e s igna t e
reve r s ible one - way streets, reversi b le lane s and o the r changes in
ope rat ing pro cedure .
�Mi nutes of the Tra ff i c 9 Park i ng an d Tra ns it Corrnnit t ee Meet i ng; J a nu a r y 30 , 196 7 ;
page 6
18 .
Incre a sed use of NO PARKING ANY TIME r e gulations on arter ia l and co llector
stre ets.
Addi t ional upgrad i ng, i nterc onnect ion and re -t iming of traffic signa l s.
Aggre ss i ve l y follow up t he gai ns made in gene r ating inte r est in Fr eeway
i mpr ovement s and pr ess f or a c cel e raced support from the St ate High way Depart ment.
Coopera t e with t he S tat e Hi ghway Department and the Federal agencies to take
f ull a dvan ta ge o f bene f i t s from the 1966 Highway Safet y Legisla tio n and
re l at ed Fe deral Ai d traffic improvement programs.
Ut il i ze the info rma t ion developed in the 1966 Parking Study .
Deve l op and imp l eme n t a r e a l i st i c program for th e main tenance of traffi c
signs, markings, stree t l ights , an d traff i c signa l s .
The r efu rbi s hing of the exis ting 40,000 traffic s igns mu st be increas e d
from 6, 000 per yea r to 8 , 000 per yea r (a 34% increa s e ) ~ j ve year s is t he
ma ximum l i fe o f a sign .
The existing 390 mi l es of street with marked ce nte r lines need to be better
ma intained an d increased to 475 miles ( 24% increase) .
The existing 1,200 intersections with ma rk ed c rosswalks should be increased
t o 1,800 (50% increase) .
Almost no painting of poles or cleaning of glassware has been done since
1960 on the 5,311 "City owne d" street lights. This maintenance pr ogram
mu st be started with th e goal of cleaning every two years and painting every
four years.
Tra ffic signal lens and reflectors need to be cleaned twice as often as is
now being done . Additional 'preventive" maintena nce is needed on traffic
signal control l ers and add itional "emergency" service is needed. The re is
an u rgent need fo r approxima t ely 80 new t ra ff ic signa l install ations. In
ad dit {on, another 70 to 80 (making a total of 150-1 60) new s ignal installatio ns would be helpful and are desired by the public.
Continue to upgrade street lights on major thoroughfares and add and/or
upgrade street lights on other street s as re quested or needed.
Improve th e 11 in~se rv i ce 11 t rain ing program to provide a means of bring ing
new employees in our service shops to the neces sary leve l of knowledge an d
skill in a short er pe ri od of t i me .
�Minutes of the Traffic _and Transportation Commission Meeting; January 30, 196 7;
page 7
Long range goals inc lude:
Ke e p ing informed on new deve l opmen t s in the use of comput ers for
tra f f ic s igna l c ontrol, traffic counting, and th e ke e p ing and u s e
of ma i ntenance r e c ords .
I nst a ll a microfi lm s ys t em f or the storage of traff ic survey data
wh ich nee ds t o be retained but is only us ed oc casionally.
Thes e t wo " long r a nge" it ems are wa ys i n wh i ch labo r costs can be
minimi z ed .
The pr opos ed me t e ring device t o re gu la t e the u se of Fre eway ramps wa s
d i scus s ed . Mr. Bevins exp l a i ned that it would b e a simple traffic signa l
me t ering device s i mi l ar to t hose use d in Chicago a nd Houst on, bu t tha t i t
wou ld not have the expensive comput er connected to it to choos e a gap in
the Freeway traffic. He stres s ed that its purpos e would be t o re duce the
large number of rear end c ol l isions on Freeway ramps.
There was a l s o considerabl e d i scus sion of pr oposed ONE WAY street s yst ems.
Mr. Bev ins s a id that the one seriou s prob l em e ncoun t e r ed thu s far is the
change in bus r out e s . He r e ported t hat t he Traff ic Enginee ring Department
wi ll continue r~ work close:y with the At l anta Trans i t System t o faci l ita te
t hese change s .
ROUTINE ORDINANCES. The City Traf f ic Eng i neer pre s e n ted the routine
ord i nances, which we r e app r ove d b y t he Traffic a nd Transporta t ion Commission.
( For a compl e t e l i s t o f th e rou tine ord i na nces, s ee t he Minut es of the Traffic,
Pa rking a nd Trans i t Committ ee Meeting for February 8 , 1967 .)
Monda y, Februa ry 27 , 196 7 .
The mee t i ng was a dj ourned at 4 : 15 p .m.

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