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A regular meeting of the Traffic and Transportation Commission of the City of
Atlanta was held in Committee Room No. 1 of the City Hall on Monday , November
27, 1967, at 2:00 p.m. The following members were present:
Mr. George Goodwin, Chairman
Mr. Jack E. Crowder, Vice Chairman
Mr. John R. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Robert F. Adamson
Mr. Charles C. Mathias
Mr. Peter J. Stelling
Mr. Grady A. Lee
Also present were City Traffic Engineer Karl A. Bevins; Mr. P. Andrew Springer,
Safety Engineer and Mr. Edmund W. Hughes, Managing Director, The Atlanta
Traffic and Safety Council; Mr. William Nix, Atlanta Transit System, Inc.; and
Superintendent J. L. Moseley, Atlanta Police Department,
The meeting was called to order by the Chairman and the following business
was considered.
17 BAKER STREET, N.W. Mr, H. L. DeFoor, DeFoor Realty Company ,
310 Candler Building. An open lot with 51 spaces; self parking;
4 inbound reservoir spaces; one entrance-exit on Baker Street.
Mr . H. L. DeFoor presented the plan for the proposed parking lot.
The City Traffic Engineer recommended approval of this application.
The Comm i ssion approved this recommendation.
16 SIMPSON STREET , N.W. Mr. H. L. DeFoor, DeFoor Realty Company ,
310 Candler Building . An open lot with 38 spaces; self parking;
4 inbound reservoir spaces; one entrance - exit on Simpson Street.
Mr . H. L. DeFoor presented the plan for the proposed parking lot.
The City Traffic Engineer recommended approval of this application.
The Commission approved this recommendation.
�Minutes of the Traffic and Transportation Commission Meetin g ; Novemb e r 27 , 1967;
page 2
351 CHAPEL STREET , S.W. Mr. Edward W. Hunt , 2927 Coll ie r Drive , N.W.
An open lot with 49 spaces; self pa rking; 2 inbound and 2 out bound
reservoir spaces; one entrance on Chapel Street, one exit on Markham
Mr. Edward W. Hunt presented the plan for the proposed parkin g lot.
Th~ City Traffic Engineer reccmmended approval with the foll owing
Entrance and Exit on Markham Street only with
no driveways on Chapel Street or Mangum Street
IN EXECUTIVE SESSION~ it was moved and seconded that this recommendation be APPROVED. All were in favor.
270 GARNETT STREET, S.W. Mr . Fra nk Priles, 1050 Ponce de Le on
Avenue, N.E. An open lot with 124 spaces; attendant pa rking; one
entrance on Garnett Street , one exit on Brotherton Street,
In the absence of Mr. Priles , the Ci ty Traffic Engineer pr es ent e d
the plan for t he proposed pa r k ing lot a nd re commended a ppr oval of
this applica t ion with the follow i ng exce ption :
Ma x i mum of 115 Pa r k ing Spa ces
( Remove 3 spaces for inbound res ervoir and
1 space fo r interna l c i rcu la tion)
The Comm i ssion approved this re comme nda tion .
GARNE TT STREE T and CEN TRAL AVENUE ~ S .W , Mr. Ro y H. Farme r , 2154 Lil a c
Lane, Decatur , ·Ge orgi a . An open lot with 18 spa c e s ; self pa rkin g;
2 inb ou nd a n d 2 outbound r eservoir sp a ces ; one ent r ance -ex i t on
Garnet t S tre e t.
In the absence of Mr . Farmer , the Ci t y Traffic Eng i neer present e d t he
p_l an f or t he pr o pos e d pa rk i ng lot and re c ommende d app rova l , The
Commission approve d t his recomme ndatio n.
26 0 PRYOR STREET, S.W . Mr, Ra lph R. Car roll , A A A Pa r k in g, In c. ,
75 Hous t on Stre e t , N.E. An open l o t wi t h 72 spa c es; s elf pa rk in g;
8 inboun d a nd 8 out bound rese r voir s pa ces ; one en tra nce - exit on
Pryor Stre et , one entra nce- exit on Ga r ne tt Str ee t ,
Mr . Ra lp h R. Carro l l and Mr . R. F, Willi ams pre s e n te d t he plan fo r
t he propo s ed park ing lo t. The Cit y Tra ff i c Eng ineer recommended
approval o f t his a ppl i ca t ion. The Comin i s sion a pp r ove d thi s
recommendat i on.
Minutes of the Tra ff ic and Transportat i on Corrrrni ss ion Meet i ng; Novemb er 27, 1967;
page 3
43 26th STREET i N.W. Mr. Clarance Li berman 1 805 Peachtree St r eet , N.E.
An open l ot wi th 42 spaces ; self park ing; 5 i nbound and 5 ou tbound
reserv o ir spaces; one entrance - ex it on 26t h Street.
Mr . Liberman pr es ented the p lan for the pro pos ed parking lo t , The
applic ant for th i s perm it ha s also made appl i cation to the Planning
Conuni ss i on for a Use Permi t f or the purpose of us i ng t he property
as a pa rk ing lot . The Comm i ss i on approv ed t he traf fic operations .
chara cterist ic s of the propos al as presented in the a ppl i cat ion
subject to the grant i ng of the Use Penni t b y the Plann ing Comm i ss i on,
The Zon ing Committee, and The Boar d of Alderme n .
13 58 PEACHTREE STREET , N, E , Mr, Ra lph R._ ·.Carroll A A A Parking,
Inc., 75 Hous t on St reet , N.E. An open 1:ot wi th 78 add itiona l spaces
( giving a t ota l of 158 spa ce s ); se l f pa rking; 8 · nbou d and 8
ou t bound reservo i r spaces; one entrance on Peach tree S treet and on e
entra nce on Lomba rdy Wa y ; t wo ex i ts on Peacht r ee S treet a nd one
exit on Lombar dy Way . To be a n a dd i tion to ex i s t ing park ing lot
at 135 4 Peac htre e Stre et , N,E ,
Mr . Ral ph R. Ca r r oll and Mr . R, F, Wi ll i ams presen te d t he pl an f or
the prop osed parking lo t. The City Traffic Engine er rec ommended
approval of this a ppl ication. The Corrrrn i ss i on a pprove d this
rec ommendat i on .
360 WILLIAMS STREET, N. W. Mr . B. E . Taylor, Au t o Park ing and Service
Corp. , 130 Auburn Avenue , N,E. An open lot wi t h 85 spaces; sel f and
attenda nt parking; 3 i nbou nd an d 3 ou t bound rese rvoir spaces; one
entra nce - exit on Will i ams St reet one entrance- ex it on Peachtree
Place , one entrance =exit on Alexander Street
In the a bs ence of Mr . Taylor , the Ci t y Traffic Eng i neer pre s ente d the
plan for the proposed pa rking lot a n d recomme nde d a pp rov a l of this
application with the follow ing exce p t ions :
Maximum of 82 parking space s .
Entrance and Exit on Al exande r Street, a nd
Entrance and Ex it on West Pea cht r ee Pla e . and
No ent r ance and Ex it on Wi ll iams Street, wi th the
f u rther st i pu lat ion
That t he existing driveway on t he Wi ll iams Street side of
the lot b e closed by some type of phys ica l barrier s u ch
as a fence or by raising the curb and sidewalk to normal
pos it i on.
The Commi ss ion approved t h is recomme ndation,
�Minu te s of t he Tra f fic and Transp ort ati on Commi ss i on Me e ting ; Novembe r 27 ~ 1967;
page 4
REPORT OF TRAFFIC ACC I DENTS , Supe r i ntendent J, L , Mos e ley .
Super i ntende nt Mosel ey r epor ted the following t ra ff i c acc ident s t hrou gh
November 26 ~ 1967J a s c ompa r ed with the s ame per i od i n 1966.
Fa tal Ac c i dent s
In j ure d Acc i dent s
Propert y Dama ge Acc i den t s
IV ,.
196 7
2 602
18 783
21 , 469
22 ,445
The Tr af f i c Engineer gav e a b rief r eport on t he progres s t o date r egard i ng
the propos al of the Traffic Parkin g and Transit Committee t o i mpose a
$10 f ine f or vio lations of NO PARKI NG regulations during t he hours
7: 00 t o 9 ~00 a. m. and 4 g00 to 7 : 00 p . m,
The Tr aff ic Eng ineer a lso gave a b r ief r eport on the pr ogress of
d i scuss ions regarding t he proposal to i ns t all Rai l road Gra de Cross ing
Bells and Li gh t s Warning Sys tems at t he Li nkwood Road Cross ing and at
t he Fai rburn Road Crossing of the Seaboard Coas t l i ne Ra i lroad in
Southwest Atla nta .
Mr . Edmund w. Hughes of the Atlanta Traffic and Sa fety Council suggested
that perhrps a new pol icy was nee ded rega rdin g park ing regu l ations on
downtown st reets. The gene ral propos ition i nvo lve d t he compl aints which
a re somet i me s received from ci t izens who get parking tickets for parking
on NO PARKI NG zones during the ni ghtt i me or on Sundays and Hol i days.
After a lengthy d i s cus s i on , it was a greed that this mat ter de s erved
careful review and t ha t Central Progress , Inc . , shou l d a ls o be i nvolved
in discuss ing this matter .
There being no f urther bus i ness , t h e meeting wa s a djou rne d at 3~45 p . m,
VI ..

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